The TV Tray!

Who or what is to blame for the disconnect so prevalent today? What started the demise of a thought being transferred from one brain to another. How did the simple game of golf get so outrageously blown of out the realm of common sense that our lakes are full of rusty/broken golf clubs…thanks in whole part to inept golf instruction that spawns frustrated golfers.

How is it that a family of four can go out for dinner and Mom and Pop spend the entire meal with their cells phones jammed in their ears and the kiddies are text messaging and giggling with their buddies? They never speak to each other___ they never look at each other. Mom & Pop are oblivious to the possibility that the kiddies might just be arranging a drug rendezvous or planting at bomb at the local day care center.

The system of golf instruction is flawed. The more the golf instructor feeds his students adverse mis-information the more the student returns to blow more money for more lessons.
If it were kept simple, as it should be, only 2 or 3 lessons would be necessary, the student would be equipped to solve their own problems and the instructor would starve to death or at least have to be content with his 15 year old clunker and life in the middle class burbs.

When did the wheels start to fall off of our great society? When did communication become a thing of the past. What got us in this calamity we are in today. The answer is simple…Blame the TV tray!

Jim McLellan The Anti-Pro!

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