Open letter from Jim

I am keenly aware of today’s hi-tech, complex, and confusing teaching methods. This is absolutely NOT the way to learn your best golf.

You may feel a need to add more information to a situation to help find an answer. In real estate, the stock market, or using your computer . . . this can be beneficial. Adding more information to the golf swing is the best way in the world to get WORSE.

It’s time we simplified the golf swing. It is NOT difficult. Give a child a stick and let him/her watch a good golf swing. Give them a few minutes to hard wire the swing directly into their brains. Say nothing. Let their wonderful brains “put it together”. Step back and watch one of the best, most beautiful, natural, golf swings you have ever seen. Why? . . . They are NOT aware that the technical exists.

There are only 3 key points in the golf swing. If they are correct, everything else will happen automatically. You will not find the key in golf books, lessons, or other videos. We have never seen the key anywhere, except in our video.

You obviously have something in mind by reading this letter. A goal that is personal to you. Your goal may simply be to play a round of golf with a better swing, more distance, lower scores and an understanding of what makes your game “tick.” In our video, you will find these answers.

Others have come before you. They were searching for their answers when they found our site. They ordered the video and wrote us. You may find someone just like yourself in their stories.

Good Luck,
Jim McLellan
McLellan School of Golf

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