Rust Free Golf Swing

Keeping your golf swing “Oiled” and rust free is easy once this simple “routine” becomes routine.
Have a club by the back door and one in the trunk of your car. Any old ratty club will do. Anytime you can steal as little as 30 seconds, oil your swing by having a nice full backswing and follow-through. Key word FULL…Swing back further than usual and through to a very FULL finish...stretching the swing more and more with each oiling session. Remember to…Swing past horizontal (level) on the backswing & to a super full, stretchy finish!

There are many opportunities to steal a moment in time, Before you go to work, coffee breaks, commercials on TV, any spare minute, and there are plenty of them. 30 seconds will do wonders, 5 minutes is perfect!

Inside your skull, the golf groove in your cerebellum is being soaked & bathed in precious, priceless, natural human bean oil….Never having a chance to get rusty.
We keep our dance steps (Yes, we dance) “rust free” in only 30 seconds a day and it is enough to strut our stuff come Saturday night!
No need to spend a small fortune on gas to drive over to the practice range and back. Your own backyard is the perfect place for a “tune up”! Your swing will be as smoooooooothe as “Oil on Wet Glass”.

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