The NO details Golf Lesson

E. Madge N a golf lesson, better than any golf lesson you have ever taken, that contains no details. Aren’t details the stuff of which makes learning possible? What if a novice golfer with a terrible swing can, in 10 minutes, have a beautiful golf swing and details are never mentioned, is this theory possible. Does the theory then become law? I happened to be the anointed who knows that it is possible. Possible, because it is WHAT I do.

Prior to, and the eventual impetus for, the critically acclaimed and world famous number 1 rated golf instruction DVD in the Solar System, I was approached by one of my best Buddy’s Rocky Alvey.
Rocky: “Jim (using my first real name),” I need your help.” “Didn’t you used to teach golf?”
Me: I shamelessly admitted that I did.
Rocky: “Well,” he continued, “I have a new job and the guys play golf and have invited me to join them. Problem is, I suck & I would hate for their first impression was to think I was some inept fool.” ” Further,” said he, “I have taken a few lessons and I continue to get worse . . . can you help?” he pleaded. Begged would be too strong a verb.

Before I get to the actual event, you, the reader, no doubt have a preconceived idea as to what is involved in teaching and learning what is necessary to give and get a productive golf lesson. You may be shocked to discover that your suspicions are incorrect.

The lesson begins as I invite him to show me his golf swing. He stated that he would be less embarrassed to stand before me naked in freezing cold weather than to show me his golf swing. I assured him that I have seen hundreds of thousands of golf swings & that I would doubt if his was the worst. Sheepishly, he swung the golf club. I’m a good imitator…so I swung a golf club to show him what his swing looked like. I then showed him my swing and asked him if he had any interest in swinging like me instead of like him. He commented on the beauty of my swing and implored me to show him all the minute details as to how he too, could own such a gorgeous specimen. I then showed him the difference between his backswing and mine. If you like my backswing, I said, then copy my backswing. He did. I then showed him how his backswing used to look and the
wonderful transformation to his new backswing. He was giddy. I then showed him his follow through and my follow through and asked him if he was remotely interested in having a follow though like mine. “Of course,” was his answer. I said, “well just do it!” and he did. I then showed him the difference between what his head and my head did during the golf swing and he incorporated that into his golf swing. In less than 10 minutes, he had been granted 3 wishes from the Genie….hit the lottery, got free tickets to heaven, and was granted robust and ever lasting health. He is a quiet lay-back sort…so it was out of character for him to pick me up and spin me around. I don’t remember if he kissed me on the cheek….put he may have.

I never mentioned all the other factors that are standard procedure in other seriously ineffective golf instruction, out of control, epidemic, and fundamentally flawed found today on every “learning facility” from sea to shining sea. His stance and grip and what his body and shoulders and hips and spleen where to do…were recorded at the subliminal subconscious level. All the other factors that comprise a great golf swing were mysterious by-passed by the analytical consious mind and found their way directly to the motor skill part of the brain….So why mention them?

I sent him home to practice his awesome new swing in the yard. A lady in the neighborhood stopped by to mention how she never knew he was such a good golfer. She asked how long he had such a beautiful golf swing and he told her….”Since this morning”. She accused him of lying and hurried away. It may not seem possible to you, but I see it everyday. It is nothing unusual.

Lets keep it our little secret.

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