Tomatoes & Golf Instruction

Your grocery store fully understands that, if you like tomatoes, you will return to the produce dept. for more of the rosy red fruit (it’s not a vegetable) for the rest of your life.

The Golf Destruction business relies on golfers to return time after time, __after time for more tomatoes better known as tips (?). They plan it that way! If the golf instruction business was really doing its job, the student would become totally independent of them. A VALID instructor’s program would give the student the skills to NEVER need another golf lesson!

The student lucky enough to find a REAL golf instructor (One in 10,000) would___very soon___ become his very own instructor__ not only for himself, but others as well!

Just think about it!

Jim McLellan
aka/The Anti-Pro/The Maverick

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2 Responses to Tomatoes & Golf Instruction

  1. Jim, you are the sage of wisdom and truth in this quagmire of “golf instruction”. Keep the light burning and more will finally be able to get out of the darkness…I have and I and my students are just LOVING it!!!

  2. Just had to make a point about the masters,for all you fat guys with big tummies, it just shows you can get your hands high with a still head and a great follow thru if you forget about mechanics, the guy shanked a ball and laughed about it, point is he doesn’t analayze he plays with his hands by feel, and now has a extra large green jacket,Jim did you send him a spanish dvd and a danish?

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