Home of 'The Perfect Swing' featuring Jim McLellan
Best of the Planet Awards 1998

"I have read 50 golf books, watched video for hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours. I have studied over 100 professional golf swings in minute detail, and have isolated the ideas in the teaching methods of all the old and new master teachers, including Jimmy Ballard, David Leadbetter, Jim McLean, Jim Flick, and Harvey Penick. Jim McLellan's golf videos are the simplest, most straight forward of the bunch."

My 40 years of studying the golf swing has led me to the conclusion that, not only are Jim McLellan's Golf Videos are the thing. New golfers have to learn to swing without thinking about it. And it's not complicated. The clubhead swings, hits the ball, and the ball flys away. And Jim keeps his teaching sharply focused on this phenomenon."

"I recommend Jim McLellan's Golf Videos to all beginners, and most especially to those players who have been taught a series of body movements to effect a golf swing. No one, and I mean no one can learn a golf swing as a series of move this, then this, then this. There is not enough time. And Jim makes it very clear when he says that you have just two seconds to complete the swing. There is no way to think your way through it. And the lessons he gives on the tape are short and sweet. The viewers won't have 17 things to think of when they go out to practice. NTGG

Ken Pine, Head Golf Professional, Golf Learning Center