Home of 'The Perfect Swing' featuring Jim McLellan
Best of the Planet Awards 1998

Best instructional videos ever, hands down. No contest. Worth the $49.95. Worth every penny.

Golf instructor Jim McLellan has put together a video that simplifies the swing. He teaches that by establishing a correct position at the backswing and swinging to a cool follow-through and by keeping your head still, by doing only those three things, you will hit a golf ball that is just incidentally in the way. And you will hit it well. The swing will just happen, and it will happen correctly, hang on and go along for the ride.

It's for everybody out there like me who has become absolutely hamstrung by technical videos that break the swing into micro-movements and by golf magazine tips that have me thinking about window glass and fulcrum points. Analyzing your golf swing too much, McLellan will tell you, will only make you worse.

McLellan instructs in a style that ranges from homespun to corny ... Mr. Rogers does golf ... and I like it. Mostly I liked watching McLellan's sweet swing. And I want one. So I cleared my mind, watched the video several times, practiced and copied his swing in my backyard for a couple of days and then headed for the driving range. The ball never lies. When I hit McLellan's swing, it went straighter and farther than anything I have ever done before. And I now have a sometimes hook. No more wimpy popup or slice ... a real, honest power hook. I took the swing to the golf course with the same results ... my good swings resulted in better shots. But here is the key: I may not be able to do that sweet swing every time, at least yet, but now when I hit the ball, I know what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. I know that I still lift my head ... I'm practicing overcoming that. And I know that I need to reach way back in my backswing and get my hands high, like McLellan teaches. I can feel what I'm doing and I can see the results in the shot. And as I watch the ball sail away, which is more often now, I hold that cool follow-through for a second or two. That's also part of the reward.

By Bob Norberg
North Coast Golf