The Pick Pocket

For some, inexplicable, reason there are thoz who take great delight in fooling other people. All is fair as long as it is understood that it is entertainment__ such as a magic trick. But, when the “trick” steals money from individuals in the guise that it will benefit their golf game___ then it becomes highway robbery.
I have a real problem with anyone who sells information, to golf students, that is physically impossible for them to do. Case in point___ the greater golf industry appears to be completely in the dark as to what actually transpires during the golf swing from shortly after the start of the down swing to shortly after impact. What they don’t seem to understand, or they are “pulling a fast one,” is the golf swing is too fast for the golfer’s reaction time to make a correction during this part of the swing. More to the point, the golfer is in a helpless coma for this blur of time.
Most of the golf swing is an automatic reflex until the inept golf instructor sniffs an opportunity to sell bogus nonsense. The golf swing works wonderfully well “unmolested!”

When unsuspecting golf students allow the instructor to convince them to move the swing into the “conscious thought”…mind ___instead of leaving it where it belongs, in the subconscious mind!, it becomes a recipe for disaster.

So which is it? The instructor really doesn’t know how the golf swing works or he’s betting that his student won’t notice he’s picking their pocket? Any instructor who is telling you what you should be doing in the impact area is stealing your money. Any instructor who gives you the impression that the golf swing is some mysterious, complex/complicated maneuver that requires a multitude of lessons is using the old razzle-dazzle….”slight of hand trick”… and I’m steamed! Punishment need not be too extreme, say 3 weeks in the electric chair?

Jim McLellan

The Maverick

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