Too Smart for Golf?

Lotsa foks ah no thank ya gotsta bee purdy smrt ta pla galf, da smrder da bedar dey sae. Weil, ah shur dont agre wid em. Ya sea mos da gafers wid hi lernin thank 2 mch & anlyze 2 mch & kaint pla fur sower posum poop. O’l Bubba mae knot bee stuped butt hez purdy dam dum. Spant 6 yars n da frst grayd. His prents er brudar & sistar and hez famly treez gawt no brenches. . . . . butt O Bubb ken pla ah purdy mean rond ah galf. Hes gawt 6 tows & kaint war galf shoz sew he gripes da grund wid hez bar feat….braeks pawr bi goly.

Bestest swangs kum from da dull mine wid kno learnin. Thoz foulks sey galf es jest lik hittin a rawk wid ah stik. EZ lik catin a fsh er shooten ah bar. Clem sez, Sweng on da frunt proch gawt no brins baught sweng purr fect ever tyme. Ya kaint bea 2 dum ta pla gud galf.
Jim McLellan
The Anti-Pro/The Maverick
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4 Responses to Too Smart for Golf?

  1. Brang Salie An & yur getar ovr. Wie ken sat hon da poorcha, me hon banjar lane sue on fidle. Gawt ah
    frsh jag uf munshin, hond dawg & chicens red eye ta lesin.

    Gem Bob

  2. Well I can’t type like that or I don’t think I would even understand myself, but I do have a question along the lines of the articles point. As I said in a previous comment, I have your videos and have watched them several times and have been practicing my swing. I videoed myself and one thing I noticed that I do is I sway to the right on the back swing, it’s mainly my hips but really everything has moved. Sometimes when I do my swings the club hits the ground way behind where a ball would be. The head hasn’t moved up or down, but my guess would be this sway to the right is throwing things off. I believe this sway is an unconscious hold-over form an old “tip” where I was concentrating on getting my weight on the back foot etc. And now its in my damn swing and I can’t get it out!

    So my question is, do you have any thoughts on getting these bad habits out of your swing? It seems the smoother I allow myself to be in the swing, the more I sway. I watched your swing over and over and you just turn and take your wind-up and swing. My mind wants to do that but the body is now ingrained in the wrong pattern.

  3. Matt!

    I’m publishing your comment in the interest of validating what I preach about how bad golf instruction creates habits that are difficult to break.

    Specifically, it is impossible to hit the ground unless
    the head drops. Try it readers….refuse to allow the
    head to drop…swing and try to hit the ground. Unless
    you purposely swing like a hammer hitting a nail you
    won’t be able to do it.

    Also you can’t sway if the head remains still. A still
    head is the most important part of the swing. Two
    suggestions for you Matt is to read old Posts (I talk about the still head a LOT) and to review the
    McLellan Golf DVD with a keener focus!!!

    Keep us posted!


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