way back in 2008, Tiger Woods was at the top of his game and had just won the U.S. Open. His total prize money that year was $5,750,000 plus millions upon millions in endorsements. In 2009 he became the first billion-dollar athlete.

What could possibly go wrong?

crystal_ball_miniatureAmidst all the hooplah, one sharp-eyed, soothsayer detected major problems. This obscure golf guru peered into his crystal ball & predicted the inevitable demise of Tiger’s game.

Before you read the 2008 prediction, consider this:

IF high tech, freeze framed, micro managed, multiple golf lessons have destroyed Tiger Wood’s golf swing, his game, his knees & his back. . . Just think what it can do for YOU!

7 years ago, Jim McLellan wrote the following article. Not everyone believed his predictions. Maybe Mr. Woods should have read it:

Me & Tiger Woods: Comparing Golf Swings

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