Straight Jacket

Sick & Tired of fumbling around in the dark trying to find your best golf swing?
Sick & Tired of reading golf magazine tips___that never work (never will)___on how to cure your slice or get more distance?
Sick & Tired of watching the goof channel and never lowering your score one/tenth of a stroke? Sick & Tired of spending a small fortune on golf lessons and getting more confused and frustrated__how about worse?
Well, Mr & Mrs Sick & Tired, we have some good news for you today. You have gobs of company. Most golfers are in this class and will stay in this class___ Fore-ev-rrrr.
THE INSANE REASON IS SO SIMPLE____ T.HEY (You?) continue to look in all the wrong places that never worked in the first place. Get the straight jacket!
The Solution is SIMPLEFIX what needs to be FIXED!
CHANGE what needs to be CHANGED!
Just a short post to help brighten up your day!
Mr. Reality
Jim McLellan
Your Friendly “Anti-Pro”

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