Tiger Woods Golf Swing

Master Tiger Woods, and his “household name” cronies, have two things in common: 1. They are rich, & 2. They would NOT have the vaguest idea how to give a golf lesson.
This elite group of the super stars___ raised on Krypton___ have never spent years rubbing elbows with the “man on the street golfer.” They have never seen tens of thousands of driving range swings that make up 999% of all golfers___like I have. They have no idea how the average/normal golfer thinks, what his problems are, what his goals are, or what advice would even begin to be of benefit to their golf game.
Instead, they have showered with other super stars at the Glitzy Country Club Golf Tournament Venues, forbidden to the “Joe Bag Of Donuts” golfer who only dreams of driving by… Augusta. The game they play is NOT the game we play. They are players…NOT teachers.
Do NOT make the mistake of thinking that because they are expert players that they are qualified to teach. They know as much about teaching as they know about the weather on Betelgeuse!

Jim McLellan/The Maverick

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  1. Here’s an interesting observation. Charles Barkley is good friends with Tiger Woods. Rather than copy Tiger’s swing, Barkley tries to bat flies while he “swings” a golf club.

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