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Best of the Planet Awards 1998

Editorial Department

GOLF Magazine
Two Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016

To The Editors:

My wife and I have enjoyed your magazine immensely. My compliments to you and your staff for a well put together publication.

Might I take this opportunity to offer my thoughts on your Master Teaching Professionals? For the most part, I have found their writings to be very informative but none the less quite similar both in content and presentation. There are alternative views of both the game and the actual methodology of teaching that, if presented, would enliven the discussion of the game. During an Internet search (keyword ‘golf swing'), I came across a gentlemen that I had never heard of.....Jim McLellan. He offers a two part tape entitled "Jim McLellan's Golf Videos". I found these tapes to be a refreshing alternative to traditional golf theory. They have in fact help me make a QUANTUM leap in my golf game. They are easy to understand. They simplify the concept of golf instruction and have proved to be the best money that I have ever spent in my quest of "the perfect swing".

I would encourage you to interview Mr. Mclellan and present his views and other views that differ from the traditional concepts of golf. Your teaching section would become an exciting forum for golf discussion. Your readers would be able to survey the entire school of thought that is available for the purpose of learning this great game.

My thanks again for an excellent publication.

Sincerely Yours,
Jack N. Forbes