The Swing’s the Thing

…..Not The Body Parts! It’s NOT about the pivot, grip, stance, knees, elbows, spine, shoulders, hips. It’s NOT about move this, now this, now that, and finally this. It’s about….. THE SWING!

The body parts are merely spectators in the bleachers. Down on the field is where the action takes place. Down on the field is where it’s at!

The Swing, Swings and the ball gets in the way. Close your eyes and FEEL your hands swinging THE ……CLUBHEAD!

Jim McLellan “The Maverick”

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2 Responses to The Swing’s the Thing

  1. I have a question: Swing the clubhead with the hands?? or with the arms?? I have a great doubt. I think the swinging motion is done first with the arms (as engine) and helped later with the hands (it is more as feeling them doing it ) to perform the circular motion.

    Could you put some light in this? I am not really thinking of it while swinging but It is just curiosity.

    Your spanish friend,

    PS I am doing progress with your swing. It is still soon (13 days of indoor practice) but I am very enthusiastic. At the mirror my swing seems already almost perfect -as yours-

  2. Jose! Your passion is evident in your comments. The most difficult part of teaching is to convince my students that the golf swing will tell them what to do, if they will get out of the way. The golf swing is not dominated by one part or another. The golf swing should function as a well oiled machine with NO thought. Once the 3 key points in a great golf swing are understood, the student need to “very quickly” put their swing on automatic pilot and let ‘er fly without them. The longer the golfer thinks & forces the golf swing to do this or that, the longer it will take to become a fine golfer. Specifically, you can’t effectively break the swing down into arms then hands. Best to shut the mind off entirely and become simply an observer of the golf swing. Don’t “be there” during your swing. This is KEY!

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