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Your Best Golf Swing

Your best golf swing is determined by four factors. (1). The potential with which you were born, (2). The correct information, (3). Your dedication to practice, and (4). Desire.

We are all born with skills and talents that we may never discover. Can you draw an apple? Your reaction may be that you can't. What if everyday you sat down and tried to draw an apple? Your first attempts may look rather crude, but each day you would see better and better drawings emerge. In 30 days you would find that you could draw a great apple. You may be one of the best artists, or musicians, or architects, or athletes, or golfers.. and yet never realize it until you are exposed to ALL FOUR FACTORS..

It has been my experience that there is a VAST difference in golf information. So VAST in fact, that identical twins could each be exposed to two different styles of instruction and one would become very skilled at our sport and enjoy it very much. The other twin would become confused, frustrated, grow to hate the sport, and quit. No, all golf information is not the same. My feedback from golfers around the world is that MOST GOLF INSTRUCTION does MORE harm than good.

Dedication to practice is the third element that brings us closer to our potential. I hated to practice the piano. Later I found what I really hated was the style of music I was practicing. It was not until years later when I discovered ragtime and roaring 20's music that you could not keep me away from the piano. The same holds true for practicing golf. If you are exposed to infromation that is simple, fun, easy to understand, and produces favorable results, you are going to want to practice because you enjoy it!.

I have witnessed two forms of desire. (1) Inate, with which you are born, we either have it or we don't. (2). desire that can be generated when we become excited about something. This type of passion can be generated if one has a good reason to accomplish something (maybe to impress someone) , if one develops a sense of accomplishment, enjoys what they are doing, is having fun......all of these elements (and many more) can generate passion.

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