The Banjo Player

This photo, from the 1920’s, is of Perry Bechtel, “The Greatest Banjoist of Them All.” He is my banjo idol and who’s style I have emulated.

An article that compares banjo players to golfers? Why not apples to Catfish whiskers? The two posts for today will be just that. The Banjo Player, & Golf Student or GolfER?! Why would I do this? Because I’m an expert in both and there are profound similarities.

Being a household name gives me some legendary status as a premier golf instructor. “Sure I’ve heard of him” they say… “Yes, Jim McLellan, the funny golf pro with the outlandish Hawaiian shirts, very effective and entertaining, the finest golf instructor of all time. Heck Yes, I heard of him”…they proclaim.

But what about Jim McLellan, the banjo player? In banjo circles they know me as one of the top 10 plectrum banjo players in the country. Now, you too, have The Scoop!.

This I know about banjo players. …just as in golf___ there are two “types.” I have attended several “Banjo Bashes”….events where banjo players meet and play together. In one room are banjoists who “talk”___ about a certain kind of pick, strings, banjos, how to sit, what they think about a certain banjo style, etc. Funny thing…they can’t play worth sour owl excrement.
In another room are banjoists who “briefly” studied a particular style, decided long ago that they “got it”…and their focus was on “playing”—- not analysis. They are fabulous players!

Those that never get around to playing must lack confidence in their own ability and hide behind the “studying” of the banjo rather than the playing of the banjo. I have never seen one who studies AND one who plays well! See article on Golf Student or GolfER?

Jim McLellan

The “AntiPro” & Banjo Player Extraordinaire
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