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BEFORE you take a golf lesson from ANYONE ... INSIST on watching their students hit several golf balls and ask them questions. What are the power and control factors? How do they permanently fix a slice? Can they maintain their swings WITHOUT going back to their golf pro? Responses from my students are on the testimonial pages.

I have been at this game since 1948. My father was a PGA golf pro. At age 15 and weighing 123 pounds, I could hit the ball 300 yards and owned 2 course records. Students came to me from 4 states. Today, I can sit on a chair with a left handed club (turned over) and fly the ball over two hundred yards, and while standing, using the same club, hit the ball 275-280. I can hook or slice when someone yells "hook"or "slice,"at the top of my backswing. I have seen over 500,000 golf swings. I know what works and what does NOT. My teaching method is revoluntionary, simple and immediately effective.

There are 2 points that produce a swing with control and power. These 2 points lead to a swing that is simple, relaxed, easy to maintain, effective, and consistant. These points will give you a swing you will not think about so that you can go about the business of enjoying golf and having fun. Two points...not 8, not 17, not 100's.

The golf swing is NOT; do this, now this, now this, then this, now this..etc. It is one thing ...a swing. The best golf swing does not address the legs, hip and shoulder turn, weight shift, arms and elbows and other nonsense. These factors will follow naturally and automatically when the two points are present in your swing!

The golf swing is SIMPLE!. Do not buy the notion, so popular among magazine tips, books, videos, and golf lessons, that the golf swing is complicated. My swing is regarded as perfect, and I can tell you from my heart, that it is not difficult. My students do NOT find a need for additional information after viewing my tapes.

Many "searchers" have been to my site before you. The vast majority were confused and frustrated with their golf game. . The testimonials are true! I would like to share one of many letters with you.

After purchasing and studying your first video, I saw my swing drastically improve. Furthermore, after purchasing and studying your second video, I saw my consistency soar and my slice from the tee erased. In fact, my game is much improved from last year, and all I did during the winter was practice swinging the club following your teaching points. I am now doing what I took up golf for...having fun. Jim's interspersion of humor during the videos only serves to remind us that golf is indeed a game, and we should have fun at it.

Keep up the good work!

C. Cox
Brentwood, Tennessee

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Jim McLellan
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