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Best of the Planet Awards 1998

How Jim McLellan improved my game.

A few months ago, I was searching for something that would enlighten me regarding my golf swing and the game of golf in general. I was at the point where I wanted to quit golf. I was getting so frustrated because my consistency was so sporadic. I would read countless magazines and books on the golf swing and the only thing that did was fill my head with so much technique that I would freeze over the ball. I found Jim McLellan's website by accident. It was such a huge stroke of luck really. I ordered his videos because what he had to say made sense. I had some doubts because I was concerned that this would be just another set of complicated swing tips. When I received the videos there was a note with them that spelled out in detail how to make the best use of practicing the swing. I was intrigued by the fact that it never recommended hitting countless balls. in fact in recommends spending 90% of your practice time away from the ball. This stood in the face of what I had been taught growing up which was to pound balls until you grooved your swing. Jim McLellan's philosophy is just the opposite: Swing the club to groove your swing so you can hit balls. I have watched the videos almost daily, and have applied what they recommend. I purchased the McSwinger and Swing Rite which Jim McLellan highly recommended. These two swing aids have helped immensely. The McSwinger is a weighted club that helps you groove your swing and gives you added strength, flexibility and control. The Swing Rite helps you with timing and power. My consistency has soared, I am enjoying the game more and my family and friends always comment about how nice my swing is. Jim McLellan will help you groove the perfect swing. This doesn't mean that you will hit the ball perfectly every time. There are just too many variables, and the pros don't even hit the ball perfectly every time. What developing a great looking swing does is that it increases your consistency. I would rather have a good looking swing and hit the ball poorly than have a horrible looking swing and hit it poorly anyway. I have worked very hard to groove my swing. Jim McLellan gives you the tools to do that. He doesn't promise you any quick fixes. You will have to work every day, swinging a club and soaking in what he has to say on his videos. Instead of taking another lesson, save your money and order Jim McLellan's videos. You will be surprised how simple the golf swing really is.

David Arbelaez-Belmont, Ca

Order today and and see how much fun golf can be.