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Best of the Planet Awards 1998

Jim McLellan's Golf VIdeos Volumes I & II

If you were going to make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, would you think about how you should open the jars or hold the knife? No, you don't. Jim McLellan shows you how to make swinging a golf club just as simple.

Jim McLellan, head pro at the McLellan School of Golf and BAD GOLF Monthly's resident "Anti-Pro", has not only put together a pair of worthwhile golf instructional video tapes but has done something radically different with them. He's made them simple, fun and entertaining to watch!

While most golf instructional videos can bore you into giving up the game, Jim adds the element of humor and his original method of learning and remembering what will cut strokes off your game.

You have probably seen other instructional videos where the pro shows you how simple it is for him to put a ball two inches from the cup every time and then expects you to be able to do the same. Jim doesn't just show you how he makes shots, he shows you how to do it as well. The instruction on these tapes is so simple and easy to retain that you will make up the cost of the tapes in no time by not having to replentish your supply of golf balls nearly as often.

Bad Golf Monthly Internet Magazine, Alan Coren, Editor