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The Perfect Golf Swing: Volume I

1.  Good Golf:  The 2 key points that contribute to great golf.
2.  Back Swing:  What is a good back swing and are you making the biggest back swing mistake?
3.  The Hat:  The most important element of the golf swing.
4.  Goob:  A story you will never forget.
5.  Follow Through:  The easiest part of the golf swing and the least understood.
6.  Tie it all Together: 1 golf swing, 1 motion.
7.  Grip:  How to find the grip you were born with.
8.  Stance:  Finding your perfect stance.
9.  Hot Tips:  The 3 things that prevent you from becoming as good as you can be.
10.  Practice:  Practice makes permanent.  Perfect practice makes perfect.

The Perfect Golf Swing: Volume II

1.  The Perfect Swing:  Fine tuning your good golf swing into a perfect golf swing.
2.  Power/Distance:  What is the source of the power?  How you can harness it.
3.  Slicing/Hooking:  How to cure your golf slice in 5 minutes or less.   No kidding!
4.  Clyde:  Questions from the gallery.
5.  Irons:  Keys for superb iron play.
6.  Ball Placement:  Proper ball placement.
7.  Truth and Lies:  The 4 lies. Do you know what they are?
8.  Practice:  Are you practicing intelligently?
9.  Scoring:  The little known secret to a lower score.
10.  Chipping, Putting & Sand Shots: Made Easy
11.  Sage Advice:  The way to your best golf and the dangers of more information.
12.  Visualization:  The beauty of a perfect golf swing.

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