Success Stories 3

Hello Jim,

Thank you so much!

I watched Vol. 1 of your video and I was pleasantly surprised that you DID make the swing simple. Now I believe that I can finally develop not just a good swing but a perfect swing! Everything you said and demonstrated made sense. Finally, I understand the basic concepts of the swing and I am looking forward to putting them in practice.

By the way, your concept of swinging the club and practicing without a ball makes a lot of sense. I first started playing golf as a teenager many years ago. I did not have access to a driving range or a large field so I practiced my swing in my parent’s backyard. This was done without a ball. The only instruction I had was provided from my uncle. He gave me a few hints such as how to grip the club and basic stance but that was it. I actually developed a good swing during that time. However, I gave up golf for many years and so I am now restarting. Your instruction videos are just what I have been looking for.

Jim Andersen
San Jose, California

Hello Jim,

Firstly, congratulations on your great golf videos. You have a common sense approach which translates into a direct, easy to follow teaching style. I also appreciate the fact that you do not purport to sell the consumer a quick fix.

You simply supply the correct advice and challenge your pupils to practice good habits regularly.

I have tried to do two things since watching the first video;

(1) emulate your swing, and
(2) not be overly analytical about the golf swing.

I also purchased the McSwinger and Swing Rite training clubs. I have found the Swing Rite to be very helpful in being able to develop a more powerful swing that still retains its smoothness.

Best regards,

Michael Bailey
Scientist, Scripps Research
San Diego, California


I golfed when I was young and then gave up the game for several years before picking it up again in my 30’s. How frustrating. With a persistent slice and inconsistent connection with the ball, the game became just a reason to socialize with friends. The worst part was not doing badly in golf, but having no clue what I was doing wrong or how I could change it. One viewing of your volume 2 video changed that completely. Suddenly I knew what to do to get rid of my slice. Getting better at the game is now totally within my grasp. A game I once loved had degenerated to the point that I was playing no more than 3-4 times a year. Now I can’t wait to get on the course. I’m on the practice tee as many times a week as I can get there. I have a long way to go to get a decent golf game, but thanks to you, I know I will get there. I trully think you are unique in the golf instructor world. Every other instructor talks to the student as though they were improving a basically sound player with good basic technique. You talk for and to us “hackers”. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Ken Davis
Columbus, Mississippi

Hi Jim,

I am really grateful that I owned the videos of your Perfect Swing. Thanks.

I like any other golf craze, has a mini library of books,videos and VCD on golf instruction at home. My ultimate aim is to perfect my swings and play golf as good as I can. However, my games is driving me to the grave, I was almost to sell away my golf clubs and donate all the books collection to the community library until I came across your video in your website.

Well, initially I got really comprehensive to click the order button, but after reading quite a few of the testimonials put up in your website. I came to wonder if one says it is good I would doubt and if two I would consider and if more than three what am I waiting for!?.

It indeed proved the correct decision. After watching the video, I followed exactly what Jim wants me to practice and focus on. Yesterday, after 3 weeks of practicing the swing, I went to the driving range to confirm whether to continue this game with confidence or to give up entirely. I was taken aback at the results, I can really feel the crisp each time I execute the perfect swing for every clubs and I can hit balls at distances I never would have achieved before. A golfer friend saw my sudden improvement and insist me to introduce him my golf instructor. Of course, I give him your website address.

I am really pleased with the two videos. Thanks again, Jim, for the wonderful videos and for rescuing me from golfing death!

Best Regards
Desmond Koh

Dr. Jim,

Many years ago peddlers would go from town to town selling potions that would be the cure for all the diseases known to man– they called these potions panaceas. Unfortunately, these panaceas didn’t usually work. I have spent the last 27 years of my golfing career looking for golf’s ultimate panacea. I have had hours upon hours of personal instruction and week-long golf camps. I have purchased every training aid known to exist, including swing trainers, special clubs, straps, and putting devices. I own a library full of books and videos on golf instruction. ALL TO NO AVAIL!!! But I have news for you …. after viewing your tapes over and over and applying what I have seen… I finally feel that I have found golf’s panacea –the cure-all for all my swing problems!!!! Your instruction is simple to understand and very enjoyable to watch. I found my new-found success on the course a little unbelievable at first, so I waited a while to write you to see what would happen in the first month or so. The first day I went out I discovered that I had added 20-30 yards to every club in my bag. I didn’t score too well right away because I was flying the ball past all the greens. Once I learned my new distances I shot the best scores of my life!! Over the past month my swing has continued to improve. This swing is simply amazing and effortless!!

A special note to the people reading this on your web site — STOP looking any further, Pick up the phone and order these tapes now!! I have been where you are right now and I know what you are searching for and this is it! Diligently apply what Jim teaches on the tapes and you will not be disappointed!

Thanks Jim for this fantastic instruction!! If I would have had this 27 years ago, who knows where I would be now – I might be giving Tiger a run for his money! Oh well – there is always the Senior Tour!

Best Wishes,
Dr. Jim Anderson

Dear Jim,

You may absolutely place my note on your site. It was the testimonials on your site that convinced me to try your tapes! One more thing for the skeptics out there….don’t try to analyze what Jim’s telling you! Just do it! It works!

Malcolm Murphy
North Carolina

Thanks for the excellent service, I appreciate the way you handled the transaction. I just finished watching volume I and it was great. These tapes are not only informative but very entertaining.

I have no problem with you posting my letter, I really enjoyed your tapes and would encourage others to do the same. Thanks!

Douglas Graham
Goshen, Indiana

The following letter may be of interest if you are unfamiliar with the golf instruction of Jim McLellan.

This letter comes to us from a scholar in the golf instruction business. Mr. Ken Pine is the founder of the Golf learning Center in Fremont, California. Mr. Pine has spent the great majority of his life studying the works of all the great instructors….too numerous to mention here. He has read 100s of books, viewed virtually all the golf instruction videos, and taken private lessons from some of the top name teachers in the country. Mr. Pine has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars searching for ways to improve his golf game.

Dear Jim:

Been thinking of you lately. I am moving to Tennessee around mid August and am looking forward to getting together. I have also been thinking about your tape and your ideas about the golf swing. The longer time goes on, the more I am convinced that you have the best ideas, greatest knowledge, or however you wish to put it, in the golf instruction business.

I was practicing the other day and I began working on just swinging from “here to here,” and new swing feeling were “revealed” to me. I am hitting the ball better than ever, but have lost it and gained it back, in the meantime, as I tried to understand how to communicate the new feelings. I am more and more convinced that it can’t be done. Words cannot describe nor help a golf swing. They only work to interfere with the learning process. Mistaken ideas get into the mind and get in the way of a free and full swing.

As a good example, I couldn’t sleep last night as the golf swing was going round and round in my head. The oft repeated phrase, “The dog wags the tail, the tail doesn’t wag the dog” came to mind. What a pile of nonsense. All you have to do is watch a dog. THE TAIL WAGS THE TAIL. There are muscles in the root of the tail that move it back and forth. A dog doesn’t wiggle its hind end to wag the tail. And if vigorous enough, the tail will actual cause the hind end to move back and forth.

I was up until about 3AM practicing chipping and putting with a whole new freedom. I am going to stop reading books and watching videos and just swing. Whatever comes comes.

I salute you for your work and your “dogged” determination for keeping it simple. Feel free to use any part of this as a testimonial, or even as part of your writing for publication. I only ask that you be a little more understanding of the professional instructors. They just don’t know any better. As it is written in Hosea:

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The “pros” need our help.

For now, God bless,

Ken Pine
Golf professional
Golf Learning Center
Fremont, California

Dear Jim,

I ordered your videos and recieved them a couple days before a golf vac. my buddies and I had planned, I started doing the excercises and went on my golf vacation, ( big mistake )of course you know the result, bad news. I was ready to quit, any way we got home I told my buddies I’m taking 2 weeks off of golf ( which overjoyed my wife ) don’t even call me to golf for 2 weeks. I did the excercises as told for 2 weeks every day no real change in my score usually high 90’s to low 100’s. I was getting frustrated, ( my problem was I was practicing the minimum amount. ) This went on for a couple weeks my buddies thought HA HA about my videos ( I told them they would change my game ). They reminded me about too untill,,,,,,untill,,, Last week I got my clubs out and started swinging each club ( 1 wood thru sand wedge ) 13 clubs, 5 times each, which is about 1/2 hr. practicing whats on the videos. I did this for only 2 days, went out on the 3rd day shot a 38 ( 1 over ) on the front 9 on a course I was told is ultra tough, which it was, finished with a 43 on the back for an 81 , never felt so good playing golf in my life Thanks for making the game so fun. By the way NOW my buddies want to borrow my videos. Ha Ha guess again. Thanks Jim,

Ernie Eash
Utica , Ohio

Mr. Mclellan,

You’re video is without a doubt, the best learning tool out there. I’ve read books and watched other tapes by top PGA “pros” and it really is all a bunch of nonsense. In just the first three or four pages of one of the books I remember looking at, the author had mentioned about thirty points and tips that would turn anyones mind nuts. I fixed my slice and can now slice, hook or hit it relatively straight anytime I want, just like you said. I also relaxed a lot more.

Thankyou for helping me with golf,

Thanks a million! You are an exemplary of quality customer service!




Your tapes have been instrumental in improving my game. Your “keep it simple” approach has really helped me to develop my own natural ability without making my swing mechanical. You really do have the perfect swing, and now when I turn on the “Golf Channel” I realize that many of the so-called pros don’t really know what they’re talking about. Most of them get too technical and over-coach. Some of them actually give bad advice. You give great advice, you do it in a humorous fashion, and you keep it interesting. I’m really glad that I found your site on the web.

Let me know if you ever come out with another tape!

Thanks again,

Mark C. Stang
Royal Palm Beach

Dear Jim,

Your system is simply remarkable. The less effort I put into my swing the better it gets. I get better every day! I still hit a few bad shots but I immediately stop and “replay” the swing in my mind and I literally can feel what I did wrong! Usually it’s my head moving. I tend to look up to see where the ball is going. But when I concentrate on that ONE thing (keeping my head perfectly still until after impact) I immediately correct the problem. I’ve never had more confidence in my swing!


Malcolm Murphy
North Carolina

Dear Jim,

You may absolutely place my note on your site. It was the testimonials on your site that convinced me to try your tapes! One more thing for the skeptics out there….don’t try to analyze what Jim’s telling you! Just do it! It works!

Malcolm Murphy
North Carolina

Absolutely – you can use my comments as a testimonial.

when I’m at the golf course or driving range and I see someone in trouble with their swing, I have this tremendous urge to direct them to your web-site (have done it successfully already). Do you have some cards printed up with your name/logo/website address? I would be happy to pass them out. When I find something I believe in and I’m passionate about, I want to help spread the word.

Steve Gulock
Farmington Hills, MI

Progress report:

I played 18 on Sunday, after two weeks of Video I and one of Video II. The back 9 was my best ever. Alarming however, was my tendency to hit the ball much farther than previously! Beginning (suddenly) with the tenth hole, my irons just started to fly. I reached a par 3 from the whites (173 yds) with a seven iron, where previously I had to hit a six or five. I also flew the green twice with pitching wedges. Accuracy also greatly improved. I hit seven of nine greens in regulation.

Thanks for the tapes,

Bill Knox
Lansing, Michigan

Dear Jim,

I don’t know if you’ll remember but I had written to you the night that we ordered your tapes and told you that we were new to the game of golf, that I am 43 and my wife is 34, and we began playing in June of this year. When we ordered your tapes on August 24, 2001, we had no idea what we were doing when swinging the golf club! After viewing the first tape and seeing how easy you made the golf swing look, we began working on swinging a club everyday, stayed away from the golf course and driving range, and practiced, practiced, practiced. We were going along fine until September 11, 2001 when tragedy struck America. We got side tracked for about two weeks, as my wife and I both work at 9-1-1 communications centers and there was much work to be done!

Back to our story….. When we were able to play our first round of golf the beginning of last week, and after not hitting a golf ball for a while, we started out kinda rough. After all that practice, we thought we would be “Arnold Palmer” on the first tee! As usual, we both started out on the “red” tees (Hey, I’m just starting out!!!). The third, a par 3, 81 yards from the “red” tees, something strange happened. I drove the ball OVER the green! I had been using an 8 iron from the “red” tee and usually placed the ball on the green or just into the fringe. This was great! It does not sound like much, but considering this was only our seventh round of golf, I was impressed! The fourth hole, a par 4, 241 yards from the “red” tee, is a tough hole with a water hazard from the first 3 tees (blue, white, gold) onto the fairway and then another water hazard between the first fairway to the second part of the fairway and green. Feeling great from my “wonderful” drive on the previous hole, I decided to try and hit from the “white” tee. This made the hole 351 yards over both water hazards. I had never done this before, but I was not going to let the water discourage me. I teed the ball, started the wind-up with my 3 wood, and “ting,” sailed the ball over the water hazard, about 187 yards, onto the fairway! I stood there staring for such a long time in disbelief that my wife had to call out to me to make sure I was alright!

Needless to say, I no longer play from the “red” tees. I may not always hit the greatest drive every time, but when I do hit a bad shot I know what I did wrong and can “fix” it. My wife has improved is hitting the ball 4X farther than she used to This is great for a woman that is 5 feet tall and weighs 105 pounds and had never touched a golf club until this past June! I have modified one thing from your video. Instead of the “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” tune, I think of “Big” on the wind up, “Beautiful” on the swing approach to the ball, “Golf” at the point of impact, and “Swing” on the follow through! I found that this gives me a very rhythmic swing, and helps to have a “Big Beautiful Golf Swing”! We played a second round the end of last week, and on the back nine we met and paired up with another couple that we were going to let play through. They suggested that we play together, even after we told them that we were “really bad,” and we agreed. When they drove past us in their cart, we panicked — he had Callaway “Big Bertha” clubs in a Callaway golf bag! Talk about intimidating! Well, believe it or not, to make a long story short, I beat him on 5 of the 9 holes! It was GREAT!! it was one of the best days yet! Today, we played with a friend of ours that has been golfing for years. Had a pretty good day, he said that for such a difficult course and the short time that we have been playing that we did very well. He asked who we had taken our lessons from and I told him that YOU and your video tapes are the only “lessons” we have ever had! He was impressed! Jim, we cannot Thank You enough for helping us in our quest to learn how to play this game. I’ll keep you informed on our next “major” accomplishments! Please post this if you like…… We’ll be glad to let everyone know who the BEST teacher is!!

Bill & Eva De Walt
Kissimmee Florida

Dear Jim,

GREAT!!! I have been wanting to send you an e-mail but do not want to come across as being a PEST!!! I can only imagine the amount of e-mails you receive daily and did not want to bother you. My swing is still GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!! I GOT A BIRDIE ON A PAR 3!!!!! VERY, VERY EXCITING!!!!

People are still trying to tell me what to do. I cannot imagine why…. I have been playing better than them. I should be telling them what to do. I still cant give away my BIG SECRET….. YOU!!! I promise I will eventually. This is too much fun letting them think I am doing it all by myself. I cannot thank you enough!

PS.. My dad came to the driving range with me because he could not believe how well I was doing and when he saw me, he said, “YOU LOOK LIKE A NATURAL. YOU REALLY HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SWING!” LUV IT, LUV IT, LUV IT!!

PSS… I Think you need to come to NEW YORK. Wishful thinking, huh? Hope to hear from you soon. Always a BIG fan. Thanks, Michelle

Michelle Serra
Hawthorne, NY


I must say that your tape has provide me with the drive to continue to develop my golf swing. Both me and my father just recently took up golf (we started this past labor day) and we are both hitting moonshot irons! I read other testimonials about people being embarrassed telling other people that they have been playing for only a couple of months. Well, I too have found the same thing, and to make matters worse, I am ashamed to tell them that I learned how to play golf by watching a video tape (most people assume that I took very expensive lessons).

Well, as a testament to your tape, as I said, I started playing over the labor day weekend and by Thanksgiving I played my first round of 18 in my life. I shot a 118! Well, I’m looking forward to playing again next spring and will let you know how I’ve improved (cause I’m still at the range practicing my swing).

Thanks again, and I’ll see you on the course!!!

Jerry Canada
New York, NY

Thanks Jim

Just a little note, i am going to a physical therapist for pain in my right shoulder,this person comes from a well known medical university.I asked her if people who are less flexible or in pain should try and shorten there golf movements,her answer was that is the worst thing you could do, you will stiffen up and be in more pain.the best thing to do is have a full flowing strechy movement and this will make you better faster.

*** you little devil you always knew that****

Fred Greenberg
Montreal, Quebec


thanks for the quick reply…..I will 54 myself shortly….I know it takes a lot of practice (which I religiously do) and I watch your tapes at night (15-30 minutes) before I go to bed. Your tapes have done more for me (with driver and iron distance) than I have gotten from other tapes and lessons over the past 3 years….

I know I can take your method out on the course, the others (Dean Reinmuth, Dalton Mc Crary, Moe Normans, and a couple of local pro’s) I “Could Not”….With a couple of those, I actually lost distance!

I’m very excited with your method (I actually found your web site looking for Jim McLeans) and will continue to study the tapes and work at it…

I’m “on the air” now at Sunny 106.5, Myrtle Beach’s Oldies Station….. Be Well, God Bless,

Lou Krieger,
Myrtle Beach






Avondale, Arizona



Mr. McLellan,

It has been nearly 2 years since I last contacted you. I’m writing to apologize and say thanks at the same time. I really feel like I might be the one of the most stubborn and ignorant people to ever take up golf.

When I first purchased your videos I hadn’t played much golf. I was really a beginner and looking to get off on the right track. I watched the tapes and followed the advice. I was doing pretty good for the most part but for some reason I thought there had to be more. For some reason I still don’t know why, I insisted to myself that I needed more information to become a good golfer. I even had the nerve to write you a letter saying that I was disappointed in the videos, thinking that they were missing details!

A lot of time has passed since then. Many, many books, videos, magazines, etc. a series of lessons and a lot of time on the driving range. The results… well there really weren’t any! I never thought it would be possible but over time, I actually got worse! In fact about a month ago I was playing in a tournament held by my company’s biggest customer and shot the worst score of all 115 golfers in the field! In one of the rounds I shot 135! I had become victim of too much information and couldn’t even hit the ball. I was shanking shots horribly, hitting the turf behind the ball, you name it. I even bent the shafts in 2 of my clubs from hitting the ball with the shaft! Talk about embarassing, I really hit rock bottom with my game. I had so much on my mind; arms, legs, hips, wrist, plane, inside out, etc. I couldn’t believe with all this “knowledge” that I had about the golf swing that I couldn’t even hit the ball 100 yards! This “knowledge” had totally consumed me on the golf course. Some guys told me to quit the game or get some lessons. I really can’t put into words how horrible I felt. Worst of all, I couldn’t remember the last time I actually had fun playing golf.

While the thought never crossed my mind to quit the game. I decided it was time to start over. I frantically searched the house for my videos and watched them dillegently. I made a commitment to myself that I was no longer going to think about anything but what was presented in the videos. After all, I had nothing to lose. In the course of 2 years, my scores got worse and I had just hit rock bottom. I tuned out all the tips, instruction and books that I had thought were the only way to learn the golf swing. Instead of trying to swing with all my might, I didn’t even think about my backswing, I just set the club up there and let it go. I did my best to just get my hands high and keep my head still. I fought off all the thoughts and details that kept coming into my head, the tendancy to check my plane, wrist cock, shoulder turn, etc. It was like a poison.

The very next time I played, I hit the ball better than I can ever remember! My score for 9 holes was a solid 45 (a far cry from the 120, 135 scores of my last rounds). Had my short game and putting been a little better I could of scored even lower! Even my friend who I play with on occasion told me that he had never seen me hit the ball so well. Sometimes my brain takes over and I hit a poor shot but I know what I did and exactly how to fix it. While I haven’t played a full 18 holes since I’ve been back on track, my 9 hole scores have been steady in the mid-40’s and I actually feel like I’m improving.

I apologize Jim, I really wish I would of listened to the advice on the videos instead of being so stubborn. In one of the e-mails that you sent me, you told me that I wasn’t “surrendering” myself to the instruction you provided. I also wish I could take back the letter of disappointment that I sent. I just couldn’t admit to myself that it could be that easy. It bothers me sometimes to think of how good I could be right now had I followed instructions from the beginning instead of thinking I needed more information.

Now I would like to say thank you for producing such a fine instructional video. You’ve really made what some view as the impossible very real. If followed correctly those 2 videos are so much more valueable than any book, magazine, video or lesson about golf. Most importantly it puts the fun back into a game that so many of us forget is a game!!

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter. Thanks again for what you’ve done for me and so many others. I look forward to updating you over time with my progress. Please let me know if you would like me to provide a testamonial for your website. I will be more than happy to.

Best Regards,
Damien Knight
Berthoud, CO

I bought your new DVD and found that it did me more good than going two times to a full week golf school. I did not “get it” until I saw your video and realized that the feeling of accelerating through the ball and fully releasing, which you did sitting in a bloody chair to great effect, is what I had been missing – and, God help me for saying so, it is EASY to do and a very natural and pleasant movement. I was worried about my hips, my knees, my feet, everything but the head of the club. My head was full of instructions while in mid swing, which screwed up my swing and caused unnecessary tension. Once I felt the “perfect swing” that you teach, there was no retuning to the old practices. At the end of your swing I feel wonderful; but, at the end of my former swing I felt constricted, sore and off balance – my parts were working against each other.

I found your Site surfing on the Internet and am very happy that I did so. Even my golf friends who used to out drive me are astonished at what I now can do.

Many thanks,

George C. McKinnis, attorney
Shelton, CT.


I went to the driving range last night and your suggestions seemed to work. After hitting a big slice for example, I’d turn it around and try to hit a big hook. Funny thing was, I’d hit about 3 or 4 straight shots before I could get the hook! Funny how, in 3 previous days at the range, I had a hard time hitting any straight shots. But last night, when I wasn’t trying to hit straight shots, they were going straight. So that gives me some confidence I can figure this out. Thanks again,

Mark Doucet
Calgary, Canada


I just went out to the driving range yesterday before this rainy weather came in and I just have to say, “Wow!” I had practiced my swing for a good three weeks without hitting any balls after a bit of time off not swinging at all, and also picked up a new set of irons with stiffer shafts as a bit of a ‘reward’ for sticking to it. So, I went out to the range and made some swings. I was stunned! My first shot I hit out straight with an ever so slight fade on it. I hit another. Same thing. I finally got that connection between my brain and my arms going, and I could hook the ball when I tried. I still hit some slices, and some shots thin and some shots fat, but, wow, the difference was like night and day to any of my earlier practice sessions on the range. I hit so many good shots, that my only complaint was, towards the end, where my arms were getting so tired, I couldn’t keep on hitting any more! And the times I didn’t hit such a good shot, I just had to keep thinking “I don’t care” and just let my swing go for the next one. I had a great and wonderful time, and I’m still beaming over all the good shots I made.

I just have to thank you and your videos, as they are the only instruction I’ve ever had with this game. I’m still amazed at how much information you managed to pack into those two short videos. Each time I watch them, there seems to be something that maybe I didn’t pick up on at an earlier time that makes sense now or something else that just clicks. Now, I feel I have the confidence in my ability to actually go out on a golf course and play this game, which I have yet to do for the first time. If you’d like, I’ll let you know how that goes, and, until then, I’m going to keep on practicing!

Thanks Jim!

Austin Hackett
Atlanta, Georgia

Thank You Mr. McLellan.

We’ve enjoyed your DVD very much. I think with the purchase of your Swing Rite my tempo will improved.

Just to let you know what is going on with us. Your DVD is a “God send,” I’m trying to show my wife just to relax and follow the “I don’t care” tempo. Trying to convince Susan not to worry about the outcome but rather on the feel of the swing you teach. She can crank a driver some 270+ yards when she has this mind set.

Just one day after your DVD arrived, I had a NE qualifier on a Donald Ross course. I was on pace to shoot a 69 through 8 holes but started doing the math and just like the kid riding the bike without shoes, I fell apart. Finished with 79. However by just viewing your DVD after one day I gained confidence and feel my swing will be the model of consistency no matter what the situation.

You are right about not going to Pros. I’m a six handicapper(and improving), but I went to this pro for some tweaking in the beginning of May left the pro and shot an 88 a couple of days later. My worst in four years. I thought I had ruin my year, I then saw your DVD and “presto” I got my swing back almost immediately.

Thank You very much

Susan and Joe Contreras
Johnston, Rhode Island


Have had your videos for over three years now. Last night I watched them again before going to the course today.

Amazing things happened after double bogies on the first two holes I hit some good shots and ended up with a 4 over 76. I hit 10 greens in regulation today which is way above my average. Also had some good drives today. Was really happy with the results looking forward to doing my practice everyday so that I will be ready for next week.

Thank you.
Mike Staley
Arequipa, PERU

Thanks again Jim.

Believe me, after the progress my swing has made listening to you and keeping it simple. I will NEVER take a golf lesson from a another “golf pro”. I even have to stay away from the golf channel!

Jamie Dills
Glendale, Arizona

Dear Mr. McLellan,

I just wanted to let you know that after 3 weeks of watching your video and practicing my swing I went to the driving range today. I was a little apprehensive at first, thinking to myself, “what if this doesn’t work, what will I do then?”. Well, I thought, Mr. McLellan says it will work and I believe him, it’s so simple it has to work.

All I can say is WOW !!!!. I mean, I couldn’t believe it. I started off with my 5 iron and consistently hit it straight and about 200 yards. Then came the 3 iron, same thing but I put it out about 230. Then the real test, my driver, the club that has always haunted me. Well, let me tell you that I was hitting that little white ball about 275-280 and it was going straight!!!. A couple of times when my shots weren’t hit quite right or when I felt myself slipping back into some bad habits I could actually feel it going wrong and knew how to fix it. I would just take a minute, focus on my swing, take some practice swings and then everything fell back into place. I know that I still have to keep practicing to keep my swing “gorgeous” but now it’s a pleasure to practice because I get great results when I do.

I just wanted to thank you again for turning my golf game into a positive and fun experience rather than a day of frustration. Any golfer who doesn’t listen to what you have to say might as well sell his clubs and take up another sport. Thanks again.

Mike Willis

Editors note:

In the 50s, and 60s there was a prominent professional golfer whos swing was regarded as one of the best of all time. Later he became a renouned instuctor and taught some of the finest players in the world. His name was John Gustin. His son, Chris, a surperb player and teacher saw our video, liked it and sent along this wonderful review. Chris is well know, respected, and liked by some of the best players who ever lived. We are very proud to add his name to our growing testimonial pages.

. . . My wife and I enjoyed your video! Thank God there is a video that doesn’t make everyone feel so serious! Thanks for making golf fun again. My Dad would have loved it! The “new breed” pros of today could learn from you!!

Chris Gustin
Golf Professional
New York,
New York

My name is Ken Pine and I am the head golf professional at the Golf Learning Center in Freemont, California. I was asked to look at Jims videos but was reluctant since I didn’t recognize the name. I have an extensive background as a golf historian having studied the majority of the classic golf instruction materials, watched the major instruction videos, and been a student of some of the countrys finest teachers. Here is my response to Jim’s videos:

Jim McLellan’s golf videos are my number one pick and I recommend them very highly. Jim McLellan’s videos are creating a lot of excitement. I like them so much, I had to expand my top five videos to ‘top six.’ There was nothing I wanted to eliminate, but clearly this one belonged at the top of the list. It’s simple, it’s fun, and the more you watch his videos the more it helps.

Ken Pine,
Golf Professional


I’ve read scores of books, watched as many videos, and tried to maintain a whole string of swing thoughts at once. It’s nice to instead just relax into my swing and be pretty darned sure that I’m going to like the results. Simple IS best, especially when you look really good doing it! (I’m not even embarrassed to watch myself on videotape any more.)

Your “Jim McLellan’s Golf Videos” is most informative and entertaining. I’m not much on critiquing other people’s efforts, but I’m willing to offer my thoughts here, because I am impressed with the results I’ve attained. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.

Michael Spiller
Web Administrator
Data Systems, LMMS 88-23
Bremerton, WA


I just thought you’d find this interesting…

took my new golf swing to the driving range the other day along with my golfing partner and my son. After hitting a couple dozen balls, my partner (who’s been playing for over 20 years) asked me (a newcomer to the game who considers a 95 to be a good game) if I’d look at his swing and tell him what he was doing wrong. I asked him, “Why me?” and he said, “Whatever you’ve been studying, it sure works!”

AND… on top of that, I was outdriving my son, which I’ve NEVER done before!

The boost to my confidence was magnificent. I’ve faithfully been going through the videos, adhering to your words of advice.

Michael Spiller
Web Administrator
Data Systems, LMMS 88-23
Bremerton, WA

Dear Jim,

If you remember I wrote to you and asked for the first UK testimonial which is now in your list. I would like to add a progress report which should hearten your readers. Over the last few months I have been keeping the faith and practicing for a few minutes each day, swinging a club in the yard. Hardly a day has gone by without swinging a club without hitting a ball. The result has been a much more consistant performance on the course, with me regularly winning the money within my playing partners. So much so I have been cut by five strokes amongst ourselves.

I am now pleased to report that last weekend I won the monthly medal competition at my home club, playing from the back tees, returning a net score of 69. My official handicap has been cut and I am now 3rd in the order of merit in the club after the first three competitions of 2003.

I cannot thank you enough for setting me on the right track. I now have the basics of a repeatable swing. The hitting has diminished and the confidence is building. As you say in your video, it does take time for the head to remain still. It does require an investment on the part of the pupil in terms of time and practice, but the system does work. It only takes a few minutes a day, but it is worth it just to see the looks on your friends faces when you start to hit proper gof shots.

I am not writing this just to sing my own praises, only to let the people out there know that it can happen. Keep up the good work and thanks again.


Mr. McLellan

I purchased your 2 videos and the McSwinger last August and have enjoyed them very much. I have been a decent golfer due to a great short game and at times solid iron game. Your method has been a revelation in many respects for me. I am gradually deprogramming myself from years of reading golf magazines etc. I have experienced at times a great deal of success implementing your method. However at times I regress and start thinking and not swinging. That said I am moving in the right direction. The 3 keys to the swing have helped me immensely in simplifying the golf swing. When I hit a bad shot at the range I no longer go into the meltdown mode.

I would say practicing swinging a club without a ball has helped me the most as well as how to practice.

No problem posting my message. You are welcome. Thanks for the advice about lessons. I will stay away from all advice. I have been to the range the last 3 days and have been pleased with results. Yesterday I hit a 4 iron as pure as could be. Precisely on the sweet spot. It was due to a good swing and not luck. Today I nailed five 5 irons in a row. What was nice about it I just let it happen and did not think. Thanks for reminding me a golf swing cannot be bought.

Best wishes,

Mike Golat, PHD Mechanical Engineer
Orlando, FL

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