The Door Hinge

Why does the door open and shut…perfectly every time??? Because___The doors hinge is screwed to the stationary door jam.

Why do professional golfers hit the ball cleanly and consistently every time? Because a part of their swing is stationary…just like the door jam above.

Today, there is some idiotic controversy over whether or not it is important for the golfers head to remain still. Those who don’t think it is important haven’t studied the correlation between a still head and superb shot making__consistently.
Watch the pros on the tube. “Sight” their head on an object in the background and watch how still their heads are. Visit a driving range and watch how the more the golfers heads move, the worse they do.

I have studied the importance of keeping the head still since man first walked upright.
Sam Snead has won more golf tournaments than any golfer ever….His trademark straw hat….never moves! Watch other pros. Other things in the swing may vary, But the head is still!

High handicap golfers have a problem topping the ball. Watch their swings. As they start their back swings they lift their head, which lifts the club, which causes them to top…or miss…the ball.
It is quite elementary Watson. The head come up… you top it. The head goes down…you hit the ground. The head moves away from the ball, you toe it. The head moves towards the ball you shank it!

There is NO need to have a short back swing for fear that you will move your head. You can have a big beautiful golf swing__AND__ a still head.

How important is it to keep the head still on ALL shots, including putting? It is THE KEY to
Your Finest Golf!
Remember the door hinge__and relate it to your swing. Big swing with a still head produces superb golf shots, every time!

Jim McLellan
The “AntiPro”!

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