Something Stinks

The golf swing is primarily a reflex action that takes place at the speed of the chemical/electrical current that flows through our body. Or if you would like for me to break that down . . . roughly the speed at which lightening strikes the ground.

There are beau coup, faux golf teachers cleverly disguised as some one who is in the business of trading your money for a slim chance that your golf will improve. One high profile trickster suggests that by stopping a swing at 8 various check points you can get better.
For openers, the golf swing is not a stop and go proposition. The only time the golf swing stops is very momentarily at the top of the back swing and at the finish. This flim-flamer has the gall to suggest that the golfer will be well served to stop the golf swing at 8 different points to make sure the swing is still behaving itself. I’ve never witnessed a swing that stops 8 times that can hit the ball out of the golfers shadow.

The only purpose of this system is to make money for this lame brained instructor as he sells more “golf trips.” Here’s the coup de gras out in the open. He suggests, no, make that implores that a very important position a golfer needs to monitor is . . . impact. This is an outrageous insult to our intelligence. No one, this side of Krypton, has been able to think at impact. The swing is so… FAST ___ as a matter of scientific fact___ that the ball is actually 45 yards “gone” before the golfer realizes that he has HIT__ IT!.
These shysters mugs are frequently found on the front cover of Golf Ragazines and appear on the Goof Channel. I asked one of our star students what he thought about this instruction, he said, and I quote, “He gave me a migraine that lasted for months.”
Sanity Time! Let’s say you watched me walk across a room and back and I asked you to do the same. Would it be necessary for me to describe, step by step how to do this? Would it be necessary that I described right foot now left foot, weight shift, the contra swinging of the arms, the muscles involved, proper balance?__OR___ would it make much more sense for you to simply copy what I did, walk “over there” and walk back? Yet as simple as this is___ there is far more involved in walking, not to mention driving a stick shift, than swinging a golf club.

Here’s the catch. If the walking coach above simply had you copy what he did, you wouldn’t need to come back for more lessons time after time after time, would you? Golf pros make their living on repeat lessons. The more complicated they make it, the more information they shove down your throat. They want you to get the impression that you are getting a LOT for your money. You are! . . . a lot of Horse Shit.

Why in the name of heaven wouldn’t an intelligent golfer not grasp the concept that if the back swing position is good and the follow-through position is good that a club head traveling at 100 miles per hour will do just dandy between these two points. Having checkpoints is absurd. The swing is not a freeze frame thing! Checkpoints are impossible for the moving golf swing. Checkpoints my butt!

Instead, a F-L-U-I-D, uninterrupted, golf swing, that has the proper back swing & follow-through positions, follows a perfect path. The golf swing is not parts and pieces where you move this, now this, now that, now this, not that. It is one great big beautiful full, gorgeous, powerful and consistent phenomena that requires NO thinking, and certainly no marketing “foolery” checkpoints.
BeWare if your “walking coach,” . . . or your golf pros motif has any similarly to the ones above. NEVER prepay for a series of golf lessons! NEVER! If, during the very first lesson, you smell something fishy, run like hell to the bank and stop payment on your check or credit card. It’s your money, honey. Only a Moron would fall for this. Turn your BS filter on high alert & be vigilant . . . they prey amongst us.
Jim McLellan
The AntiPro/The Maverick

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  1. Genius Jim.

    The concept of a swing in 7 or 8 steps is, as you very well know, one that I found utterly ludicrous and hugely confusing for the average (or even not so average) golfer.

    Kepp ’em coming Mr M.

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