Who’s Da Boss?

Who’s in charge of your golf swing?___ your golf pro, the PGA, golf magazine tips, your playing buds, YOU? None of the above including YOU? The answer is, “Your golf swing is Da Boss.” NOT even YOU, Good Buddy___ is “DA

BOSS”. Your golf swing owns itself…Just like “The Family Jewels” ..You might think they’re yours but your wife is DA BOSS!

How many golf swings have you seen? Can you tell the difference between an expert’s swing and a “snake killer” at the local driving range?
If you can see the difference____ why would you want to swing like the “Snake Killers”? It’s so simple that those who are still struggling won’t believe it. Stop doing it the old way! Please raise your right hand, put your left hand on the bible and say. . . “I believe it’s simple!”
Tell your brain you want a swing like the guys on TV. Watch the swing, copy the swing. You saw someone walk and you walked. Video tape yourself until you look like them.” I can read your mind from here___You’re thinking it is impossible to copy “Their” swings! You don’t walk exactly like Dad and hopefully not exactly like Mom if you’re a Dude…but you are NOT walking
on all fours either.

In copying a golf swing, it is NOT an exact COPY…but strive to capture the BIG PICTURE… The grace, the full swing (not short choppy snake killer swing), the rhythm, the speed & style of what a superb golf swing is! The “GIST”…of the swing!

Memorize the following triple platinum plated words…they’re worth more than the Hope Diamond! “You don’t tell the Golf Swing what to do, The Golf Swing tells you what to do”! Listen to it!

Get out of the way of the swing that has been trying to unfold, emerge, come forth, happen all on its own, since you were a golfing tadpole. You will be furious it was sooooooo easy all along.

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro aka/The Maverick

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