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McLellan Golf Videos

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McLellan Golf Videos

McThunder Super Driver

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McThunder(tm) Super Driver

SwingRite Training Device

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McSwinger Swing Trainer

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McSwinger(tm) Swing Trainer


 McLellan Golf Videos

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The Perfect Golf Swing: Volume I

McLellan Golf Videos1.  Good Golf:  The 2 key points that contribute to great golf.
2.  Back Swing:  What is a good back swing and are you making the biggest back swing mistake?
3.  The Hat:  The most important element of the golf swing.
4.  Goob:  A story you will never forget.
5.  Follow Through:  The easiest part of the golf swing and the least understood.
6.  Tie it all Together: 1 golf swing, 1 motion.
7.  Grip:  How to find the grip you were born with.
8.  Stance:  Finding your perfect stance.
9.  Hot Tips:  The 3 things that prevent you from becoming as good as you can be.
10.  Practice:  Practice makes permanent.  Perfect practice makes perfect.

The Perfect Golf Swing: Volume II

1.  The Perfect Swing:  Fine tuning your good golf swing into a perfect golf swing.
2.  Power/Distance:  What is the source of the power?  How you can harness it.
3.  Slicing/Hooking:  How to cure your golf slice in 5 minutes or less.   No kidding!
4.  Clyde:  Questions from the gallery.
5.  Irons:  Keys for superb iron play.
6.  Ball Placement:  Proper ball placement.
7.  Truth and Lies:  The 4 lies. Do you know what they are?
8.  Practice:  Are you practicing intelligently?
9.  Scoring:  The little known secret to a lower score.
10.  Chipping, Putting & Sand Shots: Made Easy
11.  Sage Advice:  The way to your best golf and the dangers of more information.
12.  Visualization:  The beauty of a perfect golf swing.

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McSwingertm Swing Trainer

McSwinger(tm) Swing TrainerAs kids we swing a club that is “too heavy”. Too heavy builds strong hands and forearms and strengthens the “golf power muscles”. And, “too heavy” promotes a naturally grooved swing, and encourages a nice full backswing and follow through.

The McSwingertm is a full half pound heavier than other training clubs. The grip is slightly larger than normal and does not have the awkward molded grip that others sell. Seldom will their grip fit your hands.

McSwingerstm are personally hand made by Jim McLellan. The finest workmanship and materials are part of every McSwingertm. Additionally, Jim McLellan has an extensive background in strength training. Strong muscles move the clubhead faster and more in the groove. Faster clubhead, speed equals more distance.

McSwinger(tm) Swing TrainerThe directions, enclosed with the McSwingertm, combine his knowledge of the golf swing and his strength training background.

McSwingerstm are reasonably priced. There are no built in costs for endorsements, middlemen, advertising etc. The McSwingertm is made here at our golf school and sold directly to you. Period..

The McSwingertm, made for either right or left handed golfers, will make a positive difference in your game. You will find interesting feedback about McSwingerstm on our testimonial pages.

The McSwingertm will

  • Increase your strength – hands, arms, shoulders, torso, legs, SPECIFICALLY for golf!
  • Increase your range of motion – McSwingerstm greater weight/inertia will propel you to a fuller backswing and follow through. No more short choppy swings.
  • Tires you enough to create an aerobic effect.
  • Timing! McSwingerstm greater weight encourages smoothness that will transfer to your regular clubs.
  • Groove. McSwingerstm greater weight will establish the correct groove…no time for a clubhead that has a chance to wander around during the swing. You swing straight back and straight through. No more casting or outside-in swings.
  • Power…Swinging your regular club will be much less effort…The weight lifting effect.
  • Snap. You will get immediate “feedback” as to where you maximum clubhead speed is by the snap you feel at impact.
  • Balance …will make you much more aware of your balance and stability.

In short, it is a great golf specific training device for so many reasons all in one: strength, flexibility, balance, range of motion, finding my most efficient/powerful swing plane, aerobic conditioning, etc. After one day you will feel the difference.

All you need is The McSwingertm and your back yard where you can train your swing. You can do this without having to go anywhere or even change clothes.

Available in right or left handed. We would like to make one for you!

Jim McLellan

Cost is just $78 plus shipping. Simply call 1-800-490-1990 with your credit card ready.

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The McThunder Super Driver

McThunder(tm) Super DriverCompare to $500.00 drivers. Our standard wholesale price for our customers/students $199.00. Your choice of regular or stiff shaft, 43 1/2 inch (standard) or longer. . .  no extra charge. Own a “super driver” for much less.


The McThunder has all the bells and whistles of the Big Bertha and sells for a whopping $300 LESS. $199 Free Shipping

This Super Driver sports a 360 Titanium head with a trampoline face for a spring-like effect. The shaft is the Pro Force 65 ATR with accelerated tip response preferred by tournament professionals for its superior performance. The grip is the Jumbo Select Kelmack. This club is 45 1/2 inches in length which generates more mph and more distance without extra effort.

This is the exact club I use. The McThunder’s light weight encourages a full, smooth and powerful golf swing.

The McThunder offers a better value than the other leading brands and sells for only $199 (FREE SHIPPING!) Put the extra $300 in your pocket.

Foreign Orders add $20 shipping.

The SwingRite Training Device

SwingRite(tm) Training DeviceMost golfers waste power by “casting” or “throwing away the power” before they get to the hitting area. The result . . . drives that seldom pass the 225 yard mark. Their swings lack the “timing” that releases the power at the correct moment.

I have a “secret” that developed my swing. My swing has what golfers refer to as the “delayed hit.” In other words, my swing looks effortless because I “wait” for the appropriate time to release the power.

The guys at our pro shop had a device that we used in contests. This special tool would click if we would swing fast enough and at the proper time. We would see who could make this device “click” on the lowest number.

Golfers would watch and ask to join in. They were surprised to learn that their swings could not make the device click on a low number. They thought they were swinging fast but they weren’t. In a few minutes they “learned” to swing fast enough to make this device click in the hitting area.

I believe in two training clubs. The McSwinger to build the golf power muscles and groove the swing, and the SwingRite (r) to time the swing and give the golfer the proper feedback as to relative swing speed.

The SwingRite Training Device sells for $129 + Shipping

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