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It’s been suggested that I write a book.

The informed golfer is waking up to the cold hard scientific fact that most golf instruction is IMPOSSIBLE for we human beans to physically do. No need to check into the asylum…It ain’t our fault!

Seems that someone finally realized that the golf swing is too fast to make the changes the golf instructor is ___getting rich___selling.

Too fast to react? Who says so? Some lame-brained golf bum? No, Mister & Miz, The scientific community___that’s who SAYS SO! Sit tight…we have the proof coming up in a few days.

Science has now validated what I knew instinctively 6___Look out__No misprint___SIX decades ago. I’ve been around! More on that later!

Oh yes, The Book…& its going to be a doozy.. will knock the “Teaches” right on their kollective keisters.

…So my lovely wife and I traipse out on Valentines Day to Barnes & Noble’s to check out golf book sizes, shapes, formats, appeal, color. Our competition, ya know. After a few minutes I had to leave, actually sensed myself getting mad, started to shake. Why? Because the instruction was a pack of lies. Science and Physics have underwritten this fact___It is humanly IMPOSSIBLE for golfers to do what these faux instructors are telling them to do. Hell, the so called golf instructors CAN’T do what they are telling golfers to do.

We left the store with one thought in mind. The golf books should be in the FICTION section of the book store.

Jim McLellan,
“The Anti-Pro” & for good reason!

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