Steering the Golf Swing

All the bets are riding on the last hole. Claude is in the rough to the right. Harvey (don’t call him Harv) has topped his drive and barely reaches the ladies tee. Fred just yanked it in the trees to the left. You’re up, your turn, you’re a wee bit nervous. The fairway is narrow and it’s starting to drizzle and get dark. All you have to do place the ball somewhere in the fairway___a tad over 230 yards would be fine and oh, so dandy.

Steering the golf swing is one of the fatal errors in golf. Trying to “Guide the Shot” invites the golfer to ‘attempt the impossible … correcting perceived problems during the swing. The swing is too fast to make any adjustments and steering raises hell with rhythm and timing, & the wheels fall off the swing.

The golf course is NOT the place to make corrections to your swing. Perfect place to build your swing is in your very own back yard and the practice range.

You’re essentially stuck with the swing you’ve got! It’s Time to, “trust your swing!” Don’t try to “guide the shot” with some shortened swing. You want a BIG beautiful smooth golf swing, spilling over with 3/4 Waltz time rhythm. That…wins the loot, drinks and dinner at the 19th hole.

Jim McLellan/The Maverick

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