Success Stories 2

Each and every golfer on our testimonial pages has given us express written consent to post their letters.


It has only been one month since I received the DVD. I have been straighter and longer on every shot. On Tuesday there was a total stranger playing in our foursome, he complimented me on what a nice SMOOTH swing I had.

Walter Nizza

Hi Jim,

My golf package arrived 18th Jan (DVD, practice club and swing rite). I first saw your swing on the website and thought that whether you played golf or not, your swing was a joy to watch. I first started to play golf 35 years ago when i was working in Pittsburgh (i can hear the groans from here) but i liked Pittsburgh. I have recently taken early retirement which gives me plenty of opportunity for golf. The package i bought has transformed my game, i have stolen Jim Mclellan’s swing, not as good yet but now the game is a joy to play.

I will be 63 (2 weeks time) i’m only 5′-7″ tall 150lbs (10 stone 7 in real money) yet i have never hit the ball as cleanly and so far. The one thing that took the most time to conquer was the head, both physically (movement) and mentally (“the enemy”) i also used to slice the ball mainly with the driver, not anymore, i don’t even need to think about rolling my wrists over because when i swing the way you teach it, i hit the ball straight automatically. I’ve done all the “lessons” read all the books, forget it, I’d need the brain of a mega computer to apply all the things i’m told i should do.

So to sum up, i am so glad that i stumbled upon your website and bought the package.

Thanks, Jim Mclellan!

Ken Douglas
North Yorkshire


I am the owner of a successful computer services business in Toronto Canada, and I have been golfing for approximately 5 years now. Firstly, to put things in perspective (and I keep reminding myself of this), I thank God for the health to enjoy being out on the golf course on a warm summer day. I have a friend Shane who is 36 years old who has had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for the past 13 years and is confined to a wheelchair. So when I am out on the golf course and am not playing up to my potential, I think of Shane and it puts it all into perspective. I then thank God that I can even be out on the golf course as Shane is not that fortunate. As you mentioned in one of your videos, golf is just a game and if we can remember that and have some fun while playing, then it is worth it.

I had never picked up a golf club until I was 35 years old and so at 40, I enjoy playing the game, especially when I know that my swing is improving over time. I have played other sports over the years and therefore my biggest adjustment in golf has involved letting the club and the swing do the work instead of applying force to the shot. I have listened to tips from many golfers and golf pros, and have read a few golf magazines. Everyone seems to have a tip that works today but not tomorrow. I once discovered on the range that by standing up fairly straight and staying that way on the back-swing, that I was hitting the ball consistently straight and about 210 yards. However, a golf pro did not agree with the uprightness of my stance and wanted me to bend the knees more and stretch forward more, all of which did not feel comfortable. In Volume I, you’ll remember your line “Ralph, bend you knees!”

So I did some searching on the Internet and came upon your web site. I downloaded and viewed the sample clip of the “Perfect Golf Swing”, and then ordered the videos a few months ago. I want to thank you for the wealth of information contained in your two videos on the Perfect Golf Swing. Yet I also want to thank you for presenting this information in a simple and easy-to-follow manner. Volume I gives the basic three things to remember and Volume II gives finer details and tips – a very cleaver and well thought-out approach for all levels of golfers. After watching both videos several times and practicing the swing that you advocate, my game has improved substantially to the point where I can par several holes in a game. I still have a few bad holes (7’s and 8’s) in a round of golf but that is more due to course management, the mental side of golf, my short game, and on occasion, forgetting to keep my head still, especially with the iron shots off the fairway. My drives are much straighter and longer. My distance had improved from 210 yards to 250 yards, but I have not yet tried to sneak the power in as you mentioned in Volume II. I am sure that by the time my swing is as effortless as yours (getting close by the way), I can start thinking of gradually increasing the club head speed without altering the smoothness of the swing.

One of your greatest tips on the videos is not to waste money at the range practicing mistakes. The back yard without the golf ball is the best way to practice the fundamentals of the perfect swing – I can attest to that.

In closing Jim, my advice to others interested in enjoying golf can be summed up as follows:

(1) Remember that golf is a game meant for enjoyment and as a break from your daily routine (unless you are Tiger Woods and you make a living at it).

(2) Keep balance in your life and don’t forget the spiritual side of things because it is God who has given us health and all that we have.

(3) Order the Jim McLellan videos and watch them several times. Practice the swing at home and don’t waste money on practicing your mistakes at the range.

(4) Be relaxed yet focused when you play, and apply the simple techniques discussed in the videos. Your game will improve either very quickly or slowly but surely. Either way is fine. You will be much further ahead of where you are now in your golf game.

(5) In thanksgiving for the gift of golf, give something back to your community, church and/or those less fortunate than you are. God will bless you richly for doing so.

Anthony Hadeed
Computer Services
Markham, Ontario, Canada

Dear Jim,

Save the first UK testimonial for me please.

I have been an enthusiastic, but unsuccessful golfer for about 5 years. Occasionally lowering my handicap by a stroke, but immediately dropping back to 28. I have had lessons (lots) read books (lots) read magazines, listened to advice, and everything helped temporarily. the downside to all this is that I have loads of bad habits.

I came across your web site by accident. Saw your swing and thought it looked wonderful, read all the site and was naturally suspicious. There are millions of Snake Oil Vendors out there chasing my money. I kept watching your swing and eventually thought “What the hell, I’ve wasted so much money on golf up to now that what does a little more matter”.

The video arrived and I watched it. Luckily it coincided with a weekend party so I could manage two weeks without temptation to play. I even managed not to watch the second video. It all seemed too simple. The hard bit was forgetting everything I had ever been told about golf. As the days of practice went by it all seemed to make sense and fall into place. My brain started to feel happy with these simple thoughts of yours and I lost all interest in other advice.

The day arrived when I had to put it all into practice on the course. My tee shot on the first was the usual fiasco, but after that I started to settle down and the better shots started to emerge. I wish I could say that there had been a miracle and I was now down in single figures, but I am now confident that change is on the way. I played a day on a new course and played 4 under my handicap. I haven’t managed it on my home course yet, but I know that I will.

The problem I have is the old enemy – the ball. Once it is there the old “hit” tries to take over, but we are winning. The second problem is keeping the head still, but as you say, you have to work on that. One thought someone else (Shock, Horror!!!) gave me, was to imagine your chin resting on a shelf throughout the backswing and the downswing. It seems to work for me.

As you will know from your records I am so impressed with your ideas I have sent for the Swingrite. It hasn’t arrived yet but I look forward to it coming soon. I am still swinging without the ball every day with great enthusiasm and looking forward to the day when that is my only swing, ball or not.

Regards …. Roger Bunting.
Norwich, Norfork

Dear Mr. McLellan,

Firstly I must say thank you for the excellent service provided by both the vedios and the McSwinger. My game has improved a lot.

I am now considering buying the McThunder Driver. My wife was really surprised when I told her this. She was surprised because I am well known as a devotee to another club manufacturer among my golfing friends.

I’ve never used a Driver before simply because I did not have the ability to use it. But now with my swing stablising, my consistency soaring, and my slice disappearing, I think it’s the time to give the Driver a try. And I would like to have the The McThunder driver to mark the significance of “you”, Mr. McLellan, in my golfing life.

Thank you for enduring my boring and poor writing. I am looking forward to “good news” from you!


Kuo-cheng Huang

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
United Kingdom

Hi Jim

Please post this testimonial. I think it will help out many struggling golfers.

It has been two years since I received your first two tapes, I now have the dvds and mcswinger and swingrite training devices. I have been training off and on without hitting balls and using the traning devices. So where am i going with this letter?

The last straw was about 2 wks ago when i took a three day lessos from a friend of mine who is a Ernest Jones teacher. You know the answer, I got worse. I spoke to you about a week ago and you told me to practice what you taught and more importantly start thinking outside the box. You said to let MY swing come out naturally. From that point on I only practiced what you preach. I finally surrendered to your amazing insight into the golf swing,

I entered my club year end championship, in the b division. This is for 16 hcps and up. I play to a twenty hcp.

I practiced and played with three thoughts, get my hands back as far as I can, still head, full finish with high hands.



Fred Greenber/Montreal Canada

Mr. McLellan,

Played my first round today after my win at the tournament shot a 83, down from a 93, 92,86…3 birdies!!! I can’t belive this sudden improvement.

The mcswinger and swingrite are putting me in the groove. I practice hands far back head still and a nice high finish with the training devices. With these 2 items plus Jims teaching method they will improve your game real quick. I am still in a state of shock!!!

Fred Greenberg/Montreal Canada

ps/stay away from pga teachers they are nuts!!!!

Mr. McLellan

I purchased your videos a couple of years ago. I have corresponded withyou a couple times since then but thought I would give you an update.My full swing has never been better. If I feel my swing getting alittle “off”, I just dig your videos out and watch them once or twiceand everything is fine. I find the segment at the end of video two themost helpful. Just watching you swing over and over again and listeningto that waltz time music really gets my swing on track. Once I masteryour three “mechanics” the only thing I work on is good tempo. Tempodoesn’t get any better than yours.

Before your video my average score was in the mid to upper 90’s. Myaverage score now is in the mid 80’s and I can’t remember the last timeI shot above 90. I haven’t broke into the 70’s yet but that is becauseof a lack of time to practice my short game and has nothing to do withmy full swing.

Thanks for all the help,

Gregg Walls
Cherryvale, Kansas

Hi, and THANK YOU. After taking millions of lessons from many different pros, including my “self proclaimed pro” husband, I am thrilled and delighted with the information on my new Jim McLellan videos. He confirmed what my sense of athletics has been telling me, and I am very eager to drop all of the other non useful material I have gathered in favor of Jim’s approach. I also want to express my delight at Jim’s sense of humor, and joyful approach to what has become the ruination of my once “happy” personality.

I would recommend these videos to everyone who wants to play and enjoy golf.

Ronna Levy


I got the videos for my boyfriend Steve and myself and we have both been watching them repeatedly. I find the tips and advice you give very helpful. My handicap is 13 and dropping, I had a few rounds in the 70’s last season, mostly low 80’s andSteve’s game is improving rapidly.

Sara Allen and Steve Moore
New Mexico

Dear Mr. McLellan,

I found your site several months ago. I did not order your videos. I did notsee how video instruction could be as effective as a one-on-one lesson with a golf professional who could witness my swing first hand.

I found a golf professional in my area and signed up for lessons. After a series of 6 lessons, I found that I was more confused and frustrated than when I started….and several hundred dollars poorer. Based upon my original belief, I found another golf professional who informed me that the information I received from the first pro was incorrect. After another series of lessons I was right back where I had started with the first golf pro. I was on the verge of quitting.

Holding on to my original belief, I was still not convinced that your video instruction could do more for me than a real live lesson. You had never met me, had never seen my swing, and had no idea what my personal golf problems were, or so I thought!

I knew one thing, I could not see myself signing up with yet another golf pro. I returned to your site, which I bookmarked for some reason, read the testimonials again and took a chance and ordered your videos. Your videos cost less than one golf lesson.

I had the feeling as I watched your videos that the golf pros I had taken lessons from had not the vaguest concept of how to teach the golf swing. Your videos made me feel that you were right there with me and knew my swing well. I surrended to your approach and followed your simple advice.

For the first time in over 26 years I fully understand my golf swing. It is consistant, strong, accurate and better than I ever imagined it could be.

Thank you for putting the joy back in my golf game. I feel like I have everything I need for my golf for the rest of my life.

Alvin Smith

Dear Elaine,

Just to let you know that I received my video and swing trainer the day after I called you. I enjoy the video each time I view it, and it has changed my approach to swinging. The golf training club (The McSwinger) is heavy for me (female, 5’2″ 110 lbs) but it is already making my swing much smoother than before.

I look forward to sending you a video some day of myself and my 7 year old son (who also loves the video) , demonstrating the perfect swing.

Best Regards

Frances Bruttin
Basel, Switzerland

Hello Jim,

I was at the driving range today and man was it hard to concentrate. The people on either side of me were talking about “keep the right elbow tucked in, keep the left knee locked, keep your head behind the ball, swing down and through etc…’ I couldn’t move to a different stall because every stall was being used. I find that every time I go to the range there are people talking about technique in detail. I am starting to wear ear plugs. I wish I could stop them and direct them to your website but most people are set in their ways. If I have a question for you I either answer it myself or I can go to your videos and find the answer.

David Arbelaez
Belmont, California

Dear Jim,

I’ve been playing golf now for 7 years without ever taking a lesson. My best score ever is a 66 on a par 70 about 4 years ago. I created my swing by watching my swing plane in my shadow and up until about 2 years ago, it kept me in the 70’s and low 80’s. But after being in a car accident in December of 98 and straining my back pretty bad I found my game slippingdrastically into the high 80’s and mid 90’s and decided to put the clubs up for a while. About a year ago while surfing the internet trying to find a spark to ignite my golf game, I stumbled across your site. After clicking on your “Perfect Swing” for 100 times or so, I had to buy the video. Well I watched the video and enjoyed it a lot, but continued to try and fix myswing my way. DUMB right? RIGHT! I put the clubs back up and committed my “golf time” to watching your video. I copied that wonderful swing you do so well to the “TEE” for 6 months. 2 weeks ago I took my new swing directly to the course after only hitting foam balls in my “living room” (just ask my wife). On second thought don’t. The company I work for has a golf leaguewith 85 members (Im not), but was asked to play in a tournament as a guest by a friend. I did so, and all I can say is “WOW” and THANK YOU!!! The tournament was played here in Texas at Southwyck, a lynx style course with tons of H20. I was -1 (71) with 5 holes to play and carded a 75 to turn in the low gross for the tournament out of 89 players. This was my first timeon this course. I played the same ball the entire round and only missed 4 fairways. I need to work on distance control with my irons, they’re 1 to 2 clubs longer now. Thank you for helping me find my game. God bless.

John Jordan,
The Woodlands, TX


I had to share something with you. I got my first hole-in-one today!!! It was on a par three that played about 165 yards, and best of all I had witnesses(Woo Hoo!!).

Terry Thompson
Waverly, OH

Dear Jim,

I received your tapes in the middle of October. I had ordered them out of frustration with my game. I’m 51 and have been playing for about 5 years and have a handicap of 21. My best score has been an 89 this last summer. When I got your tapes I did what you instructed. After two weeks I went to the range and knew I was hitting straighter and longer, but as everyoneknows the real test is on the course. I live in the Pacific Northwest and its been wetter than normal this fall and the last time I played was almost 2 months ago. I finally got out yesterday. The course was wet but it wasn’t raining. Well guess what? I shot an 87, my best score ever! I out scored the others in my foursome, all who have lower handicaps. I receivedcomments “you’re sure hitting the ball well today” and “nice tempo”. Sorry this is so long, but I,m still excited about yesterday. Thank you Jim for “the swing” and for making the game fun! I’ll be in my back yard swinging away all winter.

Donald J Anderson
Bellingham, Washington

Mr. McLellan:

I recently purchased Jim McLellan’s Golf Video Set. It was an excellent decision.

I had broken the magic 90 (an 88 shot at Stonecreek here in Phoenix) barrier six months back. At age 45, and after only playing two years, I felt this was pretty good. I started a slide in my scoring, slipping into the mid 90’s, and then back into the 105-110 range. Not a good trend. The more lessons I took, the worse things became.

Aftert two weeks with the video, I shot an 89. The tapes were instrumental in getting all of the golf “stuff” out of my head during the swing, and focus only on a few key thoughts that would help me develop consistency and simplicity. More golfers could benefit from these tapes.

Many thanks again for an excellent instructional aide.

Allen Sutterfield


I will not hesitate to recommend your videos to anyone as there is honest to goodness instruction there. I have spent may hours trying to sort my swing out, gone to PGA pros to no avail.

Thank you Jim and I wish you every success in your business.

Malcolm Mahadevan MD
New Britain,

Dear Jim,

I bought your videos in desperation of finding a good golf swing. Like every other player, I tried the books and videos and tips from “freinds”. Then I stumbled onto your web page, bought your videos and within one month was hitting better than I ever thought I’d hit. Unfortunately, I tend to slip back into my old ways every now and then, but all I have to do is watch your videos and I get that big gorgeous golf swing all over again, and I love it everytime I hit a ball. The only advice I have for anyone looking to play better golf is to buy these videos, forget your old swing because it doesn’t work, and trust all that is taught by Jim and do it. There are perhaps, other ways to improve your golf swing if you enjoy unending frustration, complete lack of trust in your swing, and years of wasteful trail and error. I’ve never seen videos so quick, sure and effective not only in golf, but in anything! Thankyou for all of your hard work. Once I watched your videos and started playing golf, I finally understood Fred Couples when he once simply stated “golf is easy.” Today I played golf for only the eight time in my life and scored a 43 on nine holes. Thanks again and let me know if you come up with any other new inventions, videos or discoveries.


Hi Jim, just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know how thing’s aregoing. I have a new confidence.

I have almost honed in on my irons as far as distance control. I can absolutely pound my woods. Just the other day whileplaying a round with some friends from church and our pastor. I pounded my 3wood 293, 305, and then 312 on a hole that was 362 with a tight fairway. Ican drill my driver too. My longest so far is 352 and I almost ripped myshorts. I had a little wind from behind, but not much. I had a double bogeyon the hole before, and then after I hit this drive my pastor said, “WowJohn, I thought you said you didn’t have a temper when you play golf”.Anyway, I am still shooting in the 70’s, my worst round is a 78. 5 doublebogey’s, 3 birds and the rest pars. Keeping in touch.

John Jordan,
Woodlands, Texas

Mr. Mclellan,

This is Dan from Central Connecticut. I’d like to thankyou for your help over the phone the other day. The advice did just thetrick to sum up a good, gorgeous golf swing. I went out and swung the clubuntil I nearly fell over and then picked up two clubs and started swingingthem full strength. For the first time I understand what you meant aboutwinding my body up like a spring–which is how Nick Faldo and Tiger Woodsexplain their swing. I’m even more amazed at how the ball stays in thefairway by simply keeping your head down on it, even with such a fast swingspeed.

I understand my swing just fine, and now it works better than ever. Thething that I don’t get is if golf is so simple, (which I know it is becauseI’ve experienced it now) why have the many teachers, books, and even golfpros made it so difficult to learn?

Thanks for saving me from their trap,

Dan, Connecticut 5/24/00

P.S. Don’t be surprised if you see me playing on TV in a few years.

Greetings Jim,

This is by far the best investment I have made for my golf game ever. I was really curious if these two videos would be of any help. It turns out they were not only helpful but they were exactly what I needed. I have improved my slice, corrected my grip, and follow through.

If I follow the lessons on the tape there are great results, when I don’t I can tell at contact that it won’t be pretty. If any of your future customers are curious about the videos have them drop me a line I will let them know they are for real and they do work…

My Best:
Bob Okerman
Battle Creek, MI


I started playing golf at age 10. My older brother caddied at the Clositeron Sea Island, Georgia while I would shag balls out of the rough forspending money. One day he presented me with a 5 iron retrieved from awater hazard where a guest had thrown it out of frustration. An older blackcaddy gave me my first lesson and he showed me how to start my swing highand finish high. He suggested that I practice under an oak tree and stareintently at an acorn while swinging. I got pretty good, for a while I evenputted with my 5 iron.

After a stint in the Marines, College, work, etc., I eventually got down toa 6 handicap at age 35 using a set of Byron Nelson clubs I had found in agarage sale. I would break par on some courses on a good day. However,work and other interests prevailed and I did not lift a golf club until lastyear at age 55. I could not even break 100. My driver and long irons wereunpredictable, hook, slice, top, straight, you name it. Several golflessons later I still was not improving. I was told my stance was toupright, I should bend more at the waist (I’am 6’4″ tall), bend your knees,keep your left arm stiff, and so on. Only by chance I found your video onthe internet and bought it.

When your video arrived I cheated. I looked at both volume I and II thatsame day. It all seem to come back to me. Your advice is so natural. I went straight out in the back yard and practiced your advice on the “perfect swing” for about an hour. I really got the feel of the club head and your”ball game” tempo almost immediately. On my own I started looking foracorns. After two days practice just swinging, I was convinced that yourtape had worked its magic and headed to the practice range. There I hit alarge bucket starting with my driver and working down to my wedge. I coulddo no wrong. I hit every ball in the bucket perfectly using my new found”perfect swing.” I even started practicing hooking and slicing on purpose.It was truly amazing. Even more amazing was my new learned ability to pickup almost any club, waggle it a couple of times to get the feel of the clubhead, and using your “perfect swing” technique use it to drive straight andlong. I was overjoyed. People passing by stopped to watch. I told themabout your video and how to obtain a copy.

Consider this an absolute endorsement. If you can use any or all of this asa testimonial, please do. I am now living in Huntsville, Alabama and someday hope to have the opportunity to thank you in person.

John D. Dennison

Want to let you know how I am doing. My handicap has dropped down to a 2-3, and I have talked to a few colleges about playing golf on a scholarship! Thank you again.

Alan Madej
Santa Clara

Dear Jim,

I stumbled across your website last week. Several things really caught my attention. Number 1, you talked about the simplicity of the golf swing. I am 48 and only started playing golf about 4 years ago. I have watched many videos and read many articles and have only become more confused in trying to develop a good swing. Your claim to simple approach was very interesting. Number 2, because I have looked at so many instructional articles, I am sometimes amazed at the way they contradict each other, even in the same magazine! Number 3, (and most importantly) you preach the need to practice in the backyard without a ball. I have seen so many comments from others that this does no good and actually hurts your swing because you do not get the feedback of seeing what the ball does. I love to swing a club in the yard when I just don’t have time to go to the range but have actually kept from doing it at times due to what I had read. Now to the best part, I ordered your tapes and received them last Thursday. I watched the first tape, went outside, and practiced the drills. Unfortunately I could not wait the suggested 3 week period because I was playing in a tournament on Saturday and then playing again on Sunday out of town. Friday I went to the driving range at lunch and hit a few balls. Your method did not click right away but since I had only done the drills once, I was not ready to give up. Friday night I did the drills again looking for some improvement before the Saturday tournament. Saturday morning before we started, I went to the range and hit a few balls to warm up. Towards the end of the warm up, it started clicking. We won the tournament with a 12 under (4 man scramble) and used quite a few of my shots, especially the drives which were long and straight. My round Sunday afternoon was even better. The new swing started working with all of the clubs in my bag. If not for some greenside troubles with chipping, I would have been in the 80’s!

I am going to continue the drills and watch your first video several more times this week and can’t wait to start looking at the second one. But, I will wait as per your instuctions, your advice has been good to me so far! Thanks for putting out a nice and simple training video that does not require a rocket scientist to understand. Your simplistic approach is a hit with me!

Charles Egg
Dallas, Texas

Hi Jim

My name is Bob and I called about the tape and you happened to answer the phone. It was nice to talk to the maker of these tape. I have to tell you I was very skeptical about your tapes. I hit the ball pretty well, but I am inconsistently inconsistent. Out of frustration I bought your tapes.I watched your tapes. Something that simple just could’t work. You did’t discuss hip angle, weight ratio between the front foot and back, weight transfer, and all the other bunk. I cheated alittle bit. I went out in the front yard and swung a club just like you said. It felt very natural. I went to the range and found out just how much potential I had. I could not believe the ball flight or the ease in hitting long or short shots. It was a fantastic time at the range. A couple of days went by and I started doubting if I could go to the range and have another day like the first. You guessed it the ball flight was the same and I had people compliment me on my swing and how far I hit the ball with realitively little effort. I took it the course and shot an 82. I missed a 14 inch birdie and had a 6 on par 4 at eighteen. All I can say is thank you for ridding my head of all the golf digest bee bees that were rolling around everytime iI addressed the ball. With your swing the only thing I think of at address is how much better my golf is getting with every round!!!!

Thanks again,
Bob Rapp

Golf is no longer a four letter word. The SWING IS THE THING! Jim claims that you don’t need to know anything about the golf swing except for his three check points. He’s right. But there is a lot more knowledge in his teachings than meets the eye.

I struggled for a little while with a slice. I reviewed the video and realized that I wasn’t finishing with my hands high. Did that and the slice is gone.

I recently struggled with hitting the ball fat and left of center. (not a reference to any of you liberals) Reviewed tape 2 and realized that I wasn’t taking the club straight back and straight through. I started doing that and the problem was solved.

I’m convinced that Jim is in fact a genius and he should be presented with the Nobel prize in physics. He as done what no one has been able to do in the history of the game of golf.

Gregg Walls


I have been absolutely delighted with first,the tapes,and now most recently,the McSwinger.Both have really improved my attitude about golf and the fun I am now having playing! My ball striking has dramatically improved and the results are evident in the consistancy of my distance,accuracy,and scoring..

Although my ball striking is incredibly better I am having trouble clubbing myself correctly now with my irons-I’m hitting the ball too far .I just haven’t learned my new distances well enough to score like I should be. AN example: Saturday,I was at a local club in a tournament.Number 3 is an uphill par 4 at 421 yds.It was playing into a 5-10 mph wind. I had 151 yds to the pin.I figured a one club wind and being uphill,too I decided to hit a hard 7.I was 20 yards over the back of the green! .

Thanks for everything.

Mack Duffey
Montgomery, Alabama


I’ve been enjoying your tapes and practicing everyday.Following your instruction, I haven’t hit any ballsyet(because we’re too smart for that!) but I’mconfident that when I do I’ll be happily surprised. Iknow when something makes sense and your instructionmakes sense to me.Everything else I’ve read just mademe frustrated even to read it , much less apply it.Thank God I didn’t take a lesson before I discoveredyour website. You make swinging the golf club fun! Youhave a gift, thanks for sharing it. Just wanted to askyou if any more videos are in the future, I’ll buy itin a second !

Thanks and God Bless !
Mike McGuire
Rockaway, New Jersery


I just wanted to say thank you for the great golf videos. My dad has been getting golf instruction tapes for years. I mean he had been trying everything, from the Natural Golf program, to Gravity Golf, to special clubs, etc. He had me going through through the tapes with him, but yours was the first I was really impressed with.

I’ve always had a strong swing, but never much control. Ever seen Happy Gilmore? 🙂 That was my swing; somewhere in between swinging a baseball bat and hitting a hockey puck. I could drive the ball past the 250 yard marker fairly regularly, but it was usually also 50-100 yards off to the right of where I wanted it to go.

Your tapes have already drasticly improved my swing. My balls are flying straight as an arrow. I figure with more practice, making sure that I keep my hat still, and smoothing out my swing better, I’ll probably be able to hit 350-400 yards consistently.

Thanks again.

Nick Collins
New Hudson, Michigan

Dear Jim,

Just wanted you to know that I’ve been using the McSwinger regularly since Ireceived it in June. Before I received the McSwinger, I was lucky to break120. Well, this weekend I went out and shot a 99, thanks mainly to yourvideos and exercise club. At our company outting, I won the ‘closest to thepin’ competition; imagine how good I felt as my co-workers looked on!

I’m now interested in buying the driver advertised on your website. Anydiscounts for preferred customers?

Thanks for all your help.

Rick Garrison
Charlette, NC

Hi Jim, I received my videos yesterday, very prompt, I’m impressed. I have watched the first one three times already. It is great, no endless technical jargon and plenty of humour ( We British love humour ) and I love the shirt and hat. I have been practising just swinging the club and you know what, it already feels like a real golf swing. I have always had one of those short, choppy swings, afraid I was going to lose control if I took a big swing. I can now see the sense in not hitting a ball for at least a couple of weeks. Mind you that is going to be tough cos I love hitting golf balls. Its also going to be hard not to look at the other video for a week. I’ll let you know how I get on…

Hello again Jim, Boy you are quick. I’d be delighted to have you use my letter. Let me tell you more about my golfing life. I am 70 years young, I have played golf on and off for nearly thirty years. My handicap is 20, I hit the ball fairly straight but not very long, putt well and have a reasonable but inconsistent short game. I have tried almost every golf video on the market including Dalton McCreary and tried lots of different systems like Jack Kurkendall, bought books galore but never improved at all. I even changed last year from right-handed to left-handed, thinking that because I am left-handed I would have more power and improve my distance. I did learn to hit the ball but stuggled with the longer clubs. I have now switched back to right-handed. I do feel that at last I have found what I have been looking for a simple concept, producing a good looking swing. I can’t wait to start hitting golf balls again.

Thanks Jim,

Ron Kehoe


Just wanted you to know how happy I have been with the results from the last two weeks. A 76 and then to come back and shot a 74 is great. And to know that I left some strokes on the course with the 74 is what really has me excited.

I know that I have golfed many times with a million swing thoughts and to no avail. Each time before when my swing would stop functioning I would change the swing thought. The last two weeks I have really just concentrated on the information in your videos.

I Just wanted you to know that I put all of my golf videos and books in the hope chest, except for your McLellan Perfect Swing videos.

Thank you for delivering me from the world of golf instruction overload. I like what you said on the end of one of your videos stay away from Golf books and instruction.

Thank you once again. I am enjoying the game like never before. I can’t hardly wait to get back to the course next Monday.

Mike Staley
Arequipa, Peru


Just wanted you to know how happy I have been with the results from the last two weeks. A 76 and then to come back and shot a 74 is great. And to know that I left some strokes on the course with the 74 is what really has me excited.

I know that I have golfed many times with a million swing thoughts and to no avail. Each time before when my swing would stop functioning I would change the swing thought. The last two weeks I have really just concentrated on the information in your videos.

I Just wanted you to know that I put all of my golf videos and books in the hope chest, except for your McLellan Perfect Swing videos.

Thank you for delivering me from the world of golf instruction overload. I like what you said on the end of one of your videos stay away from Golf books and instruction.

Thank you once again. I am enjoying the game like never before. I can’t hardly wait to get back to the course next Monday.


Mike Staley

Arequipa, Peru

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