I’m sending you this picture from my grave! Recognize Me? NO?… perhaps, you’ve been in a cryogenic sleep capsule or adrift on the Santa Maria. If you have a smattering of interest, please allow me to introduce myself.

My given name is William Shakespeare. Mumsey called me William. My friends knew me as Will. Respectful children called me Mr. Shakespeare. My girlfriends, (That’s Plural) referred to me as Slick Willy. I wrote fancy stuff between 1564 & 1616.

Golf was not invented during my stint on Terra Firma. Living amongst y’all today___ I would, no doubt, set my plume aside and reach for a golfer’s magic wand.

One of my famous quotes ___ “To be or not to be?… that is the question.” TODAY I might write “To DVD or not to DVD?… that is the question.”

I am confronted with the dilemma of taking golf lessons from an instructor or buying a golf instruction DVD. Being a rather bright feller, I ponder….Which is better?

If I were to take a golf lesson from someone living outside one of those new fangled DVD players, wouldn’t he/she/it, do a better job? THEY could see my swing up close and personal ___ giving me immediate diagnosis. A DVD never sees my swing, never views my personal problems, and has no idea how wonderfully unique I am. Seems to me like a lesson from a real, live, living and breathing creature would___ hands down___ be the right choice. Why waste anymore ink dis__cussing “IT?”

But, hold the phone, (fill in your own name here)_________& grab your shovel. We need to do some serious digging.

My guru (The Anti-Pro) informs me that “less than 5 golf pros in 100 have the skills to help me with this odd game. Most folks are scared stiff of not being politically kosher. So who’s left with the balls (golf, or otherwise) to give me the low-down? ..No one BUT the AP will dish out the cold hard facts i.e. the other 95 will make you WORSE….how do you like ‘dem apples?

Let’s squint up the skirt of an exceptional golf swing instruction DVD! Anything of interest?. A DVD containing the correct “skinny” on how to swing a one pound weapon should be worth some head scratching. Don’ cha think?

How is the high tech, freeze frame gobbledygook force fed to us by the “Carney Folks,” a/k/a fruitcakes, masquerading as golf instructors, applicable to my game? EZ Dear Reader…..All great golf swings are built on the same tried and true principles & are timeless. Nothing new & improved here…you’re not buying a box of Tide!. The correct DVD has umpteen advantages over what you may have previously considered the “best choice.”

An excellent DVD can cover the “secrets” that apply to ALL great golf swings___ Thee & Moi included.. We can watch a DVD over and over and over rewiring our motor skills from the comfort of our favorite easy chair. If you are flat lucky enough to find a decent golf instructor…most of your lesson, you just took at the driving range, is forgotten before you hit the 19th hole.

Now, what If your DVD coach has golf’s finest swing to mimic and is a gifted instructor to boot…Whoopee & Hallelujah. Isn’t that the very best way to learn? Worked for you in walking and talking, didn’t it?

Lets talk money here or, in my day, pound sterling’s. Let’s see… I can learn more with one DVD that covers everything I need to know for the price of one golf lesson or I can blow my entire paycheck on the outrageous cost of several unproductive golf lessons? Appealing decision in 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200….. and most anytime your heart is “Lub-Dubing.”

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