The Feather Duster

As we traipse through the process of human B-ing, there is an almost unperceivable, invisible, hardly noticed process taking place during every mini-milli-nano second 24/7. That happenstance, routinely overlooked, has Nev–rr been mentioned in any golf material since the debut of ink. Yet, IT, is largely responsible for the massive deterioration of the vulnerable golf swing.

Presenting a test to Mr. & Mrs. Golfer, unless it was a multi-choice quiz, would certainly result in a 100% failure factor. Knowing how to eradicate this demon, this devil, this terminator from the golf swing headed for the ground in a vertigo tail spin, can transform an ordinary golf swing into one that is flight ready at any given dash of time.

The suspense must be resolved before the reader bursts at the seams. The answer must be forthcoming before steam blows the boiler to smithereens. The riddle solved before there is mass panic among the golfing public. Yet, so simple that one would be tempted to smack themselves in the ankle with a sand wedge for not knowing the answer. Ouch that smarts!

The difference lies in the realm of knowledge. Knowledge is power. Those that have this secret in their arrow quiver shoot a much different game than the target misser. The good news is, once the mystery is revealed, all golfers can immediately make a huge difference in their golf. For, without IT the golf swing gets worse little by little until there is nothing left but a can of ugly dust mites! And herein lies a clue to it’s identity.

The golf swing is in a continuous state of decay because of a substance abundant on every square inch of dry land_____________________Dust! Dust is settling on the motor skill part of your brain this very second even as you read these words.

So what do we do about THE CULPRIT? Simple, as is everything that comes from the renowned and critically acclaimed McLellan School of Golf! Grab a golf club, step outside and swing for as little as 30 seconds. Swing to a nice smooth waltz (playing in your head), nice full back swing, nice full follow-through, swinging around a nice still head.
Where ever you are, where ever you go,…have a golf club handy. A McSwinger is the perfect tool. If you don’t have one, use a golf club of your choice. Have a club in the truck of your car, at work, and anywhere you find yourself. Before you leave for work dust off your swing for 30 seconds…it will have a huge impact on the quality of your golf swing!

There are 2,880– 30 second periods in a day! Can you spare one? If you can, it will make a tree men dust (punny) difference in your golf swing. Now, if you wait 24 hours you will find a small amount of dust has settled on your swing. Hey, why not keep it dust free by adding 2 or 3 feather dusting periods randomly spaced throughout the day?

During commercials on TV, hop on your feather duster and ride outside for 30 seconds of feather dusting bliss. Inclimate weather? Got high ceilings, no chandeliers? Scoot the kids and pets out of the way and swing for 30 glorious seconds. Watch out for divots in the rug. Before you hit the hay and hug your teddy bear latch on to a feather duster one last time. During slumbersville your motor skills will be grooving some silky smooth new pathways for the swing you are dreaming about!

Know a brain surgeon willing to cut open your skull? You will discover new wiring circuitry in the cerebellum floating in precious oils. There will a positive difference that will manifest itself into the physical reality of that one in a million golf swing, the one that golfers stop to watch (and drool over) at the local driving range. And this trick doesn’t cost one red cent. Thanks to your Good Buddy, Mr. Nice Guy.

Jim McLellan

The AntiPro/The Maverick

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