Success Stories

Each and every golfer on our testimonial pages has given us express written consent to post their letters. 


I actually bought your dvd last year (after reading “Dream On”) and it has been fantastic.

I have played golf infrequently (perhaps 8-10 times a year) for 25yrs and have always hovered round the 90-95 round.

After watching your dvd, following your instructions regarding practice I had the best round of golf of my life and went round in 78!

I lapsed a little with the practice (over winter) but am back on track this summer and absolutely loving golf. Now playing once a week. I obviously don’t always get it right but I now feel as I know what I am trying to do

Thank you so much for all your advice – I have recommended you to every golfer I know!


Andy Ince

Hi Jim,

I am 55 and a Business Analyst/Programmer from Bellerose New York. I purchased the McLellan Golf DVD set about a month ago. I was recuperating from minor hernia surgery. It was a good time to make the move because I would not be playing golf and swinging a club for a while. I watched the videos many times.

Last week my doctor gave me the green light to start swinging again. So, I have been swinging the Mc Swinger daily for a little over a week. Today, I went to the range and hit a small bucket. WOW! I began with a pitching wedge, and hitting against a very stiff wind, I was clearing 110. My 7 iron was going 150… but into that stiff wind. High majestic shots. I am 20 yards longer !!!!!

Now, I hit my 5 wood off the mat to the back of the range… 220 in the air, 250 with the roll. It was really incredible and again that’s against a very stiff wind.

I have been watching the pros on TV very closely as they swing and I have noticed that EVERY one of them finishes Exactly as you recommend!

There’s something to your methods… I will let you know how my next range workout goes. This is great. I was crushing it!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Jim
Ed Rodman
Bellerose, NY

Hey Jim.

I received the DVD Monday, and the timing could not have been better. I have been stuck in my office all week, with not much to do. I have been able to log in about 150- 200 swings a day, all week. I can’t believe how good my swing feels. One thing that I have always struggled with is rhythm and balance. They are both perfect now, on just about every swing. I finish every swing looking like Ernie Els. I have been rotating between my Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Iron, and PW. All clubs- same result. It’s amazing, but if you get in the right position at the top, you can pretty much relax and go along for the ride. I’ll be honest, it is going to be very hard to wait another week before trying this out on the range, but the results that I have received so far give you enough credibility for me to realize that I will be better off if I do. My sons have also been swinging every day as well. The nine year old has a long way to go, but my fourteen year old’s swing is an absolute thing of beauty. He is long and lean (5′ 11″ – 150lbs), so the swing fits him perfect. He’s chomping at the bit as well, but I think he is even more committed to the process than I am.

Jim, thank you.

I’ll keep you posted.


I don’t have a problem with that. age- 34 Sales Trust me, if I can hit the ball as good as my swing looks and feels, you will get a ringing endorsement. Be looking for an email from me in a week or so. (I won’t be able to wait 3 weeks) Happy New Year Micah

Lafayette, LA

Good day Jim,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I was surfing the web and saw that Jim McLean has a new DVD out that he is selling at the INTRODUCTORY price of $1000!!!!! It goes up to $1500 in 2007. The scams that the golf industry run on people are sad. Your DVD is worth $1000 but is so much more economical! Just wanted to share that information with you. Happy New Year.

Learning more each day,

Marlon Glenn
Inkster, MI.

Sure, Jim! I would be honored to amongst your testimonials. I am 35 years old and I am a math teacher by trade but I am currently serving as the Dean of Students at a local Detroit middle school. Feel free to post away.


Marlon Glenn

Hello there.

I will start this testimonial with a little background on myself. I have enjoyed golf for 25 years. I am a 46 year old construction worker and in good shape physically. My golf game over the years has been average at best. I was content with breaking 100 (on occasion) when I went out golfing and just hanging with my friends. I never really thought I would get any better because I had been hitting the same scores for many, many years. Same old story, same old scores. Then I found Jim McLellan while browsing on the internet.

I was intrigued by his demeanor and the simple thought he put into expressing his golf knowledge to the common man. I am a black and white type of guy with very little grey in the middle. I am not one to fall for gimmicks or promotions or even be won over by anything very easily. I am set in my ways and content with that. While looking at Jim’s website I could not take my eyes off of his perfect swing. So graceful and easy looking. Smooth! It was beautiful, and I wanted it.

I ordered my DVD’s and the McSwinger. I have had them almost a year. I took to heart what Jim was trying to say to everyone. I used my weighted club to groove my swing, I took practice swings every night after work. It did wonders to develop a smooth full swing. I set a goal to break 90 that year (2004). Something that I would be very proud of doing, having never done it. Not only did the DVD’s and McSwinger help me develop a nice, smooth, graceful swing, they actually put a ton of confidence in my game. I actually knew what I was doing and what was going to happen before I even hit a ball.

What I have found out is that Jim makes golf easy and fun to learn (or improve) by making it simple to understand, in terms anyone can grasp. New golfers, old golfers, partime golfers, it doesn’t matter. His explanation of the golf swing is advice every golfer should hear. In one golf season I have taken 10 strokes off my old scores and now break 90 on a regular basis. I have set a new goal of breaking 85 this year which I know I will be able to do soon.

I have just ordered Jim’s driver the McThunder. I now have a driver I am having a very hard time hitting with. In fact I took it out of my bag and use a 3 wood from the tee. I called in my order and was very surprised when the nice lady on the other end of the line actually told me that Jim wanted to speak with me personally. This guy really cares! He wanted to know about me and my golf game. He wanted to make sure I got what I needed and he wanted to thank me personally. You don’t get service like that everyday! Thank you Jim! If the McThunder does for me what the McSwinger and the DVD’s have done for me, scores of 85 and 80 are just around the corner. Feel free to use this testimonial on your website if you so desire.

One Happy Customer
Dave Hojem
Olympia ,Wa


I feel fortunate. Whenever I go to the driving range and I see students taking lessons with a big camera facing them and the instructor looking into a computer and analyzing their every move, I can only smile knowing that I don’t have to go through that torture.

David Arbelaez
Belmont, California

Dear Jim:

I feel really satisfied of having trusted on you.Facts:I used to be the kind of man that performed the most ridiculous toppings, slices and like rabbit-balls you have ever seen before when triying to use the woods and even the irons. I used to leave the range drive area after throwing away 48 or more balls with 10 or 12 regular shots only. With my body exhausted and some of my torso muscles painful. All of this after having taken more than six pro- classes and more than 15 baskets of 24 balls in the past three months.

Past saturday and again today I went to the range drive after 20 days of practicing the swing with the McSwinger and other clubs and woods as you reccomend in your videos.The results are really amazing: more than 90 percent of the balls going straight ahead further like never, never before.The 10 percent remaining balls out of the way but not a matter to laugh. Just to say that many pupils who take lessons from our range instructor, stop and look at my swing and hear my bell-shots.

You know I am 54, and not supoused to hit the balls that far.You know that now I feel able to beat anyone younger if they loose their time following expensive and confussing pro-advices. By the way , I recently ordered your Swing Rite and The McThunder. I trust it will work as good as the videos and the McSwinger.

Javier Lopez Bonet, Civil Engineer
Saint Just Desvern, Spain

Mr. McLellan,

You are correct I am the same person who ordered your videos and McSwinger before.

I have really enjoyed your tapes and McSwinger. By coping your swing, practicing with the McSwinger and following the tapes, my golf swing has dramatically improved. Not thinking about anything really helps. People are amazed that most of my shots off the tee are straight as an arrow! When I do hit a fat shot or skull/top the ball, I know exactly what I have done wrong and how to correct it. I really like the ability to hook the ball at will. You have really made the game more enjoyable for recreational golfers like me.

I really look forward to increasing the distance of my shots with the SwingRite. 225 + here I come!

Best Regards,

Thomas Young
Irvine, California

Elaine, Jim, McGolf—EVERYBODY!

You will never believe what has happened to me since I ordered your tapes! Not only has my score improved, but I got a HOLE IN ONE today!

I had never been on a golf course until last summer. My finace (then) has played for nearly 15 years. I started out just riding along with him. Then, through a business arrangement with one of his clients, I had to play a round. I was so humiliated! He bought a set of cheap clubs for me and I started hacking and hacking! I have been the poster child for our little country club since October. I have received advice from just about every member and a few of God’s creatures who have watched me go at this! Despite my sweaty brow, blistered hands, sore muscles and tears, I love this sport! I don’t know why, but all of October and November I lived to get up and see the sun shining so I could get back on the golf course! If I would had been taking medication for an obsessive/compulsive disorder, I would have increased my medication!!! Then winter came and I didn’t play from December through February. March came and so did warm weather and sunshine and THE GOLF ITCH! I saw your ad and decided to give you a try. I followed your instructions (92% of it…I did go to the driving range). Now, I sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” the whole time I play! Every night, I watch your tapes. The next day, I improve. I go home, I watch your tapes. The next day, I improve. TODAY, I HIT A HOLE IN ONE! Tonight, I will watch your tapes. Tomorrow, I know I will improve.

You have programmed me and you continue to do so every night. Thank you for making my day today and I will see you in video land in a few hours and tomorrow, I’ll meet you on the course in the morning at 9!

Let me know if you have anything else that is available to make me feel this way one more time!

This is SWEET, SWEET, SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Kay Norrell
Demopolis, AL

P.S. That man married me on March 17th – not for my money or my cooking, but for my swing!


I want to commend you for your customer service. My phone order was handled very professionally and efficiently and everything arrived when promised without a hitch. Jim, I was also impressed that you personally took several minutes with me on the phone to share your thoughts and philosophy behind “the perfect golf swing”.

Thanks again – you saved my game!

Steven Gulock
Farmington Hills


I have experience your entire golf improvement package and give it a five star rating *****.

I played 18 + 9 holes of golf on the Hampton Cove Highland course this last weekend. This is the first time I have played in almost a year. On Saturday I shot a 42 on the front 9 (6 over), followed by a 37 on the back 9 (1 over) for a total score of 79 for the 18 holes. I could not believe how well I played. My previous scores were always well into the 90 to 100+ range. That Sunday I returned with my wife and played the front 9 on the same course, shooting a 37 where I had shot a 42 on Saturday. The reality of being able to shoot in the low 70s began to sink in. How did all of this improvement happen?

Your “Jim McLellan’s Golf Video Set” video’s Number I and Number II which removes all of the “hype” about how difficult it is to learn to swing a golf club. These videos make swinging a golf club as natural as walking down the street. It is a real joy to address a ball at the number one tee, knowing exactly where its going to go, straight down the middle. The tips you provided for my short game in the 2nd video have also been a really big help. Again no “hype,” just good solid tips that do not include any un-natural movements. These techniques began working almost immediately and only require a little practice to master.

Yes, I am using your McSwinger and it is making me stronger. However, the best thing it seems to be helping me with is to slow down my tempo. It is difficult to swing it very fast and this learned pattern of swinging slowly seems to hold over when I use my regular clubs.

Thanks again for the tremendous improvement you have given my golf game. Please feel free to use any or all of this as a testimonial to your method of teaching.

Thanks again

John Dennison
Huntsville, AL

Hi Mr. Dennison.

I read your testimonial on, and I was wondering if your game is still improving. I am considering purchasing Jim’s videos, but I’m still a bit skeptical, and my wife says she’ll kill me if I buy another golf video. So before I order, I just wanted to ask you about your progress.

Thanks for your time.
Randall Taylor


Jim’s videos are a very useful tool. If practiced they will improve your game. All things are relative, my game has gone from the 90 to 100 range down to the 70-80 range. Improvement beyond where I’m now at will take applying Jim’s teachings along with more practice on my part. These videos are the best.

John Dennison
Huntsville, AL


To all of those nonbelievers out there: Believe! I present the following synopsis: Here is my personal experience…Upon receiving and reviewing the tapes, I was immediately impressed with the clarity and genius of Mr. Mclellan’s approach to the golf, an approach centered around simplicity and enjoyment of the game. I practiced day and night, in the yard, in my room, and in my garage. It became an obsessive ritual of sorts. Only, with Mr. Mclellan’s swing, you look forward to those early morning practices. A week and a half into practicing, I finally broke through! Every swing, perfect, every swing, smooth, every swing, wonderful ecstasy. I went to the range, every shot, perfect. What results!

I am 16 and this program worked. If I were 66, this program would work. My point is, this program will work for all age levels and all walks of life. Jim Mclellan is a genius. So, in parting, the best advice I can give is, stick to it, for when you least expect it, you will begin to work miracles.

Thanks for your wonderful gift to golf,

Santa Clara

Dear Jim,

I’ve been playing golf for 17 years, and have still been shooting in the high 90’s. I never took lessons and played fairly rarely, and recently decided that if I were to get any better I would have to get serious. I purchased Jim McLellan’s Golf Videos and have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but I wanted to give it a fair chance. I practiced the swing on my porch whenever I could. When I finally went to the driving range to see if I had learned anything, I was ECSTATIC with the results. I could hit a driver!! Straight!! Easily!! Repeatedly!! And when I tried the other clubs I realized they were just as easy if I would just relax and focus on a smooth, easy, PERFECT swing. My score has dropped dramatically and my confidence has soared. No more jitters at the first tee box. Thank you for making it so easy, and so fun.

Peter W. Emblad
Boston, MA

You may absolutely post my letter on your web site if you wish. I hope it intrigues more people to buy your videos, both because I wish more people could see how easy it really is (once they stop their half-swing-quick-stop strokes), and because you deserve every penny you can get from these. Good luck to you, and let me know if there’s a Third edition coming out.

Peter W. Emblad
Boston, MA


I just wanted to let you know that I finally went to the driving range after a 2 month sabbatical. I was hitting the ball further than I have ever hit it before with my driver. As a matter of fact, there’s a fence at the end of the range about 250-300 yards out and I was hitting balls into the fence! The ball would have gone further but the fence was stopping the ball! And best of all, the ball was going straight. I would hit a slice on occasion, but it would often go straight or fade. I was so elated. I’ve only been playing for two months seriously and I can already hit it far and straight. I think I’m doing pretty good for a novice. I went to a 9 hole course and would have broke 50 but I kept 3 putting. But I know I’ll improve and I have your videos to thank. Keep up the work.

Kacey Evans
Atlanta, GA


Sure, you can print this. You are right, all the information out there is very confusing. The golf swing is not hard at all when you have the correct information. I wonder if Tiger’s teacher makes him think a million thoughts during his swing. I doubt it or he would be fired on the spot. I have been playing sports all my life and all of the instruction and coaching I have received has been simple. When I step to the free throw line, I don’t think about the angle my arms have to be in relation to my body and how much force I have to shoot the ball with and how tight I should hold the ball, or how far I should bend at the knees. My only thoughts are to stay relaxed and make a smooth stroke. The golf swing is no exception! Address the ball and make a nice smooth stroke. I going to join the PGA Tour once my game is honed. If you ever come to Hotlanta let me know so I can show you some good courses to play. Thanks again Jim.

Kacey Evans
Atlanta, GA

I want to thank you again for the personal attention you have given me. I can’t convey how much your phone call ment to me! It’s really nice to contact “real people” in the business world. I wish you all the success!

Your friend,

Terry Thompson


I’m practicing my swing every day and I’m determined to be a great golfer. I applied the slice correction during my swing practices. I played 9 holes the other day after about 10 days of practicing and I was amazed at how easily my slice disappeared. I was crushing the ball. I kept track of my problem shots as well as my great shots. I was able to correct a slight slice when needed. I had a few drives that were awesome and only one real bad drive. On a 314 par 4, my tee shot was over a small hill so I couldn’t see where it landed. I could not find my ball and had to drop. When I approached the green I saw a ball about 10 yards off the green. I knew that couldn’t be my ball, but it was. I was excited. My next two drives were also great. The putting and iron tips are good. I am putting well too. I had no idea where to place the ball in my stance, I do now. I’m going to continue to practice in my back yard and continue to improve. Thanks for the encouragement.


Brad L. Taylor
Franklin, TN

I played golf this week and I was pleased that I played good golf. I know I have the right stuff to get there. The one thing I notice the most about the results of your ‘Jim McLellan’s Golf Videos’ approach is that I consistantly strike the ball well. I remember my game last year was full of topped balls and missed balls. There are tops on occasion, but I know why. I am pleased that I am able to take your golf approach and play good golf without having to play a lot of golf.


Brad L. Taylor
Franklin, TN


Of course you can use my letter for your site and I’m glad you liked it. Thanks to you after only playing golf for a year I have already shot my lowest score of 76 at Torrey Pines North and usually shoot in the low 80’s. Sometimes I don’t even like to tell people how long I’ve been playing because they make such a big deal about it, but it ads a lot of validity to the point when I mention your videos.

Take care and thanks for all your help.

Duane Rougeau
San Diego, California

Lincoln freed the slaves and Jim has finally freed the golfers!

I have been golfing for 16 months, have had five instuctors and have finally wrestled my handicap down to an 23. I have no doubt that with daily effort I will be down to a 10!!!

The first time I saw tape number one, I was not sure what to think. The more I thought about it the RIGHTER I knew Jim was!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is absolutely on target with his method of instruction. I am hitting better and better everyday! THANKS JIM.

If I am ever in your area I will be sure to drop in. If you are ever in LAS VEGAS, please look me up. THANKS AGAIN.

Jack Forbes
Las Vegas, NV.

Dear Folks,

Thank you for the timely delivery of the tapes. I have thoroughly enjoyed the style and clarity of Jim’s presentation. As the owner of 100 golf books and videos , I found the tapes to be a breath of fresh air. The observation of the swing was as helpful as the dialogue. It’s amazing what Jim’s simple approach will do for the swing.

I want to again thank you for these tapes. As a special ed. teacher, I have an appreciation for a well-prepared, repetitious lesson that hits home a few key points, from different angles. I bet Jim would be great in the classroom.

Todd Lamph

Dear Jim,

Prior to watching both volumes of your video, the maximum distance I could hit a golf ball straight was 100 yards (with the occasional “sweet” hit of 200 yards, if I was lucky). I took lessons in college, where we focused on grip, stance and wrist cock, and then we were let loose on the driving range. I was told to bend my knees, shorten my swing, keep my eye on the ball, etc. As a result, I would skull every ball I’d hit — how’s that for consistency. Additionally, I was considering getting more expensive clubs and/or lessons from a pro.

After watching your video, I stayed away from the golf course and the range for over a month. I bought a driving mat (I don’t have a yard) and practiced every chance I got — in the company parking lot, in the garage when it rained, etc.

I finally ended my golf range/course sabbatical this week and to my amazement, the ball is now going where I want it to go. Driver shots go straight for over 250 yards. Short Iron shots hit or get very close to the target greens. Best of all, I look like a pro doing it.

I now look with pity at the other people on the range who continue to work on their swing, only to see them get worse because they don’t know what and how to practice. The continue to skull, top, slice and hook away, while recieving advice and lessons from fellow hackers and pros.

Thanks for your help. You’ve pointed me in the right direction and helped me save a great deal of money in equipment and lessons. I now can use that money for green fees, and simply enjoy the great pasttime of golf.

Joel Tomaneng,
Mt View,


I was searching the web and came across your videos. I got them in the mail last week and must say they are the best golf videos ever. I finally have hope.

Thanks again for giving me hope of enjoying golf.

C Thoms
Los Angeles,

Dear McGolf,

I received Jim’s video, and I love it. I’ve practiced only a few times, and my swing feels so natural now! It is so much easier than worrying about 100 things at once!

Thanks so much for everything.

Cheryl Carpenter

After purchasing and studying your first video, I saw my swing drastically improve. Furthermore, after purchasing and studying your second video, I saw my consistency soar and my slice from the tee erased. In fact, my game is much improved from last year, and all I did during the winter was practice swinging the club following your teaching points. I am now doing what I took up golf for…having fun. Jim’s interspersion of humor during the videos only serves to remind us that golf is indeed a game, and we should have fun at it.

Keep up the good work!

C. Cox

Dear Jim,

Loved your first video, Shot 81 1st time after using and practicing the new swing. Thanks.

Todd Bordonaro
New York

Hi Jim,

Last thursday the 29th, I shot 74!!! and I felt I could have even done better. I missed 3 easy putts 1 for an eagle and 2 for birdies. The course I play is not that long but is very narrow and heavily wooded. There is 1 par 4 that is 290yds long and I drove the ball just to the right of the center of the green. I think that is the longest tee shot I’ve ever hit. That’s all for now I’ll keep you posted with any new developments.

Todd Bordonaro
New York

Dear Jim,

I had my wife video tape my swing. I think this is one of your best suggestions. It was amazing to see what I felt I was doing as to what I was actually doing. By far, the most important thing your videos taught me was to keep my head still. I never top balls anymore and I mean never!!! My last round of golf included 12 pars, 4 bogeys, and 2 double bogeys. I kwow I will be playing consistent golf under 80 very soon!! Thanks for all your help.

Todd Bordonaro
New York


I bought your videos and they has done wonders to improve my swing.

Sure you can use my letter! In fact, I have already spread the word around my golfing buddies on how Jim’s video helped me to improve my swing; not to mention lower my scores and inject more fun into my game!

Best Wishes,

Alan Tan

Dear Jim,

I just started playing golf 2 years ago. I’ve gone to several Internet sites concerning golf tips. All seemed confusing and complex and involved too much thinking drawing lines, holding towel under your arm etc… Until one day I came across this video “Jim McLellan’s Golf Vi It looked simple to understand, so I bought it. I watched the complete tape and was mystified how easy Jim made it so easy to swing the Golf Club. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to start practicing my swing. I live up in New England and it gets pretty cold up here. This didn’t stop me, (my neighbors must think IM nuts) three or four times a week I would go out in the yard and swing and swing and swing, sometimes for 40min. After a month of this I had to try my new swing out. So off I went to an indoor driving range, I couldn’t believe it. I was actually hitting the ball straight and solid and with so much ease. I couldn’t see how far the ball was going because it was an indoor range but I could tell it was going a good distance. I never brought my hands up that high before, it did take some practice “don`t let me kid you” but once you get the hang of it watch out. Thanks Jim because of you I can tee off with great confidence and maybe this season I could own the golf bragging rights in my family. I will let you know.

Mark Patnaude,
New Bedford,

. . . I said I would get back to you Jim after viewing volume two. Its been about a month since using that video. Today I shot my best round of my life an 84! Last year I was consistently scoring around 115 . I figured quite frankly I would break 100 with the help from your video`s…thats what I thought! I can’t believe the change you have made in my game, now when I make an error I know exactly what I did wrong and correct it. Today I hit every ball straight and with distance…….hitting them a little to far (but straight) or I would have broke into the 70 `s. Today I applied the power from the right hand, I was feeling confident when I got up to the 16th hole a 420 yd par 4 and let it go….yes Jim I hit 280-300yds,my partner said “Dude I lost it in the clouds.” I would like to thank you for your incredible video, you have made Golf the love of my life. This game can be so simple with the right instruction.

Mark Patnaude
New Bedford,

Mr. Mclellan,

I am 28 years old and I played golf for my high school golf team at 18. I haven’t picked up a club since and just started back. Being the arrogant guy I am I figured, hey, I played in high school (my average score was 84), I can just go out to the range and smack ’em like I used to. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I began to get very frustrated and then began the research. Books, a lot of instruction from Internet sites and even a video that broke the swing down via the use of high speed film. All this did was make me think about 20 things at once while trying to swing the golf club. Needless to say, things got worse and I got more frustrated. I believe that it was by the grace of the Golf God that I found your video on the Internet. The testimonials are what prompted me to give it a try. I watched it 10 times in a row the day it came, I loved it. I practiced my swing while watching and I knew just by the way it felt that it was right. The principals you teach reminded me of the things my father taught me about golf. Take a nice full easy swing and let the club do the work. I really want to go to the range and smack some balls but I’m not gonna do that until I practice my swing for at least another 3 weeks. Thank god there is someone like you who knows how to teach the golf swing and not just analyze it like all the other instructors out there.

Mike Willis

Dear Jim,

I’m 45 and started playing golf when I was 19. I’ve got tons of golf books and have video-taped countless hours of pro golfers (specifically Fred Couples) trying to figure this golf swing out. I’ve had some success and shoot in the high 70’s to low 80s but I’m so inconsistant and always trying something new.

Well, I got your video. The first thing that blew me away was your swing! It seemed so effortless, but the ball explodes off the club face. Well I’ve been practicing the swing as you said in the video and finally went to the range. Unbelievable! I hit straighter and farther than I can ever remember – with every club. For the first time in my life, there were people on the range looking at me! When I noticed that several were watching, I thought I’d flub up, but I just kept sending one after another straight and long. Thanks so much for the great video. Question: I was hitting somewhere out to the 250 yard marker ( It was hard to tell exactly). Do you think that the more I practice as you’ve demonstrated that I’ll ever get out to the 300 yard marker? Thanks again for the great video!

Jim Owen

Dear Jim,

The other day, I played one of the local courses with my brother and a twosome we met there at the golf course. One of the par 4’s is 313 yards. I was 7 yards off the green! Another was 311 yards and I was about 10 yards off the green. Both of these holes had narrow fairways. Awesome! I know I was a little short of 300 hundred yards, but I’m so much longer than I’ve ever been.

Thanks for your continued interest and a great video. By the way, the video inspired my brother to finally take up the game. It was the third time that he’d ever played and is already playing better than golfers who have been playing for years.

Jim Owen

Hi Jim,

I’m ready to admit I didn’t take your advice. I watched the awesome video but I didn’t pay attention when you said “we are not going to hit any balls now, we are too smart for that”! I started hitting balls and I thought I didn’t need to practice. What a mistake! I was hooking slicing topping you name it. I was so frustrated I went and bought another video. I thought Jim’s simple, beautiful swing would not work for me. The other tape was awful,talking about swing planes, wrist cock, early release… so confused I went back to “Jim McLellan’s Golf Videos” set.

Realizing my mistakes, I paid very close attention to Jim and practiced without a ball cause “we’re too smart for that”. I practiced and practiced with no ball. Once I practiced 30 min straight then I casually introduced a ball . “Wham”, it was beautiful nice straight and long. I still practice without a ball. When I do hit a golf ball, WATCH OUT! Thanks Jim and I’m sorry I didn’t take your advise the first time.


Bill Cardello

Dear Jim,

I bought your tapes a little over a month ago and just want to tell you “THANKS”!!!!! My score has been steadily declining (from +30 to around +20) and I believe I will soon be under bogey golf. Your method has given me so much confidence and the best part is that I no longer have to think about 100 different things as to why I may have made a bad shot. It is just back to your basics and everything just falls into place. I bought a new set of irons earlier this year and had put the 3 iron in the closet because I could never hit one anyways. I always have just used a 7 wood and a 5 wood. Lately I have been hitting my irons so well that I got the 3 iron out and to my amazement, I hit it better then my 7 wood. So……I went to the golf shop and bought a 2 iron. Guess what, using the same swing I learned from your tapes, I was hitting it long and straight! I was almost ready to give up the game when I found your website, quite by accident. I am so glad I tried one more thing. If not for the many pages of testamonials, I may not have given you a chance. It was the best $50 I have ever spent!

Charles Egg
The Colony,







Have had your videos for over three years now. Last night I watched them again before going to the course today.

Amazing things happened after double bogies on the first two holes I hit some good shots and ended up with a 4 over 76. I hit 10 greens in regulation today which is way above my average. Also had some good drives today. Was really happy with the results looking forward to doing my practice everyday so that I will be ready for next week.

Thank you.

Mike Staley
Arequipa, PERU

WOW… what a difference your video made in my game. Your approach to instructing is very pleasing. My swing has improved dramatically. It is amazing how in just two months I went from 5 out of 10 miss hits to about 1 out of 25.

I am hitting the ball with more confidence. I have followed your advice and made this game simple by blocking out all other instructions. This has made my game much more enjoyable. No longer do I set up at the tee box or fairway and worry about a miss hit. No more slicing and hooking; my shots are straight.

I am swinging a club everyday now, and each day I am not on a course, I try to make it to the driving range. I will continue to do this until I have the perfect swing every time. Thank you much for helping me find my swing, (actually I stole yours).

Scott Hardin
Atlanta, GA

Dear Jim,

let me start by telling you a little bit about myself as this might help other golfers that suffer from chronic back name is Paul i recently purchased your most excelent dvd and its true it is the best golf video ever made. I fell in love with golf from the age of thirteen my buddies and i used to caddie at Medina country club here in Illinios, im sure you have heard of it the US open has been held there a number of times. Anyhow i have played little over the years and have even had a hole in one once purley on accident. I am a 42 year old plumbing and sewer contractor and on dec 8th of 1992 i was in a sewer cave in,needless to say i am lucky to be alive and able to still do a lot of things. I have two vertabrea in my back that are crushed t11 and t12 thurasic,and so i have twenty percent dissability has a whole. Two years ago i wanted to try and get back in the game and had to get a new set of clubs,my old byron nelsons were to short and i could not bend that much with my back.Well i started to play agian last year and it was very diffacult to swing i constantly have to visit my chiropractor,Jimmy i want to thank you for giving me my swing back i am so glad i bought your dvd i was doing the most crazy things on the course trying to get the game back bend your knees,keep the triangle, only back swing till your left arm is parrallel to the ground,i must have looked like a robot.Now after being one of your students i can keep the ball in the fairway of green, i stand up striaght so now my back does not hurt and i beat the pants off my cousin mike today. Jimmy i hope its ok to call you my teacher and my pal your teachings are along the lines of the great harvey penick i hope you take this as a complement. Feel free to post this letter im going to tell all the golfers that i know about Jim Mcellan and his golf video, i might even let my cousin barrow it ha ha. oh and when i told you i cheated i only hit three balls,thanks agian for fixing my awful slice

Your pal, Paul

Paul Ragnanese
Schaumburg, IL
Plumbing Contrator

Hi there,

I recently bought your double video set. I have seen a great improvement to my swing-balance/timing/comfort… you name it. And in my golf all round. My first round following my two week hiatus produced my best score ever by 5 strokes.

My wife (very much anti-sport) sat down and watched both videos with me two or three times of her own accord!!! She’s thinking of taking up golf! Thanks for making golf so understandable, simple and fun!

Adam Lowes, 24
Sales consultant
Victoria Park
Western Australia


Before buying your videos, I read many of the testimonials. They convinced me to give your methods a try. Now, a little over a month later, my swing, ability to cleanly strike the ball, and confidence have advanced considerably. Your methods are so simple to follow yet very effective. I have just one suggestion for future buyers, “follow the instructions completely”. My swing felt so good after only one week of watching and practicing, I thought I was ready to hit the driving range. Wrong! Your right, after three weeks my swing had become much more consistant, and I know it will get even better as I continue to study your videos and practice your methods. I don’t hit every shot well, but at least I know what I did wrong, and how to correct it. It’s all in your videos, Just ordered the Mcswinger, now that I can hit the ball with accuracy, I need to improve my distance.

Jerry W. Hawkins,
Soon to be retired, Midway City, Calif.

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