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As you begin to watch our golf instruction video, you will notice that it is different from all other golf information. This includes books, videos, and lessons. You will find that so much information is dull, boring, and simply doesn't work. 99.9% of golf instruction is UTTER NONSENSE at best and can cause bad habits that can NEVER be erased!

Learn the fastest way to play your BEST GOLF in the shortest period of time. Our approach goes DIRECTLY to the part of the brain that governs motor skills...... the CEREBELLUM. Correct information IN equals correct response OUT. When the information goes through the CEREBRUM first, the end product is a swing that is not only ineffective but looks artificial at best. Can you imagine reading a book on how to walk?

You will notice that you are comfortable with what you learn from our video, that it makes perfect sense, and that YOU understand it fully. Because of the direct PLUG IN to the correct part of the brain, the results will be instantaneous.