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How NOT to Play Golf

Certainly, learning how NOT to do something is just as important as learning the right stuff. Perfection is the absence of mistakes. 99.9% of golf instruction causes confusion and the student is soon discouraged and may even give up the game. This doesn't have to be.

There is nothing mysterious about learning the golf swing. Everyone exposed to the correct information is entitled to an effective/good looking swing. Your best golf swing is found, where your desire meets the correct technique. Learning the golf swing the best way possible is accurately covered in our video. It is the ONLY way to learn your best golf in the shortest period of time.

Several points are addressed that clearly and accurately discuss the correct and incorrect path to take to achieve the desired results. We will show you how to swing, then we will show you how you will probably swing, and once again, the correct way to swing.

Showing you how NOT to play golf will be just as beneficial as how to play golf. DON'T settle for less.