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Hi Jim,

I’m a 6 ft. 59 year old guy in decent shape but never thought of myself as an athlete. I’ve played racquetball for the past several years, and have a decent game. But golf… I managed to avoid almost completely for the past 59 years. Prior to Aug 2002, I had almost never swung a club. Never cared about the game and was bored listening to anyone who would bitch about how good or bad they played. I played a couple of “best ball” matches with my boss in Hawaii, and didn’t enjoy anything but the beer.

So this Aug, just 2 1/2 months ago, I was encouraged out to play with my friends and clients Roger and Kathy. They wanted me to play golf so much, they gave me a set of used clubs. I sucked – and was embarrassed that Kathy could hit the ball as far as I could – about 50 to 75 yards. Mostly my ball skidded along the tops of the grass, or went almost at right angles to my desired flight path, into the woods. I landed in every creek, ditch, and tall grass, because the ball wouldn’t go up in the air. I topped about 90% of my shots.

Then another client and friend, Joey who spends every waking moment at the local driving range wanted to talk to me about some issues. He used the driving range as a casual format to talk about life. He provided me with bucket after bucket of range balls and gave me some detailed swing guidance for several days. So now, I’m hitting the ball in the air about 50 to 100 yards, occasionally. But the details of Joey’s instructions were hard to absorb. So Joey gave me a set of better clubs than the ones Roger & Kathy gave me. It made me feel a little better, but I couldn’t remember or follow all his instructions. Weight shift, kick the midget, grip, etc. He’d turn my hands, push my hips, kick me in the back of the knee to get it to move right. Finally I said, ” Joey, if this stupid game needs me to stand on my head and do other unnatural acts, I don’t want anything to do with it. I’m not going to play if I feel like a puppet on the end of a string.

Then my buddy Steve got into the act – an eight handicap. Steve would just ask me to swing, and would tell me how to correct what I was doing wrong. Again, free range balls and plenty of frustration. But, I did manage to hit a few balls 150 yards according to the markers out on the range. Now I’ve got a bit of a yearning going. Most of my friends that gather every Friday at 5:00 for happy hour are five to eight handicap players. And I’m topping the ball eight out of ten swings and still hitting the occasional ball at right angles to my target.

So, I decided to try to get a little better on the sly. Searched the web, and found your site. What caught my interest was the way you explained what and how you were going to teach me to swing the club. You described a “simple” approach to learning to swing a club correctly. I liked that because it ties in with my own experiences as to how we humans learn things. It must be made simple and practiced. I am a Registered Investment Advisor. Also known as a Portfolio Manager. I’ve read the ink off the pages of nearly every serious book and article and have had professional training in the field of investing. And, just like in golf instruction, investment instruction is all pure hogwash. I could explain investing to a willing listener in less than two hours and they would be better than 98% of all professional investment managers. Why? Because it is simple, just like a golf swing. It just look difficult and the pros try to keep it that way. There’s too much information in both golf and investing.

I bought your videos, parts one and two along with the McSwinger. I watched the video about six times, video taped myself and used my sliding glass door as a mirror to check my swing. I then went to the range by myself and hoped I wouldn’t run into any of my buddies. A bucket of balls here in Incline Village, NV has about 70 balls. I hit about 60 of those balls over 200 yards and had a few slice into the fence. Well, I’m on cloud 9. I watched the video a couple more times, fast forwarding through some to your.. err, ah, humor. Went back to the range the next day and checked out 4 demo drivers from the pro shop. Armed with these good, new drivers, I was hitting the ball between 200 and 285 yards straight as an arrow. No toppers, one or two hooks and slices. Oh man, oh man. The next day, I’m off to Reno to buy my first set of clubs. Quick, back to the range the next day. And oh my God. I’m about two weeks into the golf drill, and I’m hitting 85 to 90% of my shots straight and my drives are going 250+ yards in the air. I am stoked! Irons were working perfectly too.

About a week later, I ran into Bobby at the driving range ( I still had not been on a golf course yet). It was about 3pm, and very few players were on the course. Bobby is a 25 year golfer, and a pretty good player. Bobby said hey you want to try to get in 9 holes? I can get us on free. Sure. On the No. 1 tee, I out drove Bobby using my 4 iron. He used a 3 wood. Beginner’s luck? Every hole, I’m hitting longer and straighter than Bobby . Then, I made a par on the 615 yard hole. Bobby is laughing his head off at how well I’m doing as he knows how new I am to golf. How long you been playin? Impossible. You must have played when you were a kid or some time. Nope. Bobby admitted that he takes about 10 lessons a year from the local pros. Why I asked. I donno, I just like to tweak my swing. So, I’m dumping all the Jim McLellan philosophy on him I could remember. He may change his ways as to lessons after my data dump.

About a week later, I was out with Kent, Larry and his wife Janelle. Kent is 58, and has been playing golf since he was eight. Fifty years! And, it showed. Beautiful swing and deadly accuracy. On the first tee, I was major nervous because I barely knew Larry and Janelle and didn’t know Kent at all. I did poorly on No. 1, hitting two balls into the woods. On hole 2 through 4, I out drove Kent and got on the green in regulation. Kent turned his back on me after my drive on No. 4 that beat his by 30 yards (approx 280 yd drive). He turned to Larry and said, “I think this guy’s a liar”. There’s no way in hell he can out drive me having played only 4 weeks. He can say he’s never played before all day, but I think its bullshit. Kind of hurt my feelings, but the joy of seeing the ball fly makes up for it. The rest of the 14 holes were miserable, because I felt like Kent was going to insult me again. He didn’t, he was very good company, but I couldn’t enjoy myself.

So, Jim, you’ve made a liar out of me. I can’t tell people I’ve only been playing golf for a couple of months, or they turn on me. 😉

Now, if that isn’t enough, I went back to you web site, and read about the SwingRite with the clicking and popping. Bought it, and practiced with it just before going to the range. I was amazed. My swing seemed slower, but with more wrist and the ball flew. It was so satisfying to FEEL that snap using the irons. I haven’t got it yet with the driver. I still think I’m putting too much effort into my drive. It doesn’t look as smooth and relaxed as yours. But, “ball go far”!

The irons were a joy to hit after using the SwingRite. I’m making it snap on 3 1/2 to 4. Below 3, I feel like I’m swinging just to make it snap, without regard to good form. Below 3, I feel like I’m throwing the SwingRite more downward to get the snap, rather than swinging in an arc. Each day, its gets a little easier to get a snap around the 2 1/2 area without feeling like I’m forcing it.

I’ve probably said too much, but as you can tell, I’m practically giddy about being able to keep up with my friends out on the course. My short game needs work, but my friends don’t have to endure me topping the ball or hitting houses with hooks or slices.

The nicest thing anyone’s said to me so far came from my friend Steve. He said “I’ve never seen anyone pick up golf as fast as you have in the 30 years I’ve been playing”.

I really don’t know how to thank you for what you’ve done for me. I realize golf is just a pastime, but I’m hooked, now that I can hit the ball so well. I have you to thank. And, I thank you, very much.

I thought you’d appreciate my story, because I still can’t quite believe it’s happening.

Thank you Jim. You are amazing!

Very warm regards,

John L. Sullivan, Portfolio Manager
Incline Villiage, Nevada

Dear Jim,

Before I purchased your video I was considering giving up the game of golf. I had watched other video’s and taken lessons with no positive results. One video I purchased by a well known golfer and now commentator, analyzed the vector and plane movements of the golf swing and how I should apply this complex and idoitic analysis to my swing. Some of the lessons I have taken had my body in such unnatural and uncomfortable positions I wondered how I could ever master them. I wonder if Michael Jordan’s basketball game could be improved if he ran a vector analysis of his approach to the net or turned his left shoulder in 10% on his free throws. I was so frustrated I was ready to give up the game. It just couldn’t be that difficult. I ordered your video and for the first time I understand what makes a great golf swing and exactly what I need to do to improve my game. I am having fun on the course using your simple and natural approach. Your video is fun to watch and I actually laugh out loud while watching it. Your delivery is entertaining and right on the mark. Thanks Jim for helping me enjoy the game of golf.

Barry Davis
St. Charles,


I purchased your DVD’s and McSwinger in August just gone. Two months previously i was searching the internet looking for help, viewed many sites, yours being one of them. Initially I was put off by your site. It seemed cluttered with information and for some reason i didnt like the fact that i could not see your face fully. (You get REALLY picky after you have viewed 150 sites, overloaded with information and knowing there are rip off merchants everywhere) I stopped looking. But something in your site I read made a lot of common sense and kept coming back to me above all other sites (and they were endless). It was the “grooving of the swing” talk that made me take a chance with your product, it just made sense. A letter accompanied your product on arrival. “The McLellan Golf DVD will make a BIG difference to your game”

Jim, thats an understatement. Thanks again. If you told me the world was flat I would believe you at this stage.

Trevor Baker, 38
Western Australia

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Who would you rather receive instruction from?

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I would take every lesson for the rest of my life from Jim McLellan. I watch Jim McLellan’s Golf Videos a couple of times a week and it’s amazing every time I see them. I’ve been playing for 10 months and can shoot in the low 80’s and shot my lowest score of 76 not long ago at Torrey Pines North. Maybe I’m a freak of nature but if you see his tapes and how simple he makes the golf swing look you will understand a little better. I suggest you to try it at and you won’t regret it.

Duane Rougeau
San Diego, CA

Hi Jim,

About 6 years ago, in 2001, I took up the game of golf and I realized from the very beginning I had no idea what I was doing. So I started to look on the web for something to point me in the right direction and I found your web site and ordered your videos. And so I sent you an email after that to thank you and to let you know how much you really helped.

It took me about a year to break 90 and about 2 years to break into the 70’s and now I consistently shoot in the 70’s. However, like every one else I have my bad days, but that’s usually because of stiffness and old bones. And just a side note, I don’t play a lot, maybe 2 to 3 times a month, sometimes more if I’m lucky.

I have been asked many times about my swing and I usually respond by telling them about your video. And now my nephew is interested in playing, so I am going to order him a copy of your videos so he can start out on the right foot.

So I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks Jim!

Bruce Hughes, 51
Computer Technician
Sunnyvale, California

Hi, Jim–

Just wanted to give you a progress report! I’ve been very busy the last month or so and haven’t had time to actually play golf. During that time, however, I’ve used the McSwinger daily and managed to get by the practice range to hit a few balls. Yesterday was my first full round in 5 weeks.

I hit every fairway and missed only 1 green. That miss was just off on the collar. I made 3 birdies, 13 pars, 1 bogey (3 putt) and 1 double bogey-for a round of even par! I literally had 7 other birdie opportunities under 10 feet that I missed. I need to concentrate more on putting, I guess, although the greens had just been aerated and were not at all true.

My drives are averaging 270 and I’ve developed a lot of confidence in my swing. I have to give credit where credit is due. Your straightforward and simple approach to the golf swing has obviously had an enormous impact on my game and my enjoyment of it.I don’t even think at all now about mechanics.I just line up correclty and swing the club. All I think about now is keeping my head still, hands high back and through, and allowing the ball to get in the way of the club instead of trying to hit the ball hard. My tempo is great, and I’m far less tired after playing.

I’ll be turning 50 this week. I’m hitting the golf ball now better than I have at any other time in my life.

Needless to say, your tapes and the McSwinger have been paid for several times over! Thanks for everything!

Mack Duffey
VP Investment Services

Dear Jim:

I am not prone to send message of support, nor have I ever bought a golf video before. However, I bought your DVD as a Christmas present for myself. It is hands down the best thing I have done for my golf game. I live in Utah and the weather in December, January, and part of February is not conducive to playing golf every day. Needless to say, it was not hard to avoid hitting balls for two to three weeks after getting your videos.

I have played five times this month and I can’t believe the difference. I have hit more drives over 300 yards and iron shots are more accurate and longer than since I was in college. Even early in the golf season, I am hitting it longer and straighter than in mid season. I am so excited about the change in my game. Today alone, I hit my driver six times with 1 over 320, 1 over 300, and the rest between 240 and 280. I was one club longer in my irons and most importantly, confident over the ball. Thank you for your video and teaching style. My game is back.

Michael Nelson, 39, Sales
Mapleton, Utah


I am another victim of golf information overload… but I bought your videos anyhow… I am hitting the ball better than ever!!!! I am NOT trying to put down the other products, but I have spent so much money on golf instruction, golf videos, and training aids… and barely breaking 100. Thanks for keeping it simple… you gave so many great tips… my favorite is “…eliminate the ball…” when I just set up and swing towards the target and “accidentally” hit the ball, it goes exactly where I swing the clubhead… I just ordered the Swing Rite… I want to be able to crush the ball, with little effort… just like you… I will keep you informed… Thanks again.

Feel free to post my letter.

Best regards,

Trung Nguyen, DO
Emergency medicine physician
Tyler, Texas

Thanks Jim,

Being and aging ex-college basketball player that is still ultra-competitive and in need of an outlet to vent that was not so tough on the ankles and knees, I chose to take up golf two years ago. I took the same mindset into golf that I took into basketball. Work harder and be stronger than the rest and I should be successful. Needless to say, I wasn’t. I stayed in the upper 90’s and lower 100’s. That mentality and lack of immediate success led to frustration and forced me to look for “proper instruction at the local public course. BIG MISTAKE. After pounding hundreds if not thousands of balls daily, I finally tore a tendon in my right elbow. I was seriously considering giving up this game that “appeared” to be too complex. But, I had it surgically repaired and ordered your video during the rehab time. What a difference! 4 months after surgery I’m consistently in the low to mid-80’s. No swing thoughts. No complicated grip or mechanical swing progression. Pure joy! I now have a smooth, effortless, and painless swing that my partners can not believe. I was not only able to get rid of that embarrassing slice but now I can fade and draw on demand. Going driver wedge on most par 4’s is awesome! What a difference! I kept the source of my breakthrough quiet for about two months and have finally acquiesced to their insistent badgering for the “secret” to my turn-around. You will be receiving several orders for both of your videos this weekend.

Dan Mikals, 40
Sales Manager
Mansfield, Texas

P.S. My 12 year old son & 10 year old daughter have taken to it quicker than I had and they are having FUN! Amazing how straight they can hit right out of the box.


What can I say but WOW!

After 9 years of being overwhelmed with “swing thoughts”, “power drills”, and pure lunacy; I just came back from the finest practice session I have ever had in my life!

Oh those poor masses who will never trully know the JOY of Smoooothly swinging the clubs and effoooortlesslllly striping the ball down the fairway…

I must confess Jim, that I was hard headed and it took many dozens of viewing the DVD to finally get the fact you REALLY do mean that the swing is supposed to be easy, effortless, and very much repeatable with every club.

I fought your “forward press” the most; and as irony would have it, it’s really the entire key for triggering a smooth and effortless swing with every club. What an incredible JOY to not have to think about trying to “hit the ball” anymore.

Case in point: My 10 year old son, Jacob loves going with me to the range and has had a problem with lifting the club forever! I showed him the forward press and WHAM! He’s’ smacking his 7 iron 130 yards, and his 3 wd 160 straight down the range with a swing that, dare I say, looks like yours! I couldn’t believe it…. (We BOTH had so much fun together jumping around like little kids….).

Also, there was this guy trying to KILL his driver and swinging out of his shorts to do it, and I was outdriving him with my smoooooooth, effortless swing; man was that cool!

Thank you for REFUSING to cave in to the lords of the PGA to promote their propaganda. Your videos should be mandatory instruction for all golfers, and maybe we’d get rounds of golf under 3 hours…

I’m sure you aren’t hearing anything new here, but I just wanted to provide my two cents towards confirming your genius. I now know I can go and PLAY golf because of my highly effortless and smooooooooth swing. I am very thankful I purchased your DVD and didn’t give up the game I enjoy so much.

Best of success with your program, and please feel free to use this as you see fit.


John Reisinger, 35
Direct Mail Consultant
Jacob Reisinger, 10
Brentwood, CA

Dear Jim,

I have never submitted a testimonial in my life. Always thought of them as
kind of corny & fake to be honest about it. Well, here is one testimonial
that is not only well-deserved but also necessary in my view.

Your video is just plain dynamite, sir! Here I am, a 67 year-old guy who
has played golf on a regular basis for 45 years, read all the magazine tips,
watched my share of videos, bought “how to” books beginning with Hogan’s
“Power Golf,” “Hogan’s 5 lessons,” looked at “Tips From The Experts” on TV ,
and searched the rest of the Universe for help with my golf swing. Not much
improvement could be attributed to the that information.

I happened on to your web-site, and found your articles very entertaining.
Down-to-earth, and just wreaking of common sense, I thought, “What the heck,
the guy’s just like me. I’ll get the videos. One more look can’t hurt.” Am I
ever glad I did!!

The instruction is so simple, so understandable, and so easy to implement
that therein lies the problem. We average golfers have been so brainwashed
with the idea that a good repeatable golf swing only belongs to a special
few, that positions, and mechanics, and launch angles, and swing speeds, and
releases, and elbows, knees, shoulders, hips, wrists, and nostrils for all
I know must all be in certain physical symmetry in order to develop enough
consistancy to have fun playing the greatest game ever invented, that a
“three faceted golf swing” becomes totally unimaginable. Not so, my friends,
not so!!

Jim, I have watched your video so many times that I can turn the video off
(I know it practically by heart) just watch you swing a golf club, copy it,
and move the ball better than I have ever moved it in my life. I never
realized how much influence my “hat” had on my swing.

When I watched you obey the order “hook!” or “slice!” at the top of your
wind-up, I made up my mind then and there that I was going to be able to
accomplish that move. Yes, sir, I can effect the shot about 80% of the time
now. Talk about a confidence builder!

The hardest part for me was to refrain from using a ball for the two weeks,
as you suggest. I believe swinging without the ball is the key to the whole

Feel free to use my “epistle” (geez, I didn’t realize how long it was!) as
you see fit.

I owe you an awful lot more than what you charged me for the videos.

The shot that shows a rear shot of you walking merrily along taking only a
second or two to make the shot is absolutely priceless.
I would not only reccommend your video to all who play this wonderful game,
I would not be without it.

Thank you so much, Jim.

Jonathan “J.P.” Jones
Shanghai, China

Okay Jim, Let talk turkey,

I went to your site, I read everything you said, and all the testimonials, and I fell for it hook, line & sinker. One week ago I ordered your DVD, and the McSwinger, and the SwingRite. I watched the first part all week, swung the McSwinger 3 times a week, and the SwingRite every day, plus swung a club every day once or twice for 10-15 minutes. I even video taped myself to see if I was doing it right. Hands a little higher, okay, I can do that. Fuller backswing, yeah, I can do that too. Head moving a little, keep it still, yeah, that’s better. So today I decided to run out to the range to see if I could see any difference. Yeah, I know, I should have waited another couple of weeks, but I had to know. Were you right, or was I just another sucker?

I pulled out my 3 wood and topped the first ball…hmmmm, must have moved my head. I sliced the second ball….let’s see, roll the hands over a little more. (I did cheat and watch the 2nd half of the DVD one time) Then I hit one long and straight, I mean out there. Then another one, and then another. If I mis-hit it slightly, I said to myself, don’t try to hit the ball, make that beautiful swing. Good backswing, hands high, head still, full finish, hands still high. Not too bad. Not all perfect, but when I hit it wrong, I finally knew what to do to fix it.

Okay, 3 wood was good, but I could always hit that club well, how about the driver? Pulled it out, teed it up, hit it long, high and straight. Then did it again. About that time a big bruiser of a guy lined up in the spot next to me with a driver he was testing and started blasting balls out there about 290-310 yards. I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention, just kept hitting balls out there straight and far, keeping that swing fresh in my mind. Then I noticed that the other guy and I had gotten into a rhythm. He would hit one way out there, then I would hit one almost as far. (I am 5’ 7” and weigh about 175; this guy was about 6’ 2” and weighed maybe 220) He would stick one out there around the 300 yard mark, then I would blast one out to around 280-285. First him, then me. We just kept hitting one after another. Oh, not every one was perfect, his or mine, but when I faded it too far right, I corrected it. When I wanted it to go farther, I thought about the SwingRite and tried to make it click in the impact zone.

On the last 2 balls I purposely tried to fade the ball, which I do naturally, so no problem. Then I decided to try to hook it, and you guessed it, no problem.

Jim, I have been playing golf for about 25 years, could play in the mid to low 80’s when I was younger, took quite a few years off, then got back into it a couple of years ago. Now I struggle to break 90, and sometime to break 100. But FINALLY, FINALLY I know what I am doing wrong, and I can actually correct the problems. All I can say is “Thank You, Jim.” I promise to buckle down and practice all winter, because I cannot wait to see the looks on the faces of my playing partners in the spring when I am blasting shot after shot straight and true and break 80, which I know I will do.

By the way, my uncle taught me that forward press trick about 35 years ago, and I had used it up until the last few years, then quit doing it for some reason, probably some dumb advice from a golf magazine. Thanks for reminding me of it. Feel free to publish this on your site. And for any of you guys reading this and wondering if it is all a load of #$%^, take my word for it, this simple yet beautiful swing works, and it easy to remember. Thanks again, Jim. I’ll be ordering that driver of yours as soon as I break 90 in the spring.

Jeffrey Marker, age 51
Computer Networking
Greensboro, NC


I am 35 years old, I started playing Golf 2 years ago and I immediately was obsessed by the game. I spent as much time as possible on the driving range and on the golf course. I took 25 lessons, bought 5 golf videos, bought numerous books about golf, hit thousands of balls on the driving range and played 70 rounds of golf. The result?

My short game was ok and my putting was good. The only problem with my short game was topping the ball too often. My real problem were my long shots. They were terrible – I was frustrated. My average score was 120. My best round ever was 104.

I tried to improve by practicing on the driving range, by watching golf videos, by reading, by imitating single handicap players and by watching pros in slow motion. I did everything but I was overwhelmed and … I GOT WORSE!

Two years of hard work did not lead to decent golf. I had failed and I was looking for a solution. I looked in the internet. I typed “perfect golf swing” in GOOGLE and found your site. When I ordered your videos I actually felt a bit stupid – how could a video help me after 25 golf lessons and 5 other videos had failed?

Finally your video and the SwingRite arrived. I followed your suggestions to the letter. I watched your first video and swung my clubs and the SwingRite every day. I video-taped myself and I saw that I was not doing what I thought I was. Even after one week my head was moving on the backswing and my backswing position was not ok. My swing and my finish looked great though.

I continued to swing the clubs every day. After ten days I finally managed to keep my head still. I watched part one and two of your video every night and I swung my club every evening. I was happy because I did not have to drive to the driving range or the golf course. While spending less time and money I felt that swinging the clubs became something natural – I definitely improved.

Your video gave me clear instructions and valuable tips I had not found anywhere in such quality. Before, I never managed to put my hands on the club in a way that felt comfortable. Before, I had no feel for a good rhythm, for the right grip pressure, for a good top of the backswing position. Before, I thought that a backswing had to create great discomfort and tension. Using your fantastic method I finally felt what it means to SWING a golf club. In your video you gave me confidence and a clear and simple path to follow.

After three weeks of swinging the clubs I went to the driving range for the first time. At first it felt strange to have a golf ball in front of me. Most of the shot were straight and all of them were long. In the beginning some of the balls were “pulls” and way left of the target but soon they were all straight. I was amazed that I did not have to “control” anything. I just swung the clubs which is very relaxing and the results were better then ever! I even managed to draw the ball using your tip in Volume II.

After 4 weeks I started with your program I played my first round of golf – 9 holes in extremely cold rain. I had to wear three jackets and I had to use a carry bag because the turf was soaked with water. I went on the round with just a 5-wood, a 7-iron, a 9-iron, a sand wedge and a putter. My shots off the tee with the 5-wood landed where my driver shots would normally land. Almost all shots were straight.


You offer a fantastic video describing a fantastic, easy-to-use and absolutely complete method. No other information is necessary. A video camera is very useful when using your method. The SwingRite is fun to “whip” and swing. I feel that your method will enable me to improve my golf game even during the long swiss winter when golf courses are closed and most driving ranges close at sunset.

I want everybody to know what your video did for me and it would be great if you posted my letter as a testimonial:

I received your videos and the SwingRite four weeks ago. I love your video! Besides being funny and having a great golf swing you have a special gift: to teach and to explain. You really open your heart and brain in order to teach your golf swing. You are the best instructor in the world!

That is my story – the story of an absolutely untalented golfer:

I am sure that your method works for everybody – nobody is less gifted for golf than I am. I wish I had found your video two years earlier. For two years I went the wrong way – taking too much advice from books and videos of famous teachers and golf players (including Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods, David Leabetter, …).

To all suffering golfers: Get this video, get the SwingRite and practice exactly the way Jim suggests for three weeks and you will see a great improvement!

Markus Schaldach, Electronics Engineer
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.


Hello Jim,

Recently purchased your tapes. Before I followed your instructions I had been in a slump for about 4 to 6 weeks………couldn’t get the clubface on the damn ball.

I implemented two of the tips from your tapes and entered a Sr. tournament and was low in my age group (50-59)shooting 75 and 71 (that’s one under!).

Have you considered a video of just your swing repeating over and over – similar to the shots of you hitting the series of balls ? Damn, your swing is a beautiful thing to behold !!

Mike Orcutt,
Field Services for Office Furniture Manufacturer
Topton, PA


Over the years, I have shown your videos to many of my friends and they all agree how much you have helped thier game. Five of my friends (at least) have ordered your videos and, like me, watch them over and over to solve swing problems. I am ordering the video/McSwinger for a girlfriend of mine who has just taken up golf and taken three lessons from a “pro”. I do not know who this guy is teaching her but I have never seen a stranger address or swing in my life. After talking with me, she is excited to receive her new videos/McSwinger. I tell her all the time, you make the swing easy not soooo complicated.

After viewing your tapes so many times I felt as though I was talking to my neighbor next door!! You really are the guy on the tape, easy going and very genuine. I spoke with the friend of mine who took the lessons and had the bizarre address at the ball. First of all she was embarrassed that she had such a bad set up and swing but it just made her want your videos even more. After I told her of your web site she viewed the perfect swing clip “18 million times”. I was purchasing the McSwinger for her ( I already own one) as a surprize (she is BRAND NEW to golf) but after letting her in on our phone conversation I let her know about it and she is even more excited. I am trying to expand my game and that is why I have purchased the McThunder and SwingRite for myself.

I went out last Sunday after watching you videos (yes,again) and parred the first two threes I faced. For the first time, I borrowed a driver to use and I did o.k. Believe it or not the common belief is unless you are an accomplised golfer, do not use a driver as “you will not be able to control it”. Funny thing….I swung it just like my other clubs and I do not have any problem “controlling” it!! I wish I had learned of The McGolf School 20 years ago. I am self employed and extremely busy, to get better I just have to get out more and play. I already have all of the info. I need.

While I am sure you get an incredible number of testimonials, they are just the tip of the ice berg. Please know you have touched numerous people who are very greatful to you for your teachings. You make the game of golf a “game” again which is something to be enjoyed, not analized and depressed about. Again thank you.

Matthew Lowe, Plumbing Contractor
Newton, Mass.

Hi Jim,

Actually I bought your videos over a year ago and have almost worn them out. That’s why I’m ordering the DVD this time–your swing is that mesmerizing! And it will be mine as well!

Since I’ve been developing my swing your way, I’ve averaged in the low 80s with a few rounds in the 70s with a personal best of 73 (par 72 on a championship course in a competition).

I am confident that these scores will become the norm more consistently in the future, with a little patience.You have made a world of difference to my enjoyment of the game already. I no longer buy books and magazines on golf, as I have found what I’ve been looking for all these years…the perfect swing!

Thanks again Jim!

Mike Dunn
Dubbo, Australia

PS,I would be pleased if you chose to include this in your testimonials.

PPS, Recieved my dvd and mcSwinger(it’s much much better than the other weighted clubs I’ve trialed before,well balanced)…I’m impressed!

I’m also very grateful for the super-efficient service and delivery,especially to the other side of the globe.

Mike in Oz.

Jim–I just got your video and wanted to say thank you. I watched it yesterday and practiced for about an hour at my house. I have only been playing for 3 weeks now and before your video I was driving only about 150 yards and pulling most my balls to the left, not hooking them just pulling them to the left about 35 degrees off my target. I went to the driving range and I am exstatic. I am no pro but I am doing way better I am actually connecting and hitting the ball 250 yards a difference in 100 yards. From one hour of practice I would say that is an awesome improvement. Today I hit about 40% down the middle 30% hooking to the right and 30% topping them. That is also a huge improvement, before I was topping about 50%. The great thing is that I know what to do different and how to improve. Before I would hit it good and bad and not really know what to change. Now I know exactly what to do thanks for the certainty it is making golf way more fun.

Thanks Again-

Neil Kuhlmann, Chiropractor
Santa Cruz, California

P.S. at this rate I will be going pro in about a year 😉

To: Jim McLellan

My wife and I started playing golf 3 years ago at the tender age of 41 and 52 respectively. We didn’t know where to start. Most of the instructors you see on the Golf Channel and in magazines made the swing and game seem almost beyond anyone’s reach (or desire) to comprehend.

After doing some research, I decided to purchase Jim McLellan’s two video tape series, and use Jim as our “personal instructor”.

The fact that the lessons are repeatable and much less expensive than a personal instructor, along with Jim’s reputation for keeping things simple, seemed to make it a much better choice.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions we could have made. We did not expect the simplicity, humor and professionalism these tapes contained. Jim takes away the confusion and reduces the “15-step swing mechanics” other pros try and teach, to a simple and repeatable method.

And he’s there to answer questions and help you along every step of the way, via email, just like a personal trainer.

There are no comparisons. Jim McLellan is the best. Thank you Jim, for giving us the opportunity to play this game, and to play it so well. My wish is to be able to meet you some day and thank you in person.

Frank J. Monteleone
Vice President
Facility Services/Procurement
Hudson, FL

Mr. McLellan,

Just wanted to thank you for the prompt service. I also wanted to tell you that I am extremely pleased with the McSwinger and DVD. I originally ordered the VHS tape set but getting the DVD just gave me an excuse to buy a new DVD player so that was a blessing in disguise.

The video was tremendously informative and entertaining. I’ve been having a really hard time trying to develop and groove a golf swing and I’ve tried numerous books and videos, all supposedly offering the holy grail. Your video is the first that is simple and sensible enough for me to feel 100% confident in learning my own golf swing. It dawned on me that you shouldn’t have to think about the golf swing in order to do it properly so I searched the Internet until I found a teacher that held that same simple yet fundamental belief; I felt that if I found an instructor that believed as I believed, learning the golf swing would be a simple task. Man, it’s good to be right 🙂 I’ll keep you updated on my progress and I wish you continued success.


Julio Gonzalez
Davie, Florida

Dear Mr. McLellan

I have been struggling with the dreaded “Golf Information Overload” monster for a long time. I subscribed to Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and Golf Tips Magazine. I would look at the Golf Channel online for more tips. As you already guessed, my golf game went South quickly. I am not sure why the public is bombarded with such an overload of information. Are golf pros scared that if they make the golf game look too simple that they won’t get any students? I think it is a conspiracy. Make the game seem so complicated so that more people keep coming back. I know golf isn’t as easy as playing checkers but it’s not as complicated as open heart surgery.

I found your website by mistake and when I saw your swing I said now that is what the swing is all about. I think someone who had never seen a golf swing could see yours and say the same thing. It is like non musicians who can tell if something is not quite in tune. What I like so much about what you have to say is that you make it simple and concise. I received your videos about a week ago and have been doing nothing but swinging a club in my back yard about 20 minutes per day. In about three weeks I will go to the driving range and start applying what you say on your videos.

I want to thank you so much for creating such incredible golf instruction videos. Your sense of humor is something I could relate with. I was rolling with laughter when I saw the Goob bit.

“Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd……

David Arbelaez
Belmont, California

Dear Jim,

I’m having great success with the tapes. I’m 36 years old, have been playing on and off since I was a kid, and usually shoot somewhere in the high 80’s to low 90’s. I had taken a couple of years off from the game, then really jumped in the past 2 years ago with regular lessons and practice. My fundamentals were getting pretty good, but I was still frustrated. My swing was too slow and mechanical, and I had a million things in my head. I’m a lawyer, and a researcher at heart, and I’ve unfortunately digested just about everything about the golf swing. That’s been the problem!

I decided to try a totally different approach and started using your tapes in the last week of March. I practised alot, and waited 3 weeks before hitting any balls. I really tried to discipline myself to “forget everything I know” and to practice swinging without thinking. This was a real leap of faith for me.

When I went to the range for the first time, I was hitting screamers to the right,

but I stayed the course. I went back to what you said on the tapes and realized I

was trying to control the swing a bit too much. I was “swinging the handle” and getting into positions, instead of just letting it happen. So I tried to just loosen it up, and that helped.

I kept at it for the next several weeks – swinging the club in the yard, using the practise drills in the first video. I kept watching the tapes to get a mental image of the swing I was copying and to let your swing philosophy kind of soak in. And I videotaped myself. That helped — I could see that I was still a bit too slow on the backswing. Not as free and loose as your swing.

Once a week I’d go to the driving range and my results were getting pretty good. My head was getting steadier and my swing felt bigger and more fluid. Two waggles and then I’d swing. I felt like those pros on TV. I was hitting some great shots, but still a few really bad ones that worried me.

Last week I took my game on the course for the first time (I’m from Canada, remember — it’s taken this long for the snow to melt!). I was hitting some really nice shots, but I still had those occasional shots that were really bad – -would ruin the hole. I was moving my head, obviously, but I felt there had to be something more. The bad swings were nothing like my good ones without a ball. Somewhere in the middle of my “swing” I was trying to “hit it”.

I played back the tapes in my head and a light went on:

“eliminate the ball” — try to “not see it” as much as possible

You can’t think about 2 things (“a great swing” and “hit the ball”) at the same time.

“I’m going to give it my best swing”. If it doesn’t go how I want, SO WHAT, but I’m going to give it a chance…”

I started to play where my ONLY focus was to make the smoothest swing possible. I just tried to make every swing the smoothest and best I had ever made. And I thought a bit about keeping a steady head but nothing else.

I started to hit great shot after great shot. It continued on the driving range afterwards, and it’s continued over the past week. I’ve never struck the ball so far, so straight, and so consistently, and it seems effortless. When I get it going good, I can even draw and fade the ball nicely.

The same approach is working with my short game. On chips and pitches, when I set out to make each swing the smoothest I’ve ever made, and make the results secondary, I’m more consistent than I’ve ever been. And I love the fact that I get to use the same swing on every shot, even the bunker shots.

Jim, after playing golf for years I can’t believe that I’ve made such a huge improvement in a matter of weeks. I’ve read so much about golf that I could teach a university course on the positions in the swing. As a lawyer, I’m paid to ask critical questions. Yet I’ve found every answer I need in your videos. If you just keep practising and playing them, they really do work wonders. With a million thanks,

Mark Doucet, attorney Calgary Canada

Hello Mr. McLellan

This semester, I took a beginners golf course to fulfill my phys-ed requirement. I didn’t take it just to fulfill the requirement, but also because I really wanted to learn how to play. Besides, isn’t that the real corporate boardroom in this country.

The semester comes to an end tomorrow and I was researching golf articles to write a 2 -3 page paper on and I came across several of yours and I just want to say…YOU ARE A GOD!!!

I go through the same thing every time I get to the range. I get to the tee, I hit the first ball or two BEAUTIFULLY!! As I kid myself and say that I could be a pro, that’s when I start to make my mistakes. I find myself thinking TOO MUCH after the first two hits. I think “Wow, that was great, how did I do that?” Then before the next swing I stand there and think “OK, slight bend in the knees, don’t bend left arm, look at the ball, turn from the hips and not the knees, don’t slide your right foot back on your follow through, right elbow, right pocket, etc. etc…” and then I swing and I miss, or I slice or I send it 20 feet or knock the tee out from underneath and never touch the damn ball!!! Then the rest of my time at the range I am frustrated because I can’t copy the first two hits I did. NOW I KNOW WHY!! Because I didn’t think about them, I just did it! Even though when the instructor sees those beautiful hits he tries to correct a good thing because my swing is kind of akward….but it works when I am not thinking about the mechanics of it.

I can’t tell you how much I wish I would’ve read your articles BEFORE I took this class. That way I would’ve shut my instructor out and just got up there and did it. After all, everybody is different and everyone is going to swing differently. You do what works for you. I feel an incredible weight lifted off my shoulders. From now on, no more thinking….just hit it.

Thank you so much,

Heather Garrett
Plano, Texas

Dear Jim,

I want to thank you and applaud your efforts. Your two tape set, does a fantastic job of getting around the complicated methods that so many “golf gurus” embrace and hide behind.

With your coaching and insight I have been able to take my score down from a high of 118 this year to a low of 81. And currently I am consistently hitting in the mid to low 80’s thanks to your help.

Just to give you a little background on myself. I started playing golf again this year after about a twenty-year layoff. As with many just jumping back into the game I went out and bought some new clubs and hit the driving range. To my surprise I was hitting the ball fairly well with a slight fade (and good distance). Which was my normal ball flight of many years ago. I thought I’m on my way back!

With the season fast approaching one of my close friends suggested to me that I should take a couple of lessons. His reasoning being that with such a long layoff it couldn’t hurt. Taking his advice I contacted a local PGA Pro for lessons. After the first lesson he had changed everything that I was doing and had learned in the past. Reasoning to myself, maybe I was doing “it” all wrong and so I followed his advice.

Now before my next lesson I hit the range several times. Each of these times with none of the success I had prior to my lesson. What was at one time a nice consistent fade turned into consistent slices. You know, not the slice that you can get at the local Pizzeria, but those awful shots that head dramatically to the right side of the course. What was I doing wrong? I followed the “pros” advice to the letter.

It was time now for my second lesson. I explained to the “pro” what was going on with my ball flight. He went on to say that he was trying to get my swing more in line as to what was in use today on the “tour”. And that the swing I came to him with was “dated”? I thought to myself did Jack and Johnny do it wrong as well? Well again this man is a professional and I’ll take his advice.

Now after the second lesson I go out to practice again. I can barely hit the ball now! There are 30+ swing thoughts running through my head??? What’s going on, I’m ball bound and very inconsistent.

First round of the year with a good friend of mine is here. We hit the links and I totally embarrass myself with a score of 118! I never shot higher than a 110 in my entire life. After the round he asks, did I take any lessons? I had all to do to stop myself from strangling him!

That night I head out into the backyard with my two sons to take a few practice swings. My oldest son watches me take some shots. He then announces to his younger brother that Dad swung the club better before his lessons! What’s he doing? Out of the mouths of babes, he was right.

The problem now is how do I capture my old swing? I’ve been practicing for almost 2 months with all these new swing thoughts running through my head. And try as I might I just could still barely hit the ball with these thoughts. What do I do now?

Well I guess you can figure it out from here. As I stumbled one night across a golf discussion board on the Internet. There was a gentleman that had posted about his success with Jim McLellans’ Perfect Swing. Well quicker than a jackrabbit on a date I ordered up the tapes and followed the methods to the letter.

About a month and a half later my swing is starting to get there. With my scores now right in the mid to low 80’s and I am very happy. With some work on my chipping and pitching and can go lower!

So thank you Jim, for pulling me from the grip of those “professional” and into your no nonsense method!

Best Regards,

Walter.B. Jabs
Great River, NY

Dear Jim,

This is a long overdue letter of thanks. And please feel free to post it on your testimonial page.

I bought your videos about a year or so ago, thinking “this guy seems to have a back-to-basics, by-the-numbers approach”, and I was right.

Folks, if the thought of peppering a ball long and straight TERRIFIES you, as it did me for ages, believe me, Jim’s videos are the way to go.

I followed your instructions, Jim, on the tapes and in the “owner’s manual” you included. It wasn’t long before I was able to put a dependable swing on any club, and I mean ANY club.

Tee shots are a joy, because I DON’T SLICE THEM ANYMORE (thank you!).

Fairway shots are a joy, because THEY GO WHERE THEY ARE AIMED (it’s easier than you think. Again, thank you!).

Can you imagine hitting a wedge to the green AND IT STICKS (and sometimes spins back a bit! Thank you, thank you!).

I may not be able to drive the ball like a tour pro, but I hit nothing but fairways and greens. This brings the mental part of the game into play, and folks, THAT’S when you’re playing golf.

If you want to hack it around the course, save the money. If you want to hit a ball straight and far, time after time, order these videos today. Today. Yes, you can shoot pars. Yes, you can have makeable birdies. Invest in Jim’s videos today. You’ll be so happy. I watch them several times a week. THEY WORK.

If I can learn to do it, YOU can learn to do it!

Thanks again, Jim! It’s an overused golf phrase, but in your case it fits — “You da MAN!”

Kind regards,

Brule Eagan
San Benito, Texas

Unbelievable – Incredible – Fantastic. Just a few of the adjectives I can use to describe how I feel about discovering your golf video – “The Perfect Swing” . Prior to discovering “The Perfect Swing”, my golf game had gone from average to pathetic. I was totally frustrated and ready to give up golf completely. I was contemplating investing $150 on golf lessons when I came across your web site. I thought your approach may just be another fad or gimmick but I liked your philosophy and attitude. I purchased the video along with the McSwinger training club (for less than the golf lessons). What I learned from the video in a short time changed my game from pathetic to very respectable. And, I’m continuing to improve. Best of all, I’m enjoying the game and having fun!

Jim, you have done a great job of simplifying the mechanics of the golf swing. All my previous research and lessons left me frustrated and confused (as well as a lousy golfer). After only a couple of weeks, not only has my swing improved significantly but if I do make a less than perfect shot, I understand the “why” and correct it. The other great thing about having all this on video is that I can watch it over and over anytime.

Thanks for taking all the mumbo-jumbo, physics jargon and gobbledygook and turning it into three simple, easy to follow rules. It works!

Steve Gulock Farmington Hills, MI

Dear Jim,

I could not wait another second to e-mail you. Your tapes are absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!! You probably don’t remember me, but I do not think I will ever forget you. I have only been playing golf for about three months, taking I can’t tell you how many lessons. The more I took, the worse I got. My boyfriend, about three weeks ago, purchased some very expensive clubs for me. I was in a state of frenzy. Here he bought me these clubs and I couldn’t play for crutch. (LOVED THE GAME FROM DAY ONE – WISH I TOOK IT UP A LONG TIME AGO) That was when I called you. I reached your answering machine and not more than 5 minutes later I received a call from you, ordered the tapes and waited patiently (well not really) for their arrival. When I received the tapes, I did exactly what you said, practice, practice, practice. It did not take long (about 10 days) I now have that BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS GOLF SWING!!!! I Went to the golf course yesterday for the first time in two weeks. A good friend of ours owns a nine hole golf course in New Paltz. He happens to be a pro and plays in many, many tournaments. (He does very well) By the way, he never gave me a lesson. I was too intimidated to even ask him. That was also where we picked up my new clubs. So…. we get on the golf course and I am ready to hit my first drive.

(Absolutely shaking … but trying to remain very relaxed) I took my 5 wood set it up on the tee and swung that BEAUTIFUL GOLF SWING) and by God…… I hit that little ball 225 yards straight on the fairway. EVERYONE, I MEAN EVERYONE…… SAID “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GOLF SWING YOU HAVE” One woman who I played with (we do not see these people very often) has been playing for about 15 years. She shoots around 77. She said to me, ” I wish I had that golf swing!” I can go on and on. I had a GREAT DAY!!! I’m not going tell you every shot was beautiful. There were times a topped the ball, I must have picked up my hat!! or I hit the ground just before the ball, etc….. but 7 out of ten times I had the men on the golf course asking me how long I had been playing. I love it when I tell them only three months. (This was actually the fourth time on the golf course for me) I forgot to mention, I stand 5’4″ and weigh about 110 pounds. I cant believe I hit that ball 225 yards.

I got home last night and the first thing I did was put on your tape. I can’t thank you enough. I only wish you were here in New York. The next question….. I am on such a high right now, that I don’t want to spoil it. I want to ride this for a few days.. I hope you get a chance to read this e-mail and share it with anyone you would like.

P.S. I haven’t told anyone about you yet!!!! I am waiting for the right time and when they ask me HOW DID YOU GET SO GOOD AND WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BEAUTIFUL GOLF SWING? That’s when I will tell them. Jim McLellan. Thank you again!!!

Michelle Serra
New York


I am flattered that you would consider my letter, please feel free to use. I have referred several people to your site including my wife’s cousin. He is losing too much money on the golf course.

I chuckle every time I see a golf pro giving lessons and trying to correct the persons problems. I want scream out “don’t listen to them, call my guy Jim”!

Here’s my letter:

I have not played much lately, but I played on Thanksgiving day and shot an 89 from the blue tees. Your coaching has been phenominal and I look forward to improving my game this upcoming year. I have a 3 and 5 wood that are approximately 25 years old. They have a small head and are pure wood. Following your “power tip” in Volume II, I am hitting these clubs as if they were expensive titanium clubs. I get a kick out of pulling the clubs out of the bag and showing that I can crush them.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Take care,

Frank Banda
Brookeville, MD

Dear Jim:

It is with great sadness that I must report to you……that I have indeed stolen your swing!!!!!

Let me begin this story by saying that I was the ultimate skeptic in regards to your system. Having been the victim of numerous videos, training aids and various other paraphenalia, I was extremely hesitant to try another “miracle method” or solution to the elusive golf swing.

It seems that every time you open a golf magazine or turn on the Golf Channel, there is another “so called” pro or a manufacturer telling you that guarantees a “secret” or way to lower your handicap or increase your distance. I can honestly tell you from my vast experience, that 99.9 % of all these advertisements are misleading or false.

I am pleased to inform you, Mr. McLellan, that you are in the remaining .1 %.

I have been playing this game for approximately 5 years. During this time, I have been able to break 100 on occasion, but in all honesty, have made marginal improvement (at best) in my game. I had been able to establish no real consistency with my swing and my handicap had plateaued. (In fact, it seemed to be getting worse.) I could find no way to reach a “higher level” despite constant experimentation from many sources.

Then, recently, I came across your website, and I thought to myself: “Here we go again!”. Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong. I decided to take one more chance on finding a more “simpler” path to achieving a more repeatable swing, and ordered your videos.

What has happened to my game has been absolutely miraculous … put it mildly.

After receiving your videos, I tried to follow your guidelines and instructions as closely as I could. (However, I must confess……..I did watch Volume 2 slightly ahead of schedule.)

I would now like to happily report my results to you. After working with your approach and guidelines for approximately 2-3 weeks, I decided to test it out where it counted…on the course.

I have never hit the ball as purely or as accurately in my life. Every shot was crisp and effortless. When the smoke had cleared, I had shot my lowest score ever (91). (in all honesty, it could have been much lower if I had been able to putt well.) I had seen others play this “purely” before, but had never had the pleasure to experience it for myself. I then went on to shoot another 91, and then a 94 on a very difficult course. I even hit an eagle right into the hole from 150 yards!!!! (roll those forearms!!)

Since that time, I have been consistently in the 90’s, and my handicap has been dropping. My short game has improved dramatically, and, thanks to your guidelines on course management, I have much greater confidence in playing a variety of shots from many different lies.

Now comes the crowning glory. My wife and I had just recently celebrated the arrival of our daughter. (our first child!) I went out to play with my mother who was in town to visit. We went out to play at a challenging course. I was thinking of “nothing”, just the way that you suggested. (although I didn’t realize it at the time).

All I thought about was trying to create a smooth and “stretchy” golf swing. I thought of the 3 commandments that you stressed repeatedly. I had no concern for my score……I was just concerned with having fun!! I hit the ball like nothing that I had never done before……every swing was as close to perfect as could be, and the ball exploded off the clubface. After all was said and done, I had finally done what I never thought possible……..I broke 90. (87) I still can not believe it…..and it is a moment that I will always remember and cherish.

Mr. McLellan, I can not possibly thank you enough for creating a simpler approach to this game, and for providing a product that is exactly what you said it was. I commend you for being a rarity in this day and age, in which I did in fact get “exactly what I paid for.”

To those of you that are reading this, I commend you as well, that you have taken the time to search for a more “simple and sane” approach to the game. I can tell you with all honestly, that in my opinion, you have found it.

Jim, I would hope that you would please add this letter to the “hall of fame” that is present on the website, so that others that have needlessly struggled, may find a quicker and easier path.

I thank you so much for bringing the “fun” back to the game, and for taking the time to personally answer all of my questions so thoroughly and thoughtfully.

I will be in touch soon…..when I break 80!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for everything Jim….and take care.


Brian Fitzpatrick
Port Saint Lucie, Florida


I was very hesitant to purchase yet another golf video. I had watched 3 or 4 tapes that were supposed to be the answer to my golfing prayers! To my dismay, I only became more and more confused. I also tried tips that I read in golf magazines and tips from other golfers. My head was spinning out of control as was my golf game! Private lessons seemed to be the next logical approach. You guessed it, more confusion was added to my already inconsistent swing.

Through all of this I did manage to record some good scores, but I didn’t know why. The next time out, I wouldn’t be able to recreate the same swing! I became so frustrated that I even considered trying another sport.

Your tapes made so much sense and the way you presented the information was incredible. I would have enjoyed the tapes even if I didn’t play golf! You erased any doubts that I had in the beginning about purchasing your tapes. I have cancelled my Golf Digest subscription and put my other golf tapes in a box somewhere!

As for the results of my “new swing”, the ball is going further and straighter than ever before. But more importantly, my head has quit spinning when I address the ball! Now when I hit a bad shot, I know why and how to fix the problem. Thanks to you and your videos, I now have the foundation that I need to become the golfer that I knew I could be! Thanks Jim!

Terry Thompson

G’day Jim,

I have to admit to being one of the worlds great sceptics, I also have to admit to buying your tapes as more of a curiosity then as a serious attempt to change my struggling golf game, but I did buy them. I actually had my wife in mind when I brought your tapes, she’s new to the game and I thought it might help her with some fundamentals that she needed to work on. So we settled in and watched the tapes, I thought it was to simple, you made it sound too easy and I’d been playing for too long to believe that, golf is not that easy! But I’d watched the tapes.

I again have to admit that I did go out into the yard, and I did practice what you preached but I still didn’t really believe. I went to the range, again I tried, my swing was different and I was hopeless, what had I done!.

I persisted, I watched the tapes again and practised in the yard some more. I still wasn’t convinced but your philosophy was now in my head and my swing had changed but it seemed to be worse. I tried to get my old swing back and couldn’t do it, I had no idea what it was even like, what had I been doing all these years! I practiced some more.

It’s now about 2 months later and I have a new swing, my new “Jim swing”. It’s like an old friend, I know it well and can do it without thinking and my scores have started to tumble. Golf is still a tricky game, there’s just too may variables to call it simple, but now I concentrate on over coming the obstacles instead of worrying about just hitting the ball, now I actually play the game. Thanks Jim, now I believe.

Kindest Regards
Peter Langford
Sydney, Australia.

I have been playing golf for 34 years. In this time I have tried videos that talk about gravity, coiling, placing the hands differently, and even automatic golf. Nothing seemed to help until I saw your video. Finally someone has simplified the game of golf so you do not have to think about a hundred different things before addressing the ball. I have been playing to an 18 handicap. Since viewing your video I have reduced it to a 13. One day after viewing your video I went out and reached par 3’s that I have never been able to reach before. I am now able to hit shots to the green instead of trying to reach the green. I have increased my distance one club length and the trajectory is higher than it has ever been. Now my shots don’t hit and run off the green, they stick on the green. Also I am able to play more holes without getting tired because I am swinging the club instead of letting the club swing me. Thanks for simplifying the game.

Pat English


I sent you an email earlier this year and ask if you could help me with a grip that would work with my handicapped left hand. You answered me the next day and I ordered your DVD. I watched it and had a friend start watching it with me, so that both of us could help each other. We waited 4 weeks before we started hitting balls at all, I hit the first ball almost 225 yards and I had never hit it over 150 before watching your DVD. He had never been able to hit a driver and had a hook that would go a good 60 yards off line. The first ball he hit with a driver went 200 yards as straight as a string and he is now hitting over 275 and we can see what each other is doing wrong when we mishit. I have found a grip that works great for me and when people ask how we improved so much over the winter we just tell them to go to your site and read. If they want to improve they will buy it to, if they think they already know it all we will soon be out playing them and laughing inside all the time. I have found this sport very enjoyable since I have found your DVD and I’m having fun playing every week now . Thank you very much for your great help and I will keep you updated as to how I’m doing with all your help. Thanks again, JackieYes you can add it to your site if you think it will help . I’m 53 and just took up golf last year. I’ve been a machinist for the past 30 years, the past 11 years with John Deere.

Jackie Lowery Jr.
South Coffeyville, OK.


Just wanted you to know that for about the last month and a half I have done just what you asked. Probably because of weather conditions I could not play outside. Yesterday was the first oppertunity I had to play. I am very pleased with the differance in my score. For the first time out. about five strokes better than last year in 9 holes. Played nine today in the wind, If I had not had a problem with my chipping I would have shot a 38. Again thanks for all your help.

Ed Hemmer
Idaho Falls Idaho (I am 58 years old) car sales


Should have written you a testimonial over two years ago, but you had so many I figured people would get the gist that your products and ideas are sound from what is there. But since it has been so helpful, and I am on my second order of the Swing Rite (since I have physically worn out the last one) I am sending this off for your use. Historical Details:

1. Took up the game again with passion in 1999.

2. I am an engineer plus I have a controlling A++ personality.

3. This is probably the worst combination for actual success due to the “desire to achieve” and “control” getting in the way of actual progress. I am wound tight.

4. Like all the others: Thousands of range balls, golf books, lessons, and exercise programs.

5. Played tournament softball all through college, benched 275 lbs (on 155′ body), squatted over 300, etc…so I knew I had the physical coordination and tools to be good…but it just wasn’t happening.

6. Combination of a weighted club, winter practice away from the range, and de-emphasizing swing thoughts led to my first dramatic improvement in year 2003.

7. Realized that the weighted club was good for grooving path, etc…but it really didn’t pull together the timing element of the moving parts. Started looking for the last piece.

8. Bought your video and the Swing Rite in 2004.

9. It re-enforced and echoed every productive path that I had taken in my goal of “conquering” the game. I had bench tested your theories ahead of time and suspected that they were sound. They were and are.


1. Dramatic improvement again due to my winter practice following your video’s concepts.

2. 2004 – GHIN goes from 19 to 12.

3. 2005 – GHIN goes from 12 to 9.5

4. 2006- Expect it to finally go from 9.5 down to 5 or 6’sh as soft game practice, course management, etc…details filter down to my sub-conscience.

5. 2006+ – Expect it to be scratch in three to five years.

How I Use It:

1. I swing the weighted club and Swing Rite twice daily against a reflective surface outside my home. Surface allows me to see what I am practicing. It takes me three minutes in the morning and another three in the afternoon to start down the path of grooving a repeatable trustworthy swing. I suspect three times a week would do it, but as I mentioned above—I am wound tight.

2. If “Bruce” gets too involved in the swing (due to my personality) and the golf game starts to go, I take two or three days off and step up my practice at home.

3. “Step up” means I swing it three times a day.

4. When I go back the mysterious swing fault is gone.

5. Pulled your video out again to ensure I don’t make this any tougher than it has to be. Would like to stick some calculus in there, but alas it just doesn’t apply.

Hope this is as helpful as your video, tools, and your ideas.

Bruce Reff
Beaverton, OR


Played my first real game this spring after trying a par 3 last week. I usually hit in the 90’s NOW listen to this. I scored a 70 on APRIL 1st and it is not an April fools joke. I did this with McLellan at my side or atleast his voice… saying do not concentrate on your grip, no it does not matter… What matters is your start your head and then your finish. He is right. I only have to work on the forward press.

You may say OK OK and I may say it also … it was luck. No it was McLellan. After watching the video I thought of only three key things!

Thanks Jim. My letter to you may sound all over the place but to go from a 90’s to a 70 how can you expect me to write a coherent letter even if I am a lawyer.

KB Collins III, Esq
Brooklyn, NY
Attorney at law

Scoring in the 70’s

PS can we keep this instructional video a secret. Also is it too late for me to go pro in the PGA at 36.


Two days ago while practicing at the driving range, everything you teach on your tapes suddenly clicked. My swing felt effortless.

This past year I made the terrible mistake of not heeding your advice and buying more instructional tapes and taking lessons. I did this because I didn’t trust my swing Needless to say this ruined my swing and game. I have gone full circle. It came to the point where I just could not stand all the swing thoughts in my head. I put on your tapes again and have vowed to follow your advice to the tee. It’s been about 1 1/2 years since I first bought your tapes. I am eager to know when you will be making another one.


David Arbelaez
Belmont, CA

Hi There,

I recently bought your double video set. I have seen a great improvement to my swing-balance/timing/comfort… you name it. And in my golf all round. My first round following my two week hiatus produced my best score ever by 5 strokes.

My wife (very much anti-sport) sat down and watched both videos with me two or three times of her own accord!!! She’s thinking of taking up golf! Thanks for making golf so understandable, simple and fun!

Adam Lowes, 24
Sales Consultant
Victoria Park
Western Australia


I have never met you face to face, yet you could very well be the best coach I ever had. Never have I had such efficient, productive instruction that I can turn into results so readily, in any sport.

Carlo Mantini
Computer Analyst, 42
Arlington, Mass.


Please consider this a report on my progress since I received your tapes. I’m now 76 and have loved this game since I was a kid. Mistake number one was trying to read and learn everything about the golf swing. I considered myself an expert on the swing but really couldn’t play worth a hoot. I read every book in print. The came the lessons and mistake number two. The teaching pros all had a different take on the swing and as you predicted, I just got worse.

Golf wasn’t a game any longer, but an analytical study. I never gave up but still searched for the secret. And I just got worse. Always physically strong and generally a good athlete, I used my body to hit the ball and became a slasher.

Three years ago this month the roof fell in and I was diagnosed with lung cancer. In the months that followed, with the endless treatments of chemotherapy and radiation, I was so weak that when I did try to play, I could hardly get out of the golf cart. My average scores were around 107 or higher. In desperation, I was surfing the web and came across your website. Somewhat skeptical, I ordered the tapes anyway. The immediate improvement was truly amazing and within two months my average scores dropped fifteen shots.

Last week had an 87 on a tough course.

Now here is what has changed. With your instruction, the golf swing is now a total motion rather than a hit at a ball. The ball is becoming secondary in importance My drives are 25 yards longer Golf is fun again.

Yesterday I played in a two man best ball, with a guy who said, “Wow, you can really play man” I started to tell him about your tapes but he said he was taking lessons and changed the subject immediately. He also shot 107 and only helped me on one hole despite his 27 handicap. On my own ball we won fourth low net however with my 91.

What more can I say but thanks.

Alfred Schleunes
Shady Cove, Oregon

Well Jim,

I don’t know what to say, I have watched your video almost every other day since getting it a couple of weeks ago and I have used the The McSwingertm Swing Trainer daily for the last week. Yesterday I played in our club competition and as you said it’s as if someone else was swinging the club, I was free of thoughts of grip, stance, positions during the swing and just swung the club as I have never done before. Anyway, I could go on about the birdie on the index 1 par 5 and other shots but suffice to say that I won our C grade with a 39 point Stableford score. The CCR for the day was 73 on our par 72 course. What more can I say, I was very sceptical that such a simple video could have anything positive in it but I did what you advised and got rid of all of the junk golf magazines, I have spent years reading books, watching golf instruction videos and having lessons and none of them produced the results I had yesterday. Further update.

Well Jim I don’t know what has happened to my swing, suffice to say that for the second time in a row I have well and truly broken my handicap in an away competition with 46 Stableford points, truly amazing. I will have lost 3 strokes off my handicap inside two weeks and I know I have more to come. As you may recall from the email above, I received the McSwinger trainer about 2 weeks ago and I use it every morning. Whatever the McSwinger trainer and video does it certainly works for me and I can highly recommend it.

Please feel free to use my comments on your web site.

Thanks for keeping it simple. I now look forward to next weeks competition.

Best regards,
Tom Boyd
Mudjimba, Queensland,

Dear Jim,

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself as this might help other golfers that suffer from chronic back name is Paul I recently purchased your most excellent DVD and its true it is the best golf video ever made. I fell in love with golf from the age of thirteen my buddies and i used to caddie at Medina country club here in Illinois, I’m sure you have heard of it the US Open has been held there a number of times. Anyhow I have played little over the years and have even had a hole in one once purely on accident. I am a 42 year old plumbing and sewer contractor and on Dec 8th of 1992, I was in a sewer cave in, needless to say I am lucky to be alive and able to still do a lot of things. I have two vertebrae in my back that are crushed t11 and t12 thoracic, and so I have twenty percent disability. Two years ago I wanted to try and get back in the game and had to get a new set of clubs, my old Byron Nelsons were to short and I could not bend that much with my back. Well I started to play again last year and it was very difficult to swing I constantly have to visit my chiropractor,

I want to thank you for giving me my swing back. I am so glad I bought your DVD. I was doing the most crazy things on the course trying to get the game back: bend your knees, keep the triangle, only back swing till your left arm is parallel to the ground. I must have looked like a robot.

Now after being one of your students I can keep the ball in the fairway of green, I stand up straight so now my back does not hurt and I beat the pants off my cousin Mike today. I hope its ok to call you my teacher and my pal. Your teachings are along the lines of the great Harvey Penick. I hope you take this as a complement.

Feel free to post this letter I’m going to tell all the golfers that I know about Jim McLellan and his golf video. I might even let my cousin barrow it ha ha. Thanks Again for fixing my awful slice!

Your pal Paul

Paul Rragnanses
Schaumburg, IL

Hi Jim…

I’ve been your 58 year old disciple for just a little over two weeks now, and am sincerely grateful for your instruction. In truth, I’ve only begun my golfing experience about six weeks ago…and yep, I’ve looked down several instructional avenues before finding “easy street” – your videos. You’re no nonsense approach to the swing is just what I was looking for…gosh almighty, most of the other how-to stuff I acquired would be therapy for insomnia if it didn’t keep the insomniac up all night trying to do something that doesn’t feel natural to begin with.

Yesterday I decide to take my BBS (Big Beautiful Swing) out to the range to practice “forgetting about the ball”…just working on “smooth”. Should be no surprise to you, but the balls just happen to be going mostly straight, and pretty far considering how little effort I’m applying. “Take me OUT to the ball game….I don’t CARE”…my three quarter time golf mantra – it works great just as you said. Very simple….very easy….very fun! Sure I’ve got some rough spots, like the hat – arrgghhhh!!!…but I have confidence that the video, the McSwinger, and attentive practice will smooth all that out in time.

So anyway, just next to me on the practice range is a guy getting a lesson from a “pro” who has two video recorders set up in addition to a laptop computer and a dry-erase board. I notice after a while, they’re looking at me! The pro tells his student “watch this guy swing – see how smooth the follow through is?” Then to me, “Nice swing you’ve got there – what’s your handicap?” “I dunno – I’ve never been on a golf course. I’m learning to swing by watching Jim McLellan’s video” says I. I couldn’t quite decipher what was said after that, but the student went back to looking at the laptop and the pro drawing some lines on the dry-erase board. LOL! End of conversation! I thought you’d get a kick out of that one, Jim.

Today’s pre-swing thought -“Thank you Jim McLellan for keeping my BBS out of the BS”. Stay tuned for a “real world” testimonial after my first 18 holes next week.

Dennis Devine

Hi Jim,

Bought the DVD’s last year and have watched them numerous times (easy to do in the winter months in Michigan). This spring, something just clicked. I have become more consistent (not perfect) hitting the ball. I am also 1 ½ – 2 clubs longer than last year, 150yd 7 iron to a 9 iron. The reason for the letter: today I shot my best score ever, an 85, easily 10 strokes better than my previous best and nothing over bogey on the back 9. Thank you for a product that does what it says and is easy to implement. The McSwinger has also been a big help and I am able to sneak in the right hand power when needed.

Thank you again,

Steve Goodman, 38
Monroe, Michigan
Investment analyst

Hey Jim.  David again.  Hope everything is going well.  I have been working out and losing my gut, and now I’m back to my goal weight of 165 that I once owned ten years ago.  Still working on getting that former gut nice and tight.  I am trying to help my wife lose her baby weight as well.  We’re plodding along, and I am doing my best to be a good husband and eat well around her so she doesn’t get any bad ideas.  She hopes to reach her goal weight by Christmas time.  I had a little head start on her because I wasn’t having breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two for 9 months, if you catch my drift.  😉  When we eat at a restaurant, we know to drink some water and pack up half or split it before it even gets to the table.  I heard that tip somewhere from someone.

I’m swinging faster from getting stronger as well.  Almost to that 300 yard mark, but not quite.  285 is about my average for a well struck drive.  Still scoring well.  Today I shot 84 (legit, holed out every putt) running on little sleep and diet soda.  My baby caught a cold and hasn’t been sleeping well 🙁

So anyway, to the question posed in the subject.  The guess what?  I won an electric guitar from a raffle at my work!  I’m going to take a cue from you and teach myself how to play it.  Should be fun, right?

Thanks for being an inspiration and a wealth of information,

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