Welcome To Golf’s Anti-Pro

Hang on to your hats, fasten your seatbelts___The golfer’s Anti-Pro, more specifically, YOUR Anti-Pro, is coming to town!!!

Who is the Anti-Pro, you ask? A no nonsense/common sense golf instructor who has studied the effects of golf instruction for over 50 years. Interested in what he found?

***MOST golf instruction will do more harm than good!!! How much is MOST??… It is likely that over 90% of golfers/students trade substantial money for ridiculous “tips” that are practiced and then become “bad” habits. Students become frustrated, confused and quit golf, thinking they are NOT smart enough or talented enough for the game. It’s not the students fault!!! . Less than 5% of all golf “instructors” are gifted enough to impact positive benefits for their students, the remaining 95% should be flipping burgers at some fast food diner.***

Stay tuned….!!!

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  1. I am excited!! I have been a fan of the Anti-Pro for a long time. Keep those fun and informative articles coming 🙂

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