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Best of the Planet Awards 1998
How We Learn

Were you lucky enough to have that rare school teacher who made the subject interesting, fun, humorous, and entertaining? Our brains love to have fun....and when they are having fun they learn. If the information is dull, boring, confusing or uninteresting, our wonderful brains absolutely and positively REFUSE to learn.

If I wanted to beat an opponent, I would give him golf books, and videos, and sign him up for lessons. I would want him to get as much information about every detail of the golf swing he could get.

For you see, dear reader, the more information you have about every detail of the golf swing the WORSE you will get.

Do you know the difference between good and bad golfers? Good golfers think BEFORE they swing the golf club, poor golfers think DURING the swing.

We will show YOU the best way to process the required information that will produce your best golf in the shortest period of time. You have nothing to lose but BAD golf.